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remove windows service

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sysadmin - How can I delete a service in Windows ? - Stack OverflowI have a couple old services that I want to completely uninstall. ... Use the SC command, like this (you need to be on a command prompt to ...
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How to delete a windows service - Geekswithblogs.netRecently, I was trying to delete a windows service . Normally it should not be necessary to manually delete a service. Uninstalling an application ...
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How To Remove Services In Windows - gHacks Tech NewsServices in the Windows operating system are background processes that usually require no user interaction. They are automatically started ...
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Remove Windows service from command line - Super UserI would like to do this because I have a half installed service because of ... How can I delete the Windows service using the command line?
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How to remove dependencies between Windows services - AdobeThis TechNote provides information on how to remove dependencies between two or more Windows services , if such dependencies were created during ...
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How to Delete / Remove a Windows Service - MorganTechSpace.comThis article contains the steps to Remove or Delete a Windows Service manually via Registry and SC.exe command.
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Removing the Oracle Unified Directory Windows Service - Oracle Removing the Oracle Unified Directory Windows Service . The uninstall process should cleanly uninstall and remove Oracle Unified Directory from your system.
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Install MongoDB on Windows — MongoDB Manual 2.6.4Use this tutorial to install MongoDB on a Windows systems. Platform Support .... To remove the MongoDB service use the following command: "C:\Program ...
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Removing a TM1 Server from Running as a Windows Service | IBM To remove a TM1 server that is running as a service , use the following command line format:
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How to Remove a Windows Service via registry - Techieshelp.comIf you have a service that is left over from and unwanted application install sometimes it will not gracefully remove . we can however remove the service with a ...
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Running JIRA as a Service - JIRA 6.3 - Atlassian DocumentationRemoving the JIRA service ; Changing the Windows user that the JIRA service uses; Specifying the startup order of multiple services ; Locating the name of a ...
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windows - service - npmA program can then be added, removed and run as a Windows service : service. add ("My Service"); service. remove ("My Service"); var logStream = fs.
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installation - Force- Removing Windows Services - Server FaultI am getting the following message while trying to remove a windows service with SC command? C:\Users\chacha>sc delete service_name ...
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Running JBoss Web as Windows service - JBoss CommunityJBoss Web comes with Windows service executable that can run JBoss Web Server as ... To remove the JBoss Web server as Windows service use the provided ...
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Running as a Service on Windows - ElasticsearchThis can be achieved through service .bat script under bin/ folder which allows one to install, remove , manage or configure the service and potentially start and ...
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"sc.exe create/ delete " - Create or Delete ServicesWindows Tutorials - Herong's Tutorial Examples - Version 5.60, by Dr. Herong Yang. [ Home ... "sc.exe" can also be used to create and delete services .
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Miscellaneous Debris - Windows Services , services.msc and the ... the service. One common problem when uninstalling a service is … ... windows services wont remove "This Service is marked for deletion".
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Remove a Windows Service | JamesCoyle.netYou can easily remove a Windows service from the Windows registry using a simple command prompt command called SC. SC is the ...
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How To Manually Install or Remove the Mini Remote or NT Utilities Instructions on manually installing or removing the DameWare Mini ... EXE) or DameWare NT Utilities Client Agent Service (DNTUS26. ... DameWare NT Utilities (DNTU) Client Agent Service ( Windows NT4 and above only):.
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Deleting Windows Services that won't uninstall - Robert Bernstein's I created a Windows Service installer using WiX and included a custom action that ... C:\Windows\System32\sc.exe delete "My Service Name".
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Windows Service Manager (SrvMan)It can create services (both Win32 and Legacy Driver) without restarting Windows , delete existing services and change service configuration. It has both GUI and ...
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Library/ windows - service - remove .json at master · OctopusDeploy Library - A repository of step templates and other community-contributed extensions to Octopus Deploy.
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29882 - Delete an ArcSDE service in Windows - Esri SupportIn order to delete a service , the ArcSDE commands must be used as there is no user interface. Verify that the service is stopped and gather all connection ...
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Remove Window Services | PC SmartiesThe purpose of this article is to provide the computer user with a method to remove unwanted entries that are listed by the Services Control Panel via Admin  ...
