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rift best solo class

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Best class choice to solo as much content as possible (as a melee I'm a returning player (from a long time ago) and I'm looking for input into the best class choice that would allow me to solo as much of the ...
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Best (or most fun) beginner class ? :: RIFT ™ General DiscussionsRIFT ™ ... I play mage and i'm 15 ele / 61 necro / 0 pryo good solo and dps for dungeons. i would link ... It's not a particularly newb friendly class .
 3  ~ rift-guide73.wikispaces.comBest Rift Classes - Rift -Guide73 - WikispacesThis soul has some of the best talents and the Warrior is the only Rift class that ... This guide lists down the possible Warrior Classes combinations for solo and ...
 4  ~ mmo-troll.comThe MMO Troll » Death Machine ( Rift 2.5 Soloing Build)So today I'd like to talk a bit about my latest Cleric build for “ Rift ”, which I
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New to RIFT . What class to play? - Rift Message Board for PC I don't know the state of "extreme solo 'ing" in Rift , but I don't think it's as good as it is in some other games. The only soul that I can think of off ...
 7  ~ kittykittyboomboom.wordpress.comBasic Newbie Guide To Playing Rift | Kitty Kitty Boom BoomAs far as gender, the female is of course the best , almost to the point of ... In Rift you do not play a character class –you play a calling: Cleric, Warrior, .... it solo and won't even notice that the quest supports public grouping.).
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Solo classes - MMO-ChampionAnyway, i just recently bought Rift , and World of Warcraft but i guess i'll be ... I am not asking for the best , overpowered, or even the fastest. ... Cleric in the popular " Duracell" builds is the easiest and strongest soloing class .
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61 Druid Guide: Melee DPS with Strong Solo ... - Rift JunkiesRIFT Junkies ... Link to Magelo: / DkGBiBhlkl8/n8. This spec is ... Seems to be the best move of it's kind in the game. ... Each class relies on a single primary stat and a lesser secondary stat.
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Rift builds - how much real variety? - Rift - LOTROCommunityposted in Rift : I like Rift , and I think the soul tree system is very cool.
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Warrior Build: The Perfect Solo (DPS) - Seekers of Allanon Warrior Build: The Perfect Solo (DPS) - Viewtopic for the Guild website for The Redeemed on the Greybriar server of Rift . ... Good luck and feel free to PM me in- game for tweaks, etc. ... and because of that, I've found that part of the fun (and frustration) of learning your class is trial-and-error rotation building.
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Rift Mage Build Guide – Perfect Mage Builds For Solo Or Group Play Rift is the first MMORPG to adopt a sub- class system that allows your character ... soul is capable of, we can get into the best combinations for solo or group play.
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Rift Cleric Guide | Rift Game Planes of Telara Cleric GuideFirst off, as previously mentioned, it is without a doubt the best healing class and is ... another thing about the Cleric is that it is one of the best soloing classes.
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Ultimate Solo Class :: ZAMRiftblade 7. Void Knight 8. Warlord Cleric 1. Cabalist 2. Druid 3. .... I think atm with the current information available best solo mix will be in the ...
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Returning Player - Best solo class - Single/2 player dungeons I saw an interview and video of a dev doing a solo dungeon that he said was a remake of a raid dungeon. He said they were for two players but ...
 17  ~ rift-pvp-builds96.wikispaces.comrift -pvp-builds96 - Most effective Rift PvP Class in Planes of TelaraNow you know about the souls in rift here is how to use them to make the very best rift rogue create. For solo enjoying use the bladedancer as your key and use  ...
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Rift Warrior Builds Guide for Solo and Group -- Rift : Planes of This Rift Warrior builds guide features the best builds that will make you ... Rift features the Ascended class system, in which a player has the ...
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BEST DPS class for PvP/PvE/ SOLO - Rift - MMMOsBEST DPS class for PvP/PvE/ SOLO - Hello guys! I am looking for new MMO game for me, and my choice is RIft ( i try this game ) I long time ago ...
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Returning to Rift - Suggest a Class ? - Yahoo AnswersSo I played a couple weeks of Rift in January shortly before the ... Cleric is a great class for Rift . ... Clerics also are the best all-around soloers .
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Best in Slot: Choose your Class | RiftSceneBest in Slot: Choose your Class . Please make your selection below for which classes stat weights/ best in slot list you're looking for: Warrior - Tank - DPS ...
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Rift Warrior Builds - A Soul Talent Build Site For Rift WarriorsRift Warrior Builds is a Rift soul talents selection site for warriors, you can find the best Rift builds for your Beastmaster, Riftblade, Reaver, Champion, ... This class is ideal for party tanking but makes a poor class to solo with.
 23  ~ riftbuilds.comRift Builds - A Soul Talent Build Site For RiftRift Builds is a Rift soul talents selection site, you can find the best Rift builds for
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Best Solo PvE Class ? - Forums - Team Paradigm - Leading GW2 PvP see if I can get your opinions on what is the best class for solo PvE? ... pull entire dungeons and solo bosses and such and in Rift I played a ...
