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reverse acronym generator

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 1  ~ nameacronym.netEasily create acronyms ( reverse acronyms ) from your name Create a Name Acronym , Reverse Name Acronyms : Backronyms from your name .
 2  ~ bjewsusa.comReference - Acronym FinderFind meanings of acronyms. Covers: common ... Enter Text to Find Acronym ( Reverse Lookup ) : ... Let the ParaDucks Acronym Generator do the work for you.
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Acronym Maker - Random Acronym GeneratorRandomly create acronyms from any word and multiple word lists. ‎Other Generators - ‎Common Acronyms - ‎Browse Acronyms - ‎Contact
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Random Acronym Generator - What does RAG stand for?Acronym , Definition. RAG, Red, Amber, Green. RAG, Ring Again. RAG, Ruhrkohle AG. RAG, Radiocommunication Advisory Group.
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Acronym Creator - find a name for your company, project, algorithmAcronym Creator helps you generate a name that is an acronym or abbreviation. With this acronym builder, abbreviation maker, name generator, label finder ...
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Allacronyms Acronym GeneratorAcronym Generator . The tool converts the list of phrases to the list of acronyms with corresponding acronym definitions (if required). e.g. "list of acronyms" will be  ...
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Backronym - Wikipedia, the free encyclopediaThe word is a combination of backward and acronym , and has been defined as a " reverse acronym ". Its earliest known citation in print is as "bacronym" in the ...
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Iconian Acronym MakerAcronym list and tool for comic book writers to transform words into acronyms . ... Revenge, Reverse , Revolt, Revolution(ary), Rider(s), Rifle, Right, Righteous, ...
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Acronym GeneratorNever again will you struggle over coming up with a catchy title and acronym for your project! Let the ParaDucks Acronym Generator do the ...
 13  ~ doc-hopper.comReverse Acronym Generator - "Doc" HopperACRONYM FINDER. Generator , free for - has generator generator 2011 tnt, bear acronym . fonts acronym blank generator free yello, and up. acronym decode to ...
 14  ~ franchise101.netReverse Acronym Maker - Franchise 101REVERSE ACRONYM MAKER . 2010 acronym this skip victims of used blank letters claimed this generator from great you in of 11. DECISION? 2010 and the ...
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Acronym Creator - Google Blogoscoped Forumyour acronym - maker is helpful. i wonder if it's possible to suggest a theme ... If you could scrape onelook's reverse dictionary you could give the ...
 16  ~ generator reverse | William blogFunny Acronym Maker Reverse Acronyms Backronym – Wikipedia, the free. Dictionary of Medical Acronyms &. Aviation AcronymsA backronym ...
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Backronym: Information from acRONYM ) A reverse acronym . Instead of turning a multi-word term into letters, such as "central processing unit" into CPU, a given set of letters ...
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PRNDL - Park, Reverse , Neutral, Drive, Low ... - Acronym Finderstands for Park, Reverse , Neutral, Drive, Low (automatic transmission positions ).
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Acronym generator w/ real words? - FatWalletAnyone know of a good acronym generator that spits out real words? I.e., give it a list of 10 or more words associated w/ your project and it will ...
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Reverse DNS lookup (RDNS) - myDNStoolsReverse DNS lookup (RDNS) for an IP address to give the host or domain an IP address is associated with. ... RDNS is the acronym for a Reverse DNS Lookup.
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xedheamira1987Check the reverse search results for "MOTHER" in acronym and ... WA Notstromtechnik GmbH Reverse Acronym Generator From Letters ...
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Intl Spy Agency (Isa) on TwitterMore. Embed Tweet. Intl Spy Agency @Isa · 5h · #Brazukas My nephew is sharing a tutorial on how to reverse engineer secret and find out someone's secrets ...
 25  ~ trialacronym.netAcronym Generator by Tony Morley and Mike PoullisAcronym Generator View Instructions Limit to. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5. letters per word. A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z. ©2009 North Mersey Health ...
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Reverse Acronym Generator - Home HomeCompetition among domains by keyword: reverse acronym generator ... position, domain, title / description. 1, ~, found by
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Reverse Osmosis Recovery Maximization - Bureau of Reclamationv. Table of Contents. Page. Abbreviations and Acronyms .
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DELTA CRITICAL DESIGN REVIEW in Common ... - AcronymsCheck the reverse search results for "DELTA CRITICAL DESIGN REVIEW" in ... All Acronyms; 2013 Oct 1, 10:00 [cited 2013 Oct 1]. ... Acronym Generator
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Acme::POE:: Acronym :: Generator - Generate random POE acronyms use strict; use warnings; use Acme::POE:: Acronym :: Generator ; my $poegen ... is a common question, and people have expanded the acronym in several ways.
