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CF SIC Code List - Securities and Exchange CommissionThe Standard Industrial Classification Codes that appear in a company's disseminated .... 3334, 9, PRIMARY PRODUCTION OF ALUMINUM.
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Standard Industrial Classification - Wikipedia, the free encyclopediaIn the United States the SIC code is being supplanted by the six-digit North American Industry
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What is a SIC Code ?Standard Industrial Classification ( SIC ) codes are four digit numerical codes assigned by the U.S. government to business establishments to identify the primary   ...
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Standard Industrial Classification ( SIC ) Code LookupUse the pull-down menu to scroll to the appropriate code or search for a SIC by typing the first letter of the name, then press the Select button. Press the Cancel  ...
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SIC Code Lookup - Melissa DataFree Lookup for Standard Industrial Classifications ( SIC ) codes .
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Standard Industrial Classification ( SIC ) System Search - OSHAThis page allows the user to search the 1987 version SIC manual by keyword, to access descriptive information for a specified 2,3,4-digit ... Enter a SIC CODE :.
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North American Industry Classification System (NAICS) Main Page Enter keyword or 2-6 digit code ... and Budget (OMB), and adopted in 1997 to replace the Standard Industrial Classification ( SIC ) system.
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SIC 2007 - Companies HouseThe new version of these codes ( SIC 2007) was adopted by the UK as from 1st January 2008. .... 20170, Manufacture of synthetic rubber in primary forms.
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SIC and NAICS Codes - Washington State Department of RevenueBoth Standard Industrial Classification ( SIC ) and North American Industrial Classification System (NAICS) codes identify a firm's primary business activity.
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The Entire SIC Code Listing - Free from EHSO - EHSO.comEHSO provides free the entire SIC code list. Feel frree to print it, ... 333 PRIMARY SMELTING AND REFINING OF NONFERROUS METALS
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SIC /NAICS Codes (Industrial Classification Codes ) - Business Use the official NAICS site to identify the NAICS and/or SIC codes for your topic. ... Primary codes apply to the company's main line of business.
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SIC Codes - Major Standard Industrial Classification DivisionsKnowing your primary and secondary SIC codes is important for researching a business and locating financial information on your industry. After locating your  ...
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What Is a Primary SIC Code ? | eHowThe primary SIC code for a company defines the company's core industry. A business's main line of work can overlap and fall into many  ...
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UK Standard Industrial Classification 2007 (UK SIC 2007) - ONSA Standard Industrial Classification ( SIC ) was first introduced into the UK in 1948 for use in classifying business establishments and other statistical units by the  ...
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industrial classifications SIC codes 1992, 2003, 2007 classifications sic codes (standard industrial classifications - 2007, 2003, 1992). The 2007 SIC ( UK .... 2417 Manufacture of synthetic primary rubber. 2420 Manufacture of  ...
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Standard Industrial Classification Codes - Lists Are UsStandard Industrial Classification Codes - complete list in alphabetical order!
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Applicable SIC Codes for the Industrial Multi Sector General PermitClassification ( SIC ) codes or Industrial Activity Codes. Coverage under this ... SECTOR F: PRIMARY METALS. SIC Code . Description of Industry Sub-sector  ...
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Finding businesses using SIC codesThe Businesses by SIC Code search makes use of the US SIC code list. SIC codes are four digits, the first two digits representing a primary segment of economic  ...
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SIC Code 33 Mailing List: Primary Metal Industries - Marigoldtech.comThere are 4531 records in our business mailing list for SIC code 33: Primary Metal Industries. This major group includes establishments engaged in smelting   ...
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Standard Industrial Classification - Companies and Enterprises ( SIC The Canadian Standard Industrial Classification for Companies and Enterprises, 1980 ( SIC -C) is a system for classifying companies and  ...
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What Is a Primary SIC Code ? | eHow UKThe primary SIC code for a company defines the company's core industry. A business's main line of work can overlap and fall into many different industries.
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Standard Industrial Classification ( SIC ) Codes - State of MichiganFederal regulations require sites with primary activities and/or SIC codes that fall ... Transportation activities at facilities classified by the SIC codes listed in the  ...
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SIC Codes Reference. Compare reviews & ratings.Listings 1 - 20 of 23714 ... Find and compare the Standard Industrial Classification Codes that appear in a company's disseminated EDGAR filings which indicate  ...
 26  ~ ddsd.orgPrimary Activities & Standard Industrial Classification ( SIC ) CodesFederal regulations require sites with primary activities and/or SlC codes that fall ... The facilities classified with the following primary activities and/or SIC codes   ...
 27  ~ stssamples.comSTS SIC Code ListSIC Code List. A sample list of major SIC code category options  ...