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Anyone still playing Rift ? - PC Gaming | DSLReports ForumsForum discussion: So i grew bored of GW2 again and solo que LoL gets
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Rift Cleric Builds - A Soul Talent Build Guide For Clerics of RiftRift Cleric Builds is a Rift soul talent selection site, you can find the ... and does good single target dps, the draw backs of this class is they ... This is mainly a solo leveling melee build, it has high melee dps and good self heals.
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Top rated Ranger builds - Path of POETop rated Ranger builds ... Voltaxic Rift Crit HP ... unique bow " Voltaxic Rift ", I can finally combine them without blasting myself to bits vs. elemental ...
 28  ~ lomsglobal.comRift - Class - Roles - Souls - so confusing??!? | The League of ok some new players are a bit confused as to what Class , role
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Mega Strategy Guide: Diablo 3 to Reaper of Souls | Diablo: IncGamersHow important are the new class skills and passives?
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RIFT , is it any good ? - SpiceworksWas checking out the Favourite game thread and noticed Rift ... They say the Hunter is the best solo class (pet + bow) you know how it goes but ...
 31  ~ imoutofammo.wordpress.comRift Pet Class Guide | Out Of AmmoPosts about Rift Pet Class Guide written by gweninu. ... Be it leveling, healing, support or soloing , you will never be alone as long as you have command of the elements. So until next ... Not to mention the story quests are actually pretty good .
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Warriors any good in solo PvP? [Archive] - Steam Users' ForumsSorry, I know next to nothing about rift and my buddy and I are thinking ... not have a class called "warrior", the ones in Rift are okay for solo pvp.
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Rift Mage Builds - A Soul Talent Build Site For Rift MagesRift Mage Builds is a Rift soul talents selection site for Mages, you
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KFGuides - Rift : Guide for BeginnersClasses and Soul Trees Return to Top . Once you have chosen your Race, it is now time to choose your Class . In Rift , there are 4 Classes: Cleric, Mage, Rogue,  ...
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Soul Tree Calculator - RIFT Database - RiftheadChoose a Calling: Warrior Rogue Mage Cleric. Top Builds Top Builds Top Builds Top Builds. TreeTree; AbilitiesAbilities; Passive AbilitiesPassive Abilities.
 36  ~ dulfycleric.wordpress.comDuracell ( solo build) Leveling Guide | dulfyclericGood work on the guide, very helpful for noobs like me -_- ... I just recently started playing Rift as a trial and am thinking about picking it up. ... zam soul builder is messed up right now. cleric class shows some weird souls.
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Enter at Your Own Rift : Six things I learned about leveling via instant It's a huge plus in RIFT's favor that this is an actual option, and I quite enjoy IAs
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Rift Rogue Builds - A Soul Talent Build Site For RoguesYou can find the best Rift build for Assassin, Night Blade, Ranger,
 39  ~ fh4u.netRift best aoe class - FH4U.NETWhat is the best solo class in Swtor? This guide will show you what classes for both the Republic and Empire are the best soloing classes in ...
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Rift Mage Class Guide: Learning the Mage Souls - Altered GamerThis Rift Mage class guide provides information about all of the ... also currently considered the best soul for soloing because of the strong pets ...
 41  ~ myriftleveling.comRift Mage Leveling Guide - Free - | My Rift LevelingSo you'd like to lvl up quick using the Mage class in Rift game, you sure have came ... Your pet is very good for leveling up, it does great dps and can solo pretty ...
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Best class for solo PvP? - PvP - Wowhead ForumsAnyway, which class is best able to put up a fight without support? I'm guessing it has to be something with good CC, but aside from that I don't know would do ...
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STAR WARS: The Old Republic - Best solo class ?Took some time out for Rift , also Tera (still playing Tera, it's a hoot) and now ... The best solo class , imo, is the scoundrel/operative because they ...
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so what do you think would be a good tactician build? - RaptrGood dps with the passive self-healing and the passive and active ... drosssElite in Rift Dec 5 2012 at 12:06pm via desktop app i solo alot so im ...
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Solo builds for Storm Legion levelling - The Elders - EnjinForums » Class discussion » Clerics » Solo builds for Storm Legion levelling ...
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Rift Rogue Soul Tree Builds Guide | Free MMO GuidesWhen playing Rift you're able to purchase up to four roles so it ... First we'll look into the best soloing option for the Rogue class .
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Rift Rogue – Bladedancer leveling guide! (Mid to high level solo — Cromar takes a look at the Bladedancer soul for the Rogue class. ... rift best solo class pve; rift rogue bladedancer build; rift rogue ...
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RiftGrate | Guide: Making platinum in RiftNote that the best Seals cost a LOT of crafting materials to make so it is a ... Check each class ' BiS gear list to check how close to pre-raid BiS the ..... at once and are relatively fast to complete (the Level 60 solo ones at least).
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The Necrobinger | valvalval | RIFT Mage GuidesNecrobinger is capable of top tier ST DPS (single target damage per second) and
 50  ~ valkyriandescent.comTOP ROGUE SPECS - Valkyrian Descenthttp://forums. riftgame .com/game-discussions/ rift -guides-strategies/ class - ... http:// solo - ...
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What's the most op class in Rift right now? - Overclock.netJust wondering what class you guys think is the most op in Rift right now. ... Also try and a new soul system , look on the forums for a good solo  ...