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Way Out West - Fun Facts, Questions, Answers, Informationpark in Perth. This actual bench featured in a hit movie starring Hugh Grant and Julia Roberts. ... This is the original park bench from the movie " Notting Hill".
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Where is the park in London, where Hugh Grant and Julia Roberts Hampstead Heath Hampstead Heath is an enormous expanse of greenery in north London. You can get there on the Northern Line and get out at ...
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Bench from movie Notting Hill, now located in Queens Gardens "For June who loved this garden from Joseph who always sat beside her". This was the bench in the movie Notting Hill with Julia Roberts and ...
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Film locations for Notting Hill (1999)Notting Hill location: the blue door: 280 Westbourne Park Road, ... as mega- movie star Anna Scott ( Julia Roberts) falls for mild-mannered ...
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Notting Hill (1999) - Trivia - IMDbThis is the amount she ( Julia Roberts) was paid for her role in Notting Hill (1999). .... The book William reads as he sits on the park bench at the end of the movie ...
 6  ~ thrutheorangedoor.blogspot.comthrough the Orange Door: Cushing's View versus Notting HillI loved it when Anna/ Julia and William/Hugh were out walking and found their ... The bench has now found its way to a park in Perth, Australia.
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Old Lady Movie Night: ' Notting Hill' - HelloGigglesI was 14, and Notting Hill was a thing and I remember the Mom of the kids I ... The heartwarming fil-im of the late 1990s that starred Julia Roberts as an ..... alone singing ' when you say nothing at all ' in the park bench scene.
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“ Notting Hill:” Hugh Grant's House with the Blue DoorHugh Grant Julia Roberts Notting Hill movie .... goes (OMGosh), but I do love and also tear up when Anna and William relax on the park bench !
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Notting Hill (film) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopediaWill encounters Hollywood superstar Anna Scott ( Julia Roberts) when she enters his
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Notting Hill - Answers.comWhat was written on park bench in notting hill? "To June who Loved this ... Who is the character's name played by Julia Roberts in Notting Hill? She portrays ...
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Notting Hill Park from the film in The AnswerBank: TravelYou know at the end of Notting Hill when Hugh Grant and Julia Roberts (can't remember their character names!) are sitting on a park bench ?
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I'm Also Just a Girl: Notting Hill's Swoonworthiness by Charli MacYou can't go wrong with Hugh Grant and Julia Roberts in Notting Hill, ... I love the scene in the park when they first find the park bench they end ...
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Notting Hill (film) - London WikiNotting Hill is a 1999 romantic comedy film set in Notting Hill, London, released ... The film stars Hugh Grant, Julia Roberts, Rhys Ifans, Emma Chambers, Tim ... with a shot of William and a pregnant Anna sitting on a park bench in Notting Hill.
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Notting till Hugh, Julia and Marc cash in | From the Guardian | The Notting Hill may not be the most successful British film ever made - not yet, ... And what about park benches , like the one on which Roberts and ...
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Bench from Notting Hill - Perth, Western Australia - WikimapiaThis was the bench in the movie Notting Hill with Julia Roberts and Hugh Grant. ... I used to stay in this suburb of Victoria Park , in the year of 1984. From month of  ...
 18  -2 Notting Hill: Julia Roberts, Hugh Grant, Richard Notting Hill: Julia Roberts, Hugh Grant, Richard McCabe, Rhys Ifans: ... And the bench scene in the park is just about the sweetest ending.
 19  ~ writerarena.comFamous Park Bench . - Party - Writer ArenaOk since there where no takers, here is a pic of the plaque that use to be on the bench . Yep... Julia Roberts and Hugh Grant in " Notting Hill"
 20  ~ terryrbacon.comAnna Scott's Moral Journey in Notting Hill - Terry R BaconInto their world comes the beautiful Anna Scott ( Julia Roberts), a virtual goddess. .... at their wedding, at a movie premier, and then on a park bench , him reading, ...
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Notting Hill Movie Location Question - London Forum - TripAdvisorDoes anyone know where the park is from the movie Notting Hill? I am talking about the one where they end the movie, sitting on the bench ? Is this real? ... And so I had assumed it was the hotel where Anna/ Julia stayed.
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NOTTING HILL - The True Story by Joe King - Google GroupsAs this composite pic illustrates, Julia Roberts' character in Notting Hill ... There's also a park bench in a private park in Notting Hill that plays an
 23  ~ nottingbutnottinghill.tumblr.comNotting Hill Bench in Perth - Notting But Notting Hillimmadeathbycoffee: “ Notting Hill Bench in Perth This park bench was used on the set of the movie “ Notting Hill” (the scene where Hugh Grant & Julia Roberts ...
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Movie Pooper for the film - Notting HillA short, Cut to the Chase, description and spoiler for the movie - Notting Hill. ... Anna Scott ( Julia Roberts) is a famous movie actress; she stops by the store one day ... a premiere together, then relaxing on a park bench while she is pregnant.
 25  ~ diaryofadyingmom.blogspot.comDiary of a Dying Mom: Notting HillToday while I was driving the kids to camp, the movie Notting Hill ... and the happy ending of Grant on a park bench , Julia Robert's head in his ...
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StreetEasy: Talk - Value of key to gramercy park - StreetEasyI would not pay for the privilege of sitting on a park bench . ... recall "seeing" anyone inside Gramercy Park is in the movie " Notting Hill" where Julia Roberts and ...
