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php calendar no database

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Adding Events with no database installed | Easy PHP CalendarI have installed a calendar for a client who is using a free godaddy hosting account, which does not have a database installed. It is possible to ... Convert Flat-File Database to MySQL?13 posts11 Feb 2014Can't Connect to Database 2 posts21 Sep 2010setup PHP calendar with mysql database 2 posts2 May 2006More results from
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A PHP calendar script that doesnt require a database ? [Archive day or do you also want it to hold info about thats going on those days. This is exactly how I want it like. Except with no database . And in PHP .
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PHP Event Calendar - SoftcomplexPHP Event Calendar is reusable PHP script extending the web site's functionality ... titles (localization ready); Number of calendar layout settings; No database  ...
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VTCalendarVTCalendar is a web-based event calendar that allows for decentralized data input and
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Calendar Scripts - PHP ScriptsSimple PHP based availability calendar script with miltiple calendar support and .... to use and implement - no long instructions, no databases , no permissions- ...
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PHP Calendar & Event Management scripts - Free, commercial and Results 1 - 8 of 8 ... Categorized collection of PHP Calendar and Event Management scripts. ... Supported Databases ... durations and number of seats, staff member accounts, online Paypal and credit card payments, appointment cancel policy, ...
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Calendar Events: Display and manage database ... - PHP ClassesThis class can display calendars that act as a Web interface to manage events and important dates recorded in a MySQL database . The class presents month ... No pages of applications that use this class were specified. Add link image ...
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mysql - PHP - Calendar /schedule Database Structure - Stack OverflowThis is not usually the type of question I'd like to make on SO, but since I am finding it challenging and found no good resources on how to do ...
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PHP Calendar with MYSQL database - WYSIWYG Web Builder@Patrik iden as you may be aware "Eddy" is no longer a acrive member of the ... A free and easy to use PHP Calendar with MYSQL database .
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Build a Calendar Using PHP , XHTML, and CSS - David WalshI've taken some time to completely rewrite the PHP event calendar so that I .... a spot within the calendar where you should query the database to see if .... So IE6 users won't get the desired effect, but no lack in functionality.
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FAQ - phpScheduleIt : Open Source Web Based Resource SchedulingIt provides a permissions-based calendar that allows users to self-register and reserve resources ... PHP - Calendar database ".
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Create a jQuery calendar with AJAX, PHP , and a remote data sourceIn this tutorial I use PHP and a SQLite database ; however, you may ... I see no point in re-inventing the wheel, so I use a great PHP calendar  ...
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To Use or Not to Use a Database ? That is the QuestionSo, should you use a database for your website? Why not ? Everyone else is. ... If you could create a database driven DVD checkout system, calendar of events ...
 15  +9 WebCalendar Frequently Asked QuestionsI get a database error indicating table webcal_config does not exist. Usage. Why do ... By default, the index. php page should send users to the public calendar .
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Adobe Community: Need to re-download PHP Event Calendar with MySQL How do I re-download PHP Event Calendar with MySQL Database purchased earlier. I need link without having to repurchase. 385 Views 4 ...
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html/ php calendar and MYSQL database - SitePointI have a simple calendar in an html form. Year ... date into my mysql database ( date column is in date format) using php . ... No error messages.
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jQuery fullcalendar integration with PHP and MySQLThe plugin comes with a demo files to test the calendar : the name of the
 20  ~ System Administrator's GuideWebCalender is an open source PHP -based multi-user calendar . ... PHP 4 ( PHP 5 not yet tested) with magic_quotes_gpc enabled; Database (see below) ...
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Help creating a PHP /MySQL/ Database Calendar - PHP - webdevRefinery Let's start from the basics -- what do you want this webapp to do? I mean, I can display a calendar without a single database table. Are you ...
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php - How can I design my classes to include calendar events stored I'm developing a web calendar in php (using Symfony2) inspired by ... doesn't allow other coders to reuse the classes without db (because I ...
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HTML5 Event Calendar (Open-Source) | DayPilot CodeWeekly event calendar ; Pure JavaScript ( no third-party libraries required); Open source (Apache License 2.0); Drag ... Sample PHP backend (backend_events. php ): ... This sample backend uses a SQLite database with a single table (events) .
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PHP 5 Calendar Functions - W3SchoolsPHP Database . PHP MySQL Intro PHP MySQL ... Note: The Julian Day Count is not the same as the Julian Calendar ! Installation. For these functions to work, you have to compile PHP with --enable- calendar . The Windows version of PHP has ...
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14 Most Common WordPress Errors and How to Fix ThemThis will result into a PHP parse error and you will see a notice like:
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PHP MySQL Create Database - Tutorial RepublicCreating Database and Tables Using PHP and MySQL. Now that you've ... you are running MySQL; server with default setting (user 'root' with no password) */
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Freeware Newsscript NewsP.euFree PHP news script, made for SEO. ... Because NewsP is a SEO tool, it creates a own website ( php ) for each of your ... That's it, it needs no MySQL database !
