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rift best solo class

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Best class choice to solo as much content as possible (as a melee I'm a returning player (from a long time ago) and I'm looking for input into the best class choice that would allow me to solo as much of the  ...
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New to Rift ! Can you guys give some pros and cons about the Can you guys explain a bit of the class differences and the pros and cons for
 3  ~ rift-guide73.wikispaces.comBest Rift Classes - Rift -Guide73 - WikispacesThis soul has some of the best talents and the Warrior is the only Rift class that ... This guide lists down the possible Warrior Classes combinations for solo and  ...
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leveling - Rift Junkies - Junkies NationWhen solo leveling a Cleric, it's usually best to use a build that mixes together decent damage-per-second (DPS) along with great survivability  ...
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New to RIFT . What class to play? - Rift Message Board for PC I don't know the state of "extreme solo 'ing" in Rift , but I don't think it's as good as it is in some other games. The only soul that I can think of off  ...
 7  ~ kittykittyboomboom.wordpress.comBasic Newbie Guide To Playing Rift | Kitty Kitty Boom BoomAs far as gender, the female is of course the best , almost to the point of ... In Rift you do not play a character class –you play a calling: Cleric, Warrior, .... it solo and won't even notice that the quest supports public grouping.).
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Returning Player - Best solo class - Single/2 player dungeons I saw an interview and video of a dev doing a solo dungeon that he said was a remake of a raid dungeon. He said they were for two players but  ...
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Solo classes - MMO-ChampionAnyway, i just recently bought Rift , and World of Warcraft but i guess i'll be ... I am not asking for the best , overpowered, or even the fastest. ... Cleric in the popular " Duracell" builds is the easiest and strongest soloing class .
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Ultimate Solo Class :: ZAMRiftblade 7. Void Knight 8. Warlord Cleric 1. Cabalist 2. Druid 3. .... I think atm with the current information available best solo mix will be in the  ...
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Best Solo Class As Rogue Rift - StatsWebPage.ComWebsite winner with the keyword best solo class as rogue rift was analyzed. Is yours in the list?
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Best (or most fun) beginner class ? :: RIFT ™ General DiscussionsRIFT is the ultimate MMORPG with a best -in- class Free-to-Play model ... I play mage and i'm 15 ele / 61 necro / 0 pryo good solo and dps for  ...
 14  ~ riftbuilds.comRift Builds - A Soul Talent Build Site For RiftRift Builds is a Rift soul talents selection site, you can find the best Rift builds for
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RIFT , is it any good ? - SpiceworksWas checking out the Favourite game thread and noticed Rift ... They say the Hunter is the best solo class (pet + bow) you know how it goes but  ...
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Returning to Rift - Suggest a Class ? - Yahoo AnswersSo I played a couple weeks of Rift in January shortly before the ... Cleric is a great class for Rift . ... Clerics also are the best all-around soloers .
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Rift Cleric Guide | Rift Game Planes of Telara Cleric GuideNot only that, but I will be revealing the best soul combinations for leveling up, ... said, another thing about the Cleric is that it is one of the best soloing classes.
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Rift Cleric Builds - A Soul Talent Build Guide For Clerics of RiftRift Cleric Builds is a Rift soul talent selection site, you can find the ... a solo leveling melee build, it has high melee dps and good self heals.
 19  ~ rift-pvp-builds96.wikispaces.comrift -pvp-builds96 - Most effective Rift PvP Class in Planes of TelaraThis is the very best soul for PVP but not that significantly use for solo enjoying. ... For rogue PVP choose riftstalker as your major soul and then use assassin and  ...
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Rift Mage Build Guide – Perfect Mage Builds For Solo Or Group Play Rift is the first MMORPG to adopt a sub- class system that allows your ... of what each soul is capable of, we can get into the best combinations for solo or group  ...
 21  ~ lomsglobal.comRift - Class - Roles - Souls - so confusing??!? | The League of ok some new players are a bit confused as to what Class , role
 22  ~ nomadicgamers.comMy Solo Spec Post for Rift | Nomadic GamersSince I'm still "just soloing " I'm not showing my group roles like pure dps or ... The basic idea behind it is that one uses the Justicar soul and attacks for ... and it's faster than the warrior, so all in all a pretty good balance, I think.
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Rift Cleric Soul Tree Builds Guide | Free MMO GuidesWhen soloing as a cleric you'll want to choose between ranged or melee DPS. ... as your main soul with Warden and Purifier as your off-souls as ... of self healing making it the best soloing build hands down.
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Rift Callings - SquidooInstead of classes, Rift refers to the different character options as 'callings'. ... The Warrior is the best tank in the game; the Paladin soul is the most ... The Cleric is definitely the best healer in game and also one of the best soloing classes.
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RIFT - In Depth End-Game Guide | Pax Gaming CommunitySee here for a more generic guide on Rift and here for a specific breakdown on the .... The Druid -Pet soul , which is best used for soloing .
 26  ~ lookingforguides.comRift Storm Legion - Mage Habringer DPS/ Solo Build and Rotation The Harbinger is a brand new Mage Soul introduced in Rift :Storm Legion that offers DPS ... The Lightning Blade is the highest DPS weapon.
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Solo builds for Storm Legion levelling - The Elders - EnjinForums » Class discussion » Clerics » Solo builds for Storm Legion levelling. Forums » Class ...
