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AlphaUserPoints extensions - Joomla! Extensions DirectoryResults 1 - 10 of 10 ... Virtuemart AlphaUserPoints payment processor · Virtuemart ... Joomla! 2.5 Series 2 votes4 reviews Plugin Extension Specific Addon.
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How can i use AlphaUserPoints ? - jDownloads Documentation and First of all, you must install the AlphaUserPoints component. When you have done this, go to the plugin installer from this component and install this three ...
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AlphaUserPoints plugin - AcyMailingThis plugin enables you to integrate AcyMailing with AlphauserPoints . You can download it from our plugin section. Once installed and enabled ...
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AlphaUserPoints rule plugin - Extensions - MijoPolls - Mijosoft LLCAlphaUserPoints rule plugin - Extensions - MijoPolls AlphaUserPoints rule plugin for MijoPolls. Install it from AlphaUserPoints = Rules page.
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AlphaUserPoints - JoomPlaceJoomla Quiz Deluxe is integrated with AlphaUserPoints (AUP) and allows you to ... with AlphaUserPoints , sure you have these plug-ins installed and enabled:.
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HikaShop - AlphaUserPoints payment methodThis screen enables you to edit the AlphaUserPoints payment method ... This plugin requires that you first install the extension AlphaUserPoints on your website.
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hwdMediaShare :: Topic: Implementation of Alphauserpoints Plugin (1/1)Dear users, For implementation of the alphauserpoints I'm required to embed the following code: $api_AUP = JPATH_... - English (United Kingdom)
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JComments - AlphaUserPoints Plugin - JoomlaTuneI've made new version of JComments - AlphaUserPoints plugin . It allows to assign points for next actions: 1. Assign points when a user adds a ...
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Alpha User Points Plugin / other plugins | SourceCoastAlpha User Points Plugin / other plugins Where can I find all the plugins ? I find it quite hard to find the plugins if I need them, is there any way ...
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Alphauserpoints form plugin | FabrikThis form plug-in works in conjunction with Alpha User Points and is tested with version 1.8.x (for Joomla 2.5) and 1.9 beta for (Joomla 3.x)
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Kunena - To Speak! Next Generation Forum Component for Joomla Kunena and other Joomla extensions - AlphaUserPoints (1/1) - Kunena - English (United Kingdom) ... K 3.0.4: AlphaUserPoints integration plugin problems.
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joomla-payments/code/ plugins / alphauserpoints /alphauserpoints.xml joomla-payments - Common Payment API Plugins for Joomla Supporting Multiple payment gateways with a easy 3 step integration process !
 15  ~ dartonit.comJoomla Plugin - Integration between Akeeba Subscriptions ... - DartonitJoomla Plugin that assigns points to user ( AlphaUserPoints ) on new Akeeba Subscriptions.
 16  ~ surveydesigners.comJoomla and AlphaUserPoints ← SurveyDesignersWith AlphaUserPoints component, you can distribute, assign or remove ... the extension AlphaUserPoints and the plugin DirectPHP is straight ...
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Akeeba Subscriptions – User's Guide :: AlphaUserPointsThis plugin does not support recurring payments. This payment method integrates with the AlphaUserPoints component for Joomla!. It allows users to consume ...
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Virtuemart 2.x AlphaUserPoints payment plugin - NordmographWebdesign and webmarketing studio. We provide exciting commercial and free Joomla! extensions!. Virtuemart 2.x Payment plugins - Virtuemart 2.x ...
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Extensions for AlphaUserPoints : Points to Coupons for VM and AUPVirtuemart points to coupon for alpha user points enables exchanging points to virtuemart from ... Plugin Virtuemart rewards points Virtuemart to point for AUP ...
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CComment :: Compojoomcomment - AlphaUserPoints IntegrationYou can navigate to your Joomla Backend -> Components -> AlphauserPoints -> rules -> Plugins . Then select the rules files and click on upload and install.
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AlphaUserPoints 1.7.x Developer Documentation - JoomlaSCAAlphaUserPoints - API integration in a Third party component (advanced) ..... A plugin creation (new rule creation for a 3rd party component) is done in 2 steps.
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Alpha User Points plugin for Joomla 1.7/2.5? - StackideasI'm just wondering if the plugin for alpha User Points (Joomla 1.5) will be updated any time soon to include Joomla 1.7/2.5? I would love to add ...
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Alphauserpoints plugin - Gary´s Cookbook HomepageHello, Anybody can help me to create a plugin for Alphauserpints? I want to offer any point to my users after eac... - English (United Kingdom)
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AlphaUserPoints Latest Activity user's profile tab - Joomlapolis.comProvides CommunityBuilder 1.7.x tab in user's profile with Latest Activity from AlphaUserPoints 1.7.xInstallation via CB Plugin Management.
 27  ~ valleygroups.comAlphaUserPoints Developer - Valley GroupAlphaUserPoints - API integration in a Third party component (advanced) .... A plugin creation (new rule creation for a 3rd party component) is done in 2 steps.
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Developing a K2 AlphaUserPoints PluginI'm having a K2 plugin developed for AlphaUserPoints . It will add points to the user who reads a K2 article. Add points to the user who rates an K2 article.
