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Getting Started - Issuu Platform & ServicesTo perform an action against the Issuu API there are three parameters which must always be included in the request: The required parameter apiKey is used for ...
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Using REST - Google Translate API — Google DevelopersTo find your project's API key , follow these steps: Go to the Google .... API key : Use the key query parameter to identify your application.
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API Keys - XivelyA key can be sent using one of two methods: as a request header or as a parameter in the request URL. For security reasons, sending API keys as a request ... ‎Create a Key - ‎Regenerate a Key - ‎Read a Key - ‎Update a Key
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API keys | Apigee Product DocumentationFor example, the policy configuration below defines the expected key location as a query parameter named apikey . A successful request must present the API ...
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Monitis API documentationTo authenticate requests to Monitis API first of all you need to get an apikey and ... sort all request parameters alphabetically by param name; join param -value ...
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Authentication | LinkedIn Developer NetworkAfter registration, you will receive a unique API Key and a Secret Key. ... Ensure that the state parameter in this response matches the one you ...
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Stripe API ReferenceA sample test API key has been provided in all the examples on the page, ... param : optional The parameter the error relates to if the error is parameter - specific.
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REST API ErrorCodes - Amiando Developer Wiki2.1 Not authorized; 2.2 Invalid API key ; 2.3 Missing parameter ; 2.4 Invalid format; 2.5 Invalid path; 2.6 Invalid version; 2.7 Object not found; 2.8 Invalid Resource ...
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Add api key to every request in ActiveResource - Stack OverflowThe requests to the service will require the use an api key which is just a param that needs to be on every request. I can't seem to find any ...
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How to Authenticate Users with API Keys (The Symfony CookBook)Your exact situation may differ, but in this example, a token is read from an apikey query parameter , the proper username is loaded from that value and then a ...
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API | TumblrYou'll need this to get your API key , even if you don't ever need to use a fully signed ... The API supports the OAuth 1.0a Protocol, accepting parameters via the  ...
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Web Application How-To - FlickrEvery Flickr API application needs to obtain an API ' key '. ... [api_key] is the API key you created in step 1. ... [api_sig] is a signature of the other two parameters .
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Authenticating with the Meetup API - MeetupAny redirect_uri parameter that starts with the registered uri will be considered .... All o-authorized clients and API keys are implicitly provided the basic scope.
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Coinbase API Authentication - CoinbaseAPI Key + Secret We recommend this option if you only need to access your own account. ... The nonce parameter can be included in one of three ways:.
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API Technical Details - SailthruFor all API calls, you are allowed to pass a single parameter called json containing an object ... You have to start by knowing your API key and shared secret.
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MailChimp API v2.0 - /lists/subscribe methodThis method is available for API Keys belonging to users with the following roles: ... When using a wrapper or XML-RPC, this is generally the parameter order.
 17  ~<auto-generated> // This code was generated by a tool. // Runtime param > [XmlRpcMethod("FlexPermissions.CanInvoke")] string[] CanInvoke(string apiKey ); /// <summary> /// Methods that the supplied API key can not invoke.
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Web API (Steamworks Documentation)Some API methods that require an API key (described below) and are not listed by this ... Most methods support a list of required and optional parameters .
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Echo Nest API Overview — The Echo Nest 4.2 documentationYou must have your own API key to make use of The Echo Nest API. ... without any bucket parameters be free for both non-commercial and commercial use.
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webpage on the API Key - FluidSurveysUsage: y ]&uk=[Your API User ... <fsAPIResults query="survey" param ="68"> <survey id="68"> <name>My  ...
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API key location - Ask a Question & General Support - Mashery Can we send API keys from Http header instead of query string by ... You will need to change the location parameter from "query" to "header".
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BTC-E | API documentationThe example of API key : 46G9R9D6-WJ77XOIP-XH9HH5VQ-A3XN3YOZ- 8T1R8I8T;. Sign — POST data (? param =val&param1=val1) signed by a secret key ...
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wordnik/swagger-ui · GitHuburl parameter should point to a resource listing url as per Swagger Spec ... add a new ApiKeyAuthorization when the api - key changes in the ui.
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Data Export API - Mixpanel | HelpPlease note, the format parameter at this time is required and only ... api_key - This is an API key corresponding to the project you wish to ...