 27  ~ slicknsmart.comNotting Hill - Slick&Smart | The Fun Facts CommunityThe park bench used in this film now 'lives' in Queens Gardens in East Perth, ... This is the amount she ( Julia Roberts) was paid for her role in Notting Hill.
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Scene from Notting Hill. Sitting on a bench at park ... - Pinterestfrom Notting Hill. Sitting on a bench at park, reading books while the lady lying on the man's lap. | See more about park benches , notting hill and julia roberts.
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Notting Hill - Christian Answers NetworkAnna Scott ( Julia Roberts) is the most famous movie actress in the world who is .... scene with the park bench , but I wouldn't call this a great romantic comedy.
 30  ~ potatoandcouch.wordpress.comJulia Roberts and Hugh Grant in Notting Hill | (づ。‿‿。)づ Potato and Julia Roberts and Hugh Grant in Notting Hill ... outro of the film shows him and Anna who's now pregnant sitting on a park bench in Notting Hill.
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Message Boards - "Today's Poll - Julia Roberts movie" - General Notting Hill is also one of my favorite movies - my favorite Julia ... in that little park sitting on the park bench with the engraved plaque, and the ...
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DAVID Walker and Julia Clarke were in the caves ... - Nottingham PostVast network: Julia Clarke of the Nottingham Caves Survey (above and right)
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Notting Hill | Jo Tracey AstrologyThere is a great scene in Notting Hill where Julia Roberts & Hugh Grants' characters are sitting on a park bench in a private garden in the dark.
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Ronan Keating - AngelfireThe video centres round the park bench which was the venue for one of the ... for the soundtrack of " Notting Hill," a film starring Julia Roberts and Hugh Grant.
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2014 Bride-to-Be Competition | FacebookIt happened last February 2, 2014 at my Notting Hill bench in Queens
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Rewind: Julia Roberts Overwhelmed by Fans - AOL OnOn this date in 1999, Julia Roberts' fans were showing her plenty of love at the premiere of Notting Hill, as they waited on the red carpet for Ms.
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Notting Hill Script at IMSDb. - The Internet Movie Script DatabaseAlways were envious of the last scene with Julia are pregnant and spending a lazy, sunny noon with Hugh in the park . Well, now we have a kid and do the same ...
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What Is/are Your Favorite Movie Quotes? — Non Aviation Forum 62 HT : Hugh Grant to Julia Roberts in Notting Hill: "(reading inscription on park bench ):For June who loved this garden, from Joseph who ...
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The Hairpin Rom Com Club: Notting Hill | The HairpinBut my favourite rom com qua rom com is easily Notting Hill.
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Queen of the `Hill' / Julia Roberts and Hugh Grant rise to the In one case, an aerial shot isolates a couple on a park bench , and in ... This is the wonderful setup for the romantic comedy " Notting Hill," and ...
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Secret of successful fiction revealed via the movie Notting HillThe film Notting Hill (1999) is one of the most successful rom-coms of the last ... and sophisticated movie star of our time, Anna Scott ( Julia Roberts). ... lies contentedly on a park bench , with her head nestled in William's lap.
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Notting Hill - the movie **spoiler** - Straight Dope Message BoardAt the very end of the movie, Hugh and Julia are sitting on a bench in the park ( just before the credits). Hugh is reading a book - can anybody ...
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trivia - Movies Showing on The Movie Channel: Movie Info and This is the amount she ( Julia Roberts) was paid for her role in Notting Hill. The book William reads as he sits on the park bench at the end of the movie is ...
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ON LOVE AND WRITING | Christopher Meeks | Blog Post | Red RoomGoing back to 1999: Julia Roberts, superstar, from across a crowded
 46  ~ sami-colourfulworld.blogspot.comsami's colourfulworld: A - Z of Australia - Q is for Queens GardensQueens Park . ... My daughter sitting on that famous bench of the " Notting hill" movie ... The bench where Julia Roberts and Hugh Grant sat.
 47  ~ mitrehousehotel.comhotel London Hyde Park | Mitre House Hotel London | hotel London The last 50 years have seen the transformation of Notting Hill from a humble ... Amid the parks and benches brought to fame in the film starring Julia Roberts and ...
 48  ~'Paris' Michael Nottingham mj. nottingham ... - Piers AtkinsonMichael Nottingham mj. nottingham Piers Atkinson's
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Notting Hill Movie 1999: Cast, Director, Producer, Plot & CreditsThe film stars Hugh Grant, Julia Roberts, Rhys Ifans, Emma Chambers, Tim McInnerny, ... with a shot of Will and a pregnant Anna on a park bench in Notting Hill.
 50  ~ arathewriter.comRookie Scrivener: Plot & Structure Analysis - Notting HillNotting Hill -- Starring Julia Roberts and Hugh Grant ... After dinner they take a walk and enter a private park in Notting Hill when she has an emotional moment, realizing that people do sometimes love ... They're on a bench .
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Notting Hill Movie Review - KillerMovies.comThe chances of an ordinary guy like myself bumping into Julia ... on a sweet note with Anna discovering a park bench with an inscription on it.
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You say it best… | Agent P's HeadquartersAs this line from the love theme from Notting Hill says, “you say it best ... Julia and Hugh Grant were sitting on a park bench with Julia lying on ...