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Remove an Existing vCenter Hyperic Windows ServiceBefore you can install a new version of vCenter Hyperic server using the Windows setup wizard, you must remove any existing Windows vCenter Hyperic service .
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4.2.4 Installing MySQL Cluster Processes as Windows ServicesInstalling programs as Windows services usually must be done using an account ... To remove the management node service, invoke ndb_mgmd.exe with the ...
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PC Hell: How to Remove a Service in Windows VistaA Windows service is a executable program that runs in the background of the Microsoft Windows operating system. It performs specific functions and is ...
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SABnzbd as a Windows Service - SABnzbdIt's possible to install SABnzbd as a real Windows Service . The Windows executable is ... SABnzbd-service.exe remove . Removes the service altogether.
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Remotely Create, Update and Remove Windows ServicesService Account Manager can create, modify or remove Windows services .
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Delete a Windows Service Using the Command Line » Carlo MendozaDeveloping and debugging Windows Services in Visual Studio 2005 usually means creating setup.
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21.2. Server Installation - - The Neo4j Manual v2.1.3For Windows, see the section called “Windows”. ... With the exception of our Windows Installer, you'll need a Java Virtual Machine ... As a Windows service .
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Removing an Unused Window Service - DevXLearn how to remove an unused Window service by modifying your registry.
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How To Remove A Windows Service ? - General Network Security from the control panel at add and remove windows components, and you could go to the services form the admin tools to disable any service .
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How to remove a Service from Windows Server 2008, 2008 R2 or Open the services browser, open the service you would like to remove and select /copy the " Service name:". Now, open a command prompt and ...
 57  ~ mysql-dba-journey.blogspot.comRemoving a MySQL Service FROM Windows - MySQL DBA - An After shutting down and removing a MySQL database server from a Windows platform it is important to remember to remove the Windows  ...
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How Malware hides and is installed as a Service - Bleeping ComputerRemoving a service manually requires removing entries ... services and other critical files & drivers for Windows .
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MCPR - Service McafeeUse the McAfee Consumer Product Removal tool (MCPR) to remove data completely for a McAfee Security product installation on a supported Windows  ...
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Install (create), Uninstall ( delete ) a C# Windows Service on the To install a C# Windows Service without running the ProjectInstaller class in the C# service, use sc.exe. For example sc create MyService start= auto binPath= ...
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How to remove Sophos Endpoint Security and Control from client This article describes how to remove Sophos security products from ... Open Windows services (Start | Run | Type: services.msc | Press return), ...
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Rob Brooks-Bilson's Blog: Removing a Windows Service from the This post is more a self-reminder as I find myself having to manually remove multiple ColdFusion instances setup as Windows Services while I ...
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Oracle Windows oradim UtilityDelete Instance - The following command can be used to delete an instance with ... This command is what actually creates the Windows Service that runs the ...
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Delete a ServiceHow to manually delete a Windows service under Windows NT.
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Removing Windows Devices and Services at Registry Guide for Removing Windows Devices and Services ( Windows NT/2000) Popular. Sometimes it is possible to get orphaned services remaining in the ...
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How do I start/stop/create/ remove /check a service - NSISHow do I start/stop/create/ remove /check a service ... Execute sc.exe that comes with WinXP (C:\ windows \system32\sc.exe). Also allows to ...
 75  ~ devopsonwindows.comThe Specified Service Has Been Marked For Deletion - DevOps on This error can be one of the scariest for Windows application operators and DevOpelers – you just want to remove the service definition from ...
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Completely Uninstall and Remove Microsoft- Windows - Services -for Are you trying to completely uninstall Microsoft- Windows - Services -for-Unix-3.5? This page contains the detailed uninstall tutorial.
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How to run MongoDB as Windows Service - Mkyong.comC:\MongoDB\bin>mongod --help Windows Service Control Manager options: -- install install mongodb service -- remove remove mongodb ...
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Service articles: Removal tool to uninstall Kaspersky Lab ... - SupportProduct Select Removal tool kl1_log tool AVZ tool System restore Windows registry Restore ... Service articles: Removal tool to uninstall Kaspersky Lab products.
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delete windows service account « trying to solve IT problemsAnyway, the “easy” solution would be to delete that service account to that it ... one more time for SEO effect: delete windows service account.