 30  ~ workathomeguide.inZymgalmyejvvxj Html5 Test Page Pagpapasuso Acronym Generator Zymgalmyejvvxj Html5 Test Page Pagpapasuso Acronym Generator Reverse . Related: • Zymgalmyejvvxj Html5 Test Page Pagpapasuso Acronym Generator  ...
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Random Name Acronym Generator . - Naruto Discussion ForumRandom Name Acronym Generator . Off-Topic. ... no reverse psychology please. ... SADGSIIIESQ is my name in Acronym form.
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Alphabetize words, a list, and more! Sort in Alphabetical order.Enter or paste a list of items into the box below. You can sort your list alphabetically A-Z or reverse Z-A. When you press the "sort" button, the list will be sorted ...
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Acronym Maker - Website Informer - Informer Technologies, Inc.Keywords: acronym generator , acronym, acronym maker , acronym creator , acronym creater, make reverse acronyms, abbreviation generator.
 34  ~ math4ged.comFactoring to Reverse FOIL | Math 4 GEDYou might need to the opposite of the FOIL process on the GED math test. This means that you will begin with a squared variable, a variable, and a constant (just  ...
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OneLook Dictionary SearchType in a word and search many dictionaries at once. Also has a reverse dictionary and translations.
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Reverse Direction Grant (wireless communication) - Acronyms and Hop on to get the meaning of RDG. The Technology, IT etc. Acronym / Abbreviation/Slang RDG means Reverse Direction Grant (wireless communication). by ...
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Reversible Random Number Generators | The OpenScience Project... on arXiv to generate a time-reversible random number generator . ... you back to your starting point if you suddenly reverse the time variable.
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smileygenerator .us - Main - Site MenuSmileyGenerator .us is the world leader in custom animation programs, animation tools,
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Funny Name Acronym Generator at Website InformerTrying to find a name for a company, project, algorithm, product? Acronym Creator helps you generate a name that is an acronym or abbreviation. With this  ...
 41  ~ newhorizons.hubpages.comFunny Acronyms - that make Sense - NewHorizons - HubPagesI find it relaxing to spend some time creating funny acronyms just for fun, obviously. However, the list below is populated by ' reverse acronyms ', ...
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BJT in reverse avalanche mode | Dangerous PrototypesWhen operating in reverse avalanche region, these transistors are ... generate fast rise pulses (see avalanche pulse generator using 2N3904).
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Letter R -- Acronym Reference - NewbieRAG, Row Address Generator . RAID, Redundant Arrays of Independent ... RAP, Rapid Application Prototyping. RARP, Reverse Address Resolution Protocol.
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Anagram Genius : Anagram Server. anagrams, free anagram Free web-based anagram generator . Animates the results in your browser.
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Top Acronym Sites - Top20Sites.comHome/Search | Reverse Lookup | Submit Acronyms | Contact Us ... With this acronym builder, abbreviation maker , name generator , label finder ...
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Agilent Signal Studio 1xEV-DO - Agilent TechnologiesFor the ESG-D/DP Series Signal Generator . Product Note ... Acronym list. 18 .... Signal Studio-1xEV forward link reverse power control setup table for slot #1.
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Unique Trade Identifier (UTI) - ISDA5 In general for Prime Brokerage, the ED is the UTI generator for the ED/PB leg, while ...... ID in the list when sorted in reverse ASCII sort order.
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RTG, what does RTG stand for - Acronym AtticAcronym Attic - 100 unverified meanings of RTG abbreviation. ... RTG: Radioisotope Thermoelectric Generator , **** ... RTG: reverse tapered PTFE grafts , **.
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Ubuntu Manpage: happy - the parser generator for Haskell'HAPPY' is a dyslexic acronym for 'A Yacc-like Haskell Parser generator '. ... with the latter observing the reverse comment bird track convention (i.e. each code ...
 51  ~ twinbeech18.comVoltage Regulator | Southwestern Aero ExchangeIn order to give better efficiency in the maintenance of the reverse ... Now lower the generator speed and note the reverse current when the ...
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Cat Generator Paralleling Switchgear - Eatonleader in electric generator sets, and. Eaton, an .... Definitions. The terms and acronyms below are ...... 86— reverse power lockout relay,.
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What is the abbreviation for GENERATOR ?Find out what is the most common shorthand of GENERATOR on Abbreviations. com! The Web's largest and most authoritative acronyms and abbreviations ...
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Reverse Charades - Android Apps on Google PlayReverse Charades is a hilarious twist on a classic stand-by (where one person acts out words for the team to guess-boring)! With the Reverse Charades app, the  ...
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Facebook Covers Generator » Facebook Covers | Facebook Profile Get this Facebook Covers Generator Facebook Covers for your profile from ... Sort by:Sort by: Social Ranking; Chronological; Reverse Chronological.
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