 28  ~ siccodewiki.orgSicCodeWiki .org | UKSIC2007 / Primary ... This class includes primary education: the furnishing of academic courses and ... Keywords associated with this SIC code :.
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List of Regulated Standard Industrial Classification Codes (SIC)List of Regulated Standard Industrial Classification Codes (SIC). SIC ..... 3339 Primary Smelting & Refining of Non Ferrous Metals, except Copper and Aluminum.
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Finding a List of Companies with Similar SIC /NAICS CodesGo to Business, Create a Company List. Choose Public- Parent. (to insure that you get financial statements), Search Primary SIC codes or Primary NAICS codes .
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Data Guide - College of Business & Technology.. Company Status Code - Quarterly . ..... SIC Codes - Business Segment ( Primary and Secondary)..........................................................................50.
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SIC Code Decoder1, Two-Digit Major Group Codes (2-Digit SIC ), Description of Major Group ..... 381 , 3339, Primary Smelting and Refining of Nonferrous Metals, Except Copper  ...
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Industrial Stormwater Steps to Compliance | Step 1: Applicability - do Any facility (public/municipal and private) that is engaged in a Narrative Activity or a Primary SIC Code , as listed within Appendix D of the Draft  ...
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UK SIC Codes - Thomson ResearchManufacture of synthetic rubber in primary forms. 24200. Manufacture of pesticides and other agro-chemical products. 24300. Manufacture of paints, varnishes  ...
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D&B - SIC and NAICS - Dun & BradstreetThe Standard Industrial Classification (" SIC Codes ") and North American ... than one SIC Code is assigned to a company, the first one listed is the primary line of  ...
 37  ~ wrds.usforum_wrds | What is the difference between sics1 and sics2 on WRDS only says that it's about Primary and secondary SIC code , but why is there such as thing as primary and secondary? I thought whether a  ...
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Standard Industrial Classification ( SIC ) Codes - Business Standard Industrial Classification ( SIC ) Codes . Here is a list of SIC codes ( Business Categories) to help create the perfect direct marketing lists.
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NAICS and SIC - Research Guides - Marquette UniversityMost readers will only need the "Finding Codes" sections on this page. ... Primary NAICS (or SIC ) codes : A company's primary NAICS code is  ...
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How can I find a listing of SIC , ICB, GICS or NAICS Codes ... - FAQsSIC is the best known, and companies have a Primary SIC code , and additional secondary ones. The classifications ICB and GICS are used to  ...
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Property: Primary sic code - Data-gov Wiki191/ primary sic code . Pages using the property " Primary sic code ". Showing 0 pages using this property. Retrieved from  ...
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SIC - Code List - Kentucky Coal Education. not elsewhere classified 333 Primary Nonferrous Metals 3331 Primary copper 3332 Primary lead 3333 Primary zinc 3334 Primary aluminum  ...
 43  ~ Code Support - SIC Division 2007 SIC Codes - Educationpre- primary education (education preceding the first level) Pre- primary education is defined as the initial stage of organised instruction designed primarily to  ...
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Production workers, thousands; Primary metal industries industry Production workers, thousands; Primary metal industries industry, SIC Code 33 ( BLS-EES31330003) - Bureau of Labor Statistics historical time series data.
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SIC Codes and Descriptions Numeric SequenceTo search for a company's SIC Code , use your web browser's "Find" tool, ..... 3339, Primary Smelting and Refining of Nonferrous Metals, Except Copper and  ...
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The University of Akron NACIS Defined SIC Codes Please use the Please use the largest number when identifying your primary business. SIC . Type . SIC . Code . Description. USA. 32791 Abrasive Product Manufacturing. USA.
 47  ~ empyrean.netSIC Codes - Empyrean.netListing of SIC codes and their respective industry: Standarized Classification Code. ... 3370 Ferrous metal Industries; miscellaneous primary metal products.
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How Do I Find Mergers and Acquisitions of Companies in X Industry?SELECT the SIC code in the Target Primary SIC Code (PC=) field. If you wish to search both the primary and secondary SIC codes, use the  ...
 49  ~ bizlib247.wordpress.comIndustry/sector codes in Datastream | Business Research PlusWC07021 – SIC1, SIC primary code from Worldscope; WC07040 – ICB, ICB code from Worldscope; ICBIC, ICBIN – ICB industry code and  ...
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Infogroup Business Listing File - Esri SupportBusinesses can be retrieved by their Standard Industrial Classification Code (SIC ) as well as by North ... SIC Code (SIC) – The primary SIC code (up to 6-digit).
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SIC / NAICS - Sawyer Library LibGuidesTranslation tables; Find the primary code for a company or industry.
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Business Activity Code, NAICS Code, SIC Code & Industry SearchSearch for IRS Business Activity Codes, NAICS Codes, or SIC Codes with full descriptions of each sector.