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API passing the key as a param to new/create from a rails 3.1 app Using REST api from a rails 3.1.13 to redmine 1.3 stable of last week. I am trying to use the API key "passed in as a "key" parameter ". I can do this with ...
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Passing API Key as param ? - Riot Games APIYou guys followed REST standards well and the documentation is really clear! One minor thing I noticed is that you guys send the API key as a query parameter .
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API Query parameters - KnowledgeBase - Media TempleThe (mt) Media Temple API provides several query parameters that can be used across resource requests ... apikey , The API key used to authenticate requests.
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Authorizing a request | Twitter DevelopersThis means that any software you write which uses Twitter's APIs sends a series of structured ... For each key /value pair of the 7 parameters listed above:.
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FullContact Developer API DocumentationThere are two methods to specify the API key in a request: 1. Specify it using the apiKey = query parameter ; 2. specify the API key in the HTTP ...
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CloudFlare Client API DocumentationEvery GET/POST request must include at the following basic parameter (s): "tkn". This is the API key made available on your ...
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SupportCenter Plus Helpdesk Configurations - API General Errors occur when the API Key is not valid or the parameter value does not exist in the application. In such cases, the output format is as shown below,. response  ...
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REST API for MongoLab | MongoLab Documentation & SupportFurthermore, each user of an account has his own API key that can be used to access the API. ... Each API request must pass an apiKey query parameter . Follow ...
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Getting Started with the Eventbrite API - Eventbrite - DevelopersNew API keys start out with a default rate-limit of 1000 requests per day, ... request parameters , Key/Value pairs of request data, as defined in each of our API ...
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Web API — Newznab 0.2.3-dev documentationAll parameters are to be passed as query parameters unless otherwise indicated. .... On successful registration a valid username, password and api key are ...
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Infusionsoft - Data ServiceRequired Parameters . Parameter Name, Type, Definition. key, string, Your Infusionsoft API key . table, string, The Infusionsoft database table name. values, struct ...
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Authentication | Constant Contact DeveloperIf you have generated OAuth 2.0 tokens for your users using a v1 API key , those tokens will ... NOTE: The v2 API does not currently support the 'scope' parameter  ...
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API | Techniques | CiviCRM Developer guide - CiviCRM BooksThe API parameter list, which shows all available entities which can be .... you might get an error message like "This user does not have a valid API key in the ...
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Vault of Satoshi - ApiEach request needs to be signed using an Api - Key and an HMAC hash computed ... Nonce: This is an http POST parameter that must be included with each ...
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Signing API Requests- Zend Server 7If the server receives an API request with a Date header value that represents more than 30 seconds of time ... @ param string $ apiKey Zend Server API key
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Advanced API — Dailymotion APIs 3.0-20140829 documentationBuild great applications using the Dailymotion API and bring Dailymotion
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Pushover: APIFor more information on each parameter , keep reading or jump to a section at ... Once you have an API token for your application, you'll need the user key and ...
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REST API with Gigya's Authorization Method - Gigya's DocumentationThe following parameters are required for all API calls: uid - The unique ID ... apiKey - Your API application key.
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API Docs - Factualhttp:// api ... The KEY parameter is only required for non-OAuthenticated requests, which are  ...
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Making Requests - API - DisqusIn addition to the required parameters for each individual method, you will also need to send your API key , this is done differently depending on how you access  ...
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Captain Up Platform API :: Captain UpAuthentication against the Captain Up API is done with your app's API key , API secret, and mobile token. Through all requests, the parameters used for the ...
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Retrieving a customer - PaymentSpringA private api key can not be used for this type of request. ... public_api_key, This request expects a merchant's public api key to be provided as a parameter .
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kimono : API Docs200 OK - everything worked as expected; 400 Bad request - you may have missing or invalid parameters ; 401 Unauthorized - invalid API key ; 404 Not found  ...
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Apache Wookie - API ReferenceSome methods require the requesting application to have a valid API key issued by ... may use the optional "format" parameter to specify a content type override.
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API - Getting Started - UseResponse ManualMethods are executed by calling specific URL with extra parameters if needed. ... The API URL and API key could be found at your profile settings page where ...