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ownCloud Forums • View topic - OC5: Encryption of Contact/ Calendar I have been thinking about the OC encryption of Contact/ Calendar entries: We all ... information (see also old discussion re OC 4.x here: viewtopic. php ?f=3&t=3274 ). ... JFYI: Contacts are stored in database , not filesystem.
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Moving your Contacts and Calendar Away from GoogleDon't get me wrong, I am not a Google hater, I truly believe that their search engine is ... In your hosts control panel select the latest version of PHP , for JustHost this is in ... Click "Advanced" and select your database options.
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phpGrid | PHP Datagrid Made Easy.phpGrid is a simple, powerful and fully customizable PHP component for generating PHP ... There is no limit on how many detail grids it can have. ... PHP Autocomplete splash Announcing PHP Event Calendar splash Get PHP Database Form!
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Events from database · Issue #29 · robmonie/jquery-week- calendar No milestone ... $srg = "SELECT * FROM calendar WHERE calendar .start >= ? ... HI webmaster666 how is the db . php coded, can u show?
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Ajax Event Calendar - Extensions - DMXzone.COMYou can even combine own database with other Google calendars and display it all .... Calendar and other feeds for speed, ASP or PHP are no longer required!
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PHP Calendar Date Picker - TriConsolePHP - Calendar , Datepicker Calendar . The calendar
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DAViCal - InstallationOnce you have done that, you should be able to proceed to the Database
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Creating a calendar from database entries / Forums / Community Hi im currently in the process of building an events calendar for my ... <? php if ( ! defined('BASEPATH')) exit(' No direct script access allowed');
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Comparison of Internet forum software - Wikipedia, the free These comparisons do not include remotely hosted services (such as ProBoards,
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CalDAV - sabredav - sabre/dav website has moved to I tried to place the calendarserver. php everywhere but no success :(
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PHP Calendar , how do I display events on the calendar from my PHP Calendar , how do I display events on the calendar from my database ? ..... $ limit ) { // IF NOTHING IS HAPPENING ON THIS DAY NO LINK IS CREATED ...
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500 Error on .zip install...and other errors via WP install - TimelyAll In One Event Calendar has been disabled due to an error: Database update has failed. Please make sure, that database user, defined in wp-config. php has ... Error encountered: Required table wp_ai1ec_events was not  ...
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PHP Calendar running from MySQL database - PHP Coding Help - PHP PHP Calendar running from MySQL database - posted in PHP Coding Help: I ... However, I'm not advanced enough to create the if-clause or ...
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Return the number of days in a month for a given year and ... - PHPThe length in days of the selected month in the given calendar ... work just as well , and will always work without the requirement of PHP's calendar extension or ...
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Joomla! • View topic - no valid database connectionCB plugin "CB JCal pro mini- calendar ": no database or no database description. ... Line 41 in the file plugins/search/easyfaq.searchbot. php :
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WebCalendar System Administrator's Guide - H-NetWebCalender is an open source PHP -based multi-user calendar . ... PHP 4 ( PHP 5 not yet tested) with magic_quotes_gpc enabled; Database (see below) ...
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Using MySQL to generate daily sales reports with filled gaps - Media Looking at the database , you will most likely have something similar to the sample ... Not a temporary one; a clean honest calendar table. ... very efficient ( you just output some XML from PHP and the flash chart does the rest).
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Documentation - Horde - The Horde ProjectOtherwise, you will be stuck with a PHP version that does not contain the most recent bug
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Calendar and retrieving dates from database • PHP Developers NetworkCalendar and retrieving dates from database ... there is no rest of my code yet :) ... Still not sure about the details but seems like an option imo.
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Event Tracking Calendar - PHP Tutorials | Dream.In.CodeWe will be using MySQL as our database application to store and track .... PHP has no built in calendar (); functions, so we will need to create a ...
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Databases - College of CharlestonWith millions of articles available in both PDF and HTML full-text with no restrictions, researchers are able to find accurate information quickly. Includes full -text ...
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Moodle in English: Database error when adding Calendar eventsline 167 of / calendar /event. php : call to calendar_event->update() ... " Database tables are using MyISAM database engine, it is ... Take it the migration to another server did not involve a change in hostnames, etc. or did it?
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phpMyAdmin - ChangeLoga foreign key column - bug #4481 php Undefined variable ... grouping when disabled database expansion - bug #4419 No more calendar  ...
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Dreamweaver Event Calendar with MySQL DatabaseEvent Calendar with MySQL Database is a special version of the original Dreamweaver Event ... New: Dreamweaver is no longer a mandatory requirement for this product. ... The server must support PHP scripts; MySQL 3.23 or later versions.