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Rift Warrior Builds Guide for Solo and Group -- Rift : Planes of This Rift Warrior builds guide features the best builds that will make you ... Rift features the Ascended class system, in which a player has the  ...
 29  ~ yourprofitablereviews.comRift Cleric Builds Guide for Solo & Group Play – Best Rift Cleric Rift Cleric Builds Guide for Solo & Group Play – Best Rift Cleric ... integrated with great damage output, then Cleric class is the one for you.
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Soul Tree Calculator - RIFT Database - RiftheadChoose a Calling: Warrior Rogue Mage Cleric. Top Builds Top Builds Top Builds Top Builds. TreeTree; AbilitiesAbilities; Passive AbilitiesPassive Abilities.
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Rift : A Starter's Guide | RiftSceneYou are able to build your own class through the Ascended Soul System using Soul ... the calculating High Elves. and the relentless Dwarves to choose the best Souls. ..... This allows them to be quite capable solo fighters.
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Rift Warrior Builds - A Soul Talent Build Site For Rift WarriorsRift Warrior Builds is a Rift soul talents selection site for warriors, you can ... Paragon (27) PVP - Dual wield PVP build, not as good as 2H PVP builds. ... This class is ideal for party tanking but makes a poor class to solo with.
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Do You Even Rift ? - View topic - [Cleric] Healing Specs Image GuidesPurifier - This soul really becomes good once you hit 4pc warlord. ... These rules aren't hard, as in you could try to be a solo healer with a defiler  ...
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Rift Solo Builds - A Quick Rift Solo Builds Guide - ArticlesBase.comFor the Cleric class , you'll find also a variety of combinations which are worth exploring for Rift solo builds. A good guideline would be to pick  ...
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Back Into Rift # Rift # Riftgame | MmoQuests.comThanks to the cookie cutter soul builds it didn't take that long to understand what I was doing. ... I'm in a dps / solo spec right now that gives me enough heals to stay alive ... All in all Rift is one of the best MMO options out there.
 36  ~ imoutofammo.wordpress.comRift Pet Class Guide | Out Of AmmoPosts about Rift Pet Class Guide written by gweninu. ... Be it leveling, healing, support or soloing , you will never be alone as long as you have command of the elements. So until next ... Not to mention the story quests are actually pretty good .
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Cleric Solo Build - EQ2FlamesWhy are you wasting a point into Reparation for a " solo " build?
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Rift Cleric Shaman Heavy PvE | How to successfully and quickly Rift Rogue Build Information – Great Rogue Builds For Solo Or Group Play ... They are best intended for individuals to be a versatile class .
 39  ~ dulfycleric.wordpress.comDuracell ( solo build) Leveling Guide | dulfyclericWhen low on mana, hit purpose/ageless ice immediately after a soul drain for
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so what do you think would be a good tactician build? - RaptrdrosssElite in Rift Wednesday at 12:01am via desktop app ok i got it figured out ... app (not my build or post) is probably the best Solo build I've found.
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Rift 101 | The Sixth HouseDefiants use technology and magic to fight against rift invasions and the ..... A very good soloing soul as they get a shield to absorb partial  ...
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KFGuides - Rift : Guide for BeginnersClasses and Soul Trees Return to Top . Once you have chosen your Race, it is now time to choose your Class . In Rift , there are 4 Classes: Cleric, Mage, Rogue,   ...
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Enter at Your Own Rift : Six things I learned about leveling via instant The character is a mage, and the Harbinger soul looks wicked awesome, so I
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Rift Mage Class Guide: Learning the Mage Souls - Altered GamerThis Rift Mage class guide provides information about all of the ... also currently considered the best soul for soloing because of the strong pets  ...
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Rift Rogue Builds - A Soul Talent Build Site For RoguesRift Rogue Builds is a Rift soul talent selection site. You can find the best Rift build for Assassin, Night Blade, Ranger, ... -Quest guides; -Battle strategies; -A complete section on equipment; -Tactics for both solo and group-play  ...
 46  ~ riftgrate.comRiftGrate | Guide: Making platinum in RiftNote that the best Seals cost a LOT of crafting materials to make so it is a ... Check each class ' BiS gear list to check how close to pre-raid BiS the ..... at once and are relatively fast to complete (the Level 60 solo ones at least).
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Rift Solo Builds - Another Option For Rift Play! - Ezine ArticlesThere are near unlimited options when looking for Rift Solo builds; you only ... Starting with the Warrior class , solo builds should have a good   ...
 49  ~ myriftleveling.comRift Mage Leveling Guide - Free - | My Rift LevelingSo you'd like to lvl up quick using the Mage class in Rift game, you sure have came ... Your pet is very good for leveling up, it does great dps and can solo pretty  ...
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Rift Mage Builds - A Soul Talent Build Site For Rift MagesRift Mage Builds is a Rift soul talents selection site for Mages, you can find
 51  ~ thedeorsblade.comBest Warrior Solo Spec - Thedeor`s Blade - Threesprings - Rift Best Warrior Solo Spec - Viewtopic for the Guild website for Thedeor's Blade on the Threesprings server of Rift .
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RIFT Advice Needed - RPGnet ForumsI'm interested in either a Warrior or Mage class , ideally one that will ... What is the best way to meet up with other players for group oriented play? ... Soloing , I'd look for rift events, sort of like public quests, which are a lot of fun.