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AlphaUserPoints payment plugin - VirtueMart ForumThis payment plugin allows your VM customers to pay an order using their points from the AlphaUserPoints component. It deducts points when ...
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AlphaUserPoints - Forum Home - migusbox.comEnglish Forum Section (1/1) - AlphaUserPoints - Forum Home. Categories ... you can ask questions and share experience regarding this plugin here. 1 Topics, 0 ...
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"ARI Quiz Alpha User Points " plugin - ARI Soft"ARI Quiz" can be integrated with " Alpha User Points " extension with help of "ARI Quiz Alpha User Points " plugin . This ability can help to create a referral user ...
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Discussions integration with AlphaUserPoints (AUP) - Discussions has anyone developed a plugin to integrate Discussions with AUP? Thanks.
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FLEXIcontent • View topic - How to make a alphauserpoints rule Re: How to make a alphauserpoints rule linked with flexicontent. Post by micker » Tue 31 May 2011 06:20. maybe in code a plugin ... but i am ...
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JOOM::GALLERY - Third Party IntegrationJoomAlphaUserPoints. This plugin integrates AlphaUserPoints , a very powerful user points system for Joomla, in JoomGallery. With this plugin  ...
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Installation & upgrading instructions | Documentation for jGive 2checkout ( 2checkout - Payment plugin ); alphauserpoints ( alphauserpoints - Payment plugin ); authorizenet ( authorizenet - Payment plugin ) ...
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New JReviews Express demo and AlphaUserPoints integration - Joomla We are also releasing an AlphaUserPoints JReviews plugin which works with both JReviews and JReviews Express. It is attached to this post ...
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AlphaUserPoints 1.8 extensions - AUP ~ Free Joomla Premium My Soundcloud Plugin for JomSocial 2.8 · SobiPro 1.1.3 ..... Here is a link to download some alphauserpoints 1.8 extensions - com_buypoints ...
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AlphaUserPoints plugins for Sobi2 - Sigsiu.NET ForumI recently found out about AlphaUserPoints mbership/5949/details and ...
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AlphaUserPoints profile - JomSocialThis profile plugin /application lets your users show, on their Jomsocial profile, their AUP profile: user points , referral, referrees, medals, rank, referral link etc.
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Phoca Forum • View topic - Rule for Alphauserpoints< alphauserpoints type=" plugin "> <rule>Upload image</rule> <description> Assign points when a registered user uploads an image in Phoca ...
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JDownloads AlphaUserPoints Plugin - Joomla CMS Support ForumServus Leute! Ein paar Grundinfos: Joomla-Version: 2.5.6 JDownloads-Version: jDownloads 1.9.0 Stable Build 926 AlphaUserPoints -Version: ...
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Topic: AlphaUserPoints (1/1) - Joom Donation - Joomla Extensions Is there a AlphaUserPoints plugin ? When someone donates they earn points? Points can be assigned based on donatio... - English (United Kingdom)
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RJP Web Design | Jomsocial activity user points for mosets treeRJP Web Design plugin for showing user activities from Mosets tree on the ... Choose whether to assign points to user via JomSocial or AlphaUserPoints !
 45  ~ mwjoomlahack.blogspot.comMost Wanted Joomla Hacks: JomSocial + AlphaUserPoint + Works in 3 modes : ( Only JS / Only AUP / JS + AUP); 18 Predefined Rules for Alpha User Points . Price : The plugin is NOT commercial; You ...
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AlphaUserPoints « SlySpyder BlogFirst you'll need go Components > AlphaUserPoints then click on Plugins . Then you'll unzip the files below which contain a .xml file. Then you upload 2 different ...
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AlphaUserPoints and En Masse - Matamko.comHi, I'm using AUP with En Masse and have set up the rules according to the documentation. I tested it all out when I first had it configured and successfully ...
 48  ~ asat.esAlphaUserPoints - 1.6 - Help - ASATPresentation: AlphaUserPoints is a Referral User Points System. It's is a ... During installation, plugins systems and module administrator are installed and are ...
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K2 plugin created for AlphaUserPoints | HTML | Joomla | MySQL 'K2 plugin created for AlphaUserPoints ' job on Work on this job or post your own for free!
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Alpha user points integrationunfortunately i dont know enough to help you out creating this plugin . But it apears to me that is very simple to create alpha user points rules for someone that ...
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AlphaUserPoints plugin : very poor - ARTIOToday I tried the SEF extension for AlphaUserPoints , it is very poor, only one parameter inside! For English users, this may work fine, since the ...
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Alpha User PointsKomme bloß nicht ganz so damit klar, wie das mit den Alpha User Points Plugins funktioniert die dafür dann geschrieben werden müßten. Hat hier jemand nen ...
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Coupon Used with Hikashop/ Alphauser Points - AwoDevIn Hikashop users can redeem their reward points at checkout to reduce
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AlterBrains - AlphaUserPoints plugin for p8pbbWe have an interest in developing plugin for AlphaUserPoints .May be anybody can suggest the rules?