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samsung phone wont charge

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My phone wont charge when i plug it in...what do i do? Dont say get i had this problem. my lg thