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php calendar no database

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PHP Event Calendar - SoftcomplexPHP Event Calendar is reusable PHP script extending the web site's functionality ... titles (localization ready); Number of calendar layout settings; No database  ...
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Adding Events with no database installed | Easy PHP CalendarI have installed a calendar for a client who is using a free godaddy hosting account, which does not have a database installed. It is possible to ...
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A PHP calendar script that doesnt require a database ? [Archive day or do you also want it to hold info about thats going on those days. This is exactly how I want it like. Except with no database . And in PHP .
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Calendar Scripts - PHP ScriptsThe Availability Calendar is a great Flash/ PHP calendar script that can be used anywhere where .... There is no database required and results are instant.
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VTCalendarmanageeevents. php was mostly rewritten to correctly display events. ... The database upgrade script now supports PostgreSQL for fresh installs, and PostgreSQL 8+ ... Main admins no longer need to be sponsors in order to view a calendar .
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mysql - PHP - Calendar /schedule Database Structure - Stack OverflowThis is not usually the type of question I'd like to make on SO, but since I am finding it challenging and found no good resources on how to do ...
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PHP Calendar & Event Management scripts - Free, commercial and Page 6: Categorized collection of PHP calendar and event management scripts, ... Customizable weekly working hours, holidays, custom hours, various durations and number of seats, staff member .... Event Calendar with MySQL Database .
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Add Events to the PHP Calendar - David WalshIn a previous blog post I detailed how to create a basic calendar using PHP
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yasp - Yet Another Simple PHP Calendar | pancake.orgDoes the world need another simple PHP calendar ? Not really. But here you go. No database , no user management, no group functionality, no ...
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PHP Scripts - PHP Event Calendar | CodeCanyon28th, 2012 Description PHP Event Calendar is a MySQL Database ... events wouldn't show on months without leading 0s - Fix: Events not of ...
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Help creating a PHP /MySQL/ Database Calendar - PHP - webdevRefinery Let's start from the basics -- what do you want this webapp to do? I mean, I can display a calendar without a single database table. Are you ...
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CalMem: Show calendars with events stored in a database - PHP This class can display month calendars , highlighting the days of events that ... The class can be used to present different calendars for multiple users as the event database records contain the ... No application links were specified for this class.
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PHP calendar - Dynamic DriveHey Guys! I am looking for an open source simple to setup PHP calendar . ... Also if there is flat file support ( no database ), it will be easier for me.
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FAQ - phpScheduleIt : Open Source Web Based Resource SchedulingIt provides a permissions-based calendar that allows users to self-register and reserve resources ... PHP - Calendar database ".
 17  -8 • View topic - PHP Calendar with MYSQL @Patrik iden as you may be aware "Eddy" is no longer a acrive member of the ... A free and easy to use PHP Calendar with MYSQL database .
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SuperCali PHP Event Calendar - DocumentationSuperCali is an event calendar script that supports nested categories of events and multiple
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Create a jQuery calendar with AJAX, PHP , and a remote data sourceIn this tutorial I use PHP and a SQLite database ; however, you may ... I see no point in re-inventing the wheel, so I use a great PHP calendar  ...
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To Use or Not to Use a Database ? That is the QuestionIf you could create a database driven DVD checkout system, calendar of events ... from your site one day you can certainly expect that no more than one or two ...
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PHP : Calendar - Manualcal_days_in_month — Return the number of days in a month for a given year and ... cal_from_jd — Converts from Julian Day Count to a supported calendar  ...
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Creating a calendar from database entries / Forums / Community Hi im currently in the process of building an events calendar for my ... <? php if ( ! defined('BASEPATH')) exit(' No direct script access allowed');
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html/ php calendar and MYSQL database - SitePointI have a simple calendar in an html form. Year ... date into my mysql database ( date column is in date format) using php . ... No error messages.
 24  +5 WebCalendar Frequently Asked QuestionsWhy are deleted events still present in the database ? ... By default, the index. php page should send users to the public calendar . How can I add holidays to the calendar ? There is no built-in support for holidays because it is not necessary.
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Adobe Community: Need to re-download PHP Event Calendar with MySQL How do I re-download PHP Event Calendar with MySQL Database purchased earlier. I need link without having to repurchase. 379 Views 4 ...
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Calendar and retrieving dates from database • PHP Developers Networkuse to search against the database . .... X and if any matches are found i'd create an array, giving it a value of 1 and 0 for days with no events.
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PHP cal_days_in_month() Function - W3SchoolsPHP Database . PHP MySQL Intro PHP ... PHP Calendar Reference. Example. Get the number of days in a month for a specified year and calendar : <? php
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php - How can I design my classes to include calendar events stored I'm developing a web calendar in php (using Symfony2) inspired by ... doesn't allow other coders to reuse the classes without db (because I ...
 29  ~ steelesoftconsulting.comPHP MySQL Consulting, Dynamic Database Driven Websites Steelesoft Consulting - PHP MySQL Consulting, Dynamic Database Website Design, ... PHP Calendar & Events - Custom programmed with no MySQL database  ...
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Freeware Newsscript NewsP.euFree PHP news script, made for SEO. ... Because NewsP is a SEO tool, it creates a own website ( php ) for each of your ... That's it, it needs no MySQL database !
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cryptoDB/eval/apps/ php - calendar -1.1/update08. php at master This file is part of PHP - Calendar . PHP - Calendar is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify .... soft_error(' No database found in your config file');.
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Calendar from mysql database | Graphic Design | HTML | MySQL in the mysql database are the information of allready booked rooms. (arrival, departure, room number ) we have different room types. in a setup file i can write
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ownCloud Forums • View topic - OC5: Encryption of Contact/ Calendar I have been thinking about the OC encryption of Contact/ Calendar entries: We all
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PHP Bronnen en links - DDS HelpdeskA simple PHP calendar script that is easily integrated into your web site and easy to ... No programming or database backend required (utilizes Google via the ...
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Comparison of Internet forum software - Wikipedia, the free Comsenz Technology Co., Ltd. 2013-09-23, X3.1, PHP , Discuz!
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phpGrid | PHP Datagrid Made Easy.phpGrid is a simple, powerful and fully customizable PHP component for generating PHP AJAX
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jQuery fullcalendar integration with PHP and MySQLThe plugin comes with a demo files to test the calendar : the name of the folder is " Demos". ... 1. events. php - We will use the code to connect to a MySql database with .... I have try to set 'allDay' as boolean 0, but no difference.
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Moodle in English: Database error when adding Calendar eventsline 167 of / calendar /event. php : call to calendar_event->update() ... " Database tables are using MyISAM database engine, it is recommended to use ACID compliant engine with .... id | bigint(10) unsigned | NO | PRI | NULL | auto_increment |
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PHP Calendar running from MySQL database - PHP Coding Help - PHP PHP Calendar running from MySQL database - posted in PHP Coding ... If no , then just use one table with a "type" column to identify if it is an ...
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Ajax Event Calendar - Extensions - DMXzone.COMYou can even combine own database with other Google calendars and display it all .... Calendar and other feeds for speed, ASP or PHP are no longer required!
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update08. php at PHP - Calendar - Free PHP CodePHP - Calendar is distributed in the hope that it will be useful, but WITHOUT ANY ... SQL database name is: $sql_database</p>"; } else { soft_error(' No database  ...
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Build a Calendar Table | CSS-Tricks"<tr>"; // Create the calendar headers foreach($daysOfWeek as $day)
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Documentation - Horde - The Horde ProjectFor SQL database preferences storage, Horde is thoroughly tested on MySQL(i) ... Alternatively, preferences can be stored in PHP sessions, which requires no ... retrieving data from external HTTP servers (remote calendars , web APIs, etc.).
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Google Calendar API v1 Developer's Guide: PHP - Google DevelopersYour client application can use the Google Calendar Data API to create new events, edit or ... for Google Calendar to display, based on your organization's event database . ... Run this script without any command line options to see usage , e.g.:
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Calendar - Extensions | Yii PHP FrameworkECalendarView renders calendar with custom content of day cells.
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Group Office Calendar ( calendar /json. php ) SQL ... - Exploit DatabaseCVE number : CVE-2012-4240 Impact: High Vendor homepage: ... A 'sort' parameter on the page /modules/ calendar /json. php was found to be ...
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Re: [SyncEvolution] Setup of SyncML to WebDAV synchronization syncURL=https://localhost:443/sabredav/addressbookserver. php / \ ... [INFO] calendar : no database to synchronize [INFO] memo: looking for ...
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data synchronization for Moblin, Linux, Mac OS X, ... () - Gmaneaddressbook/backend=carddav \. addressbook/ database =https://localhost:443/ sabredav/addressbookserver. php / \. calendar /backend=caldav \.
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php my admin: no database selected at DatabasesI am trying to learn php and mysql. So i tried making a database  ...
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DAViCal - InstallationSkip to the " Database Setup" part if you have done that already.
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Ten Cool Things To Do With PHP - PHP Tutorials - About.comTen cool things you can do with PHP on your website, as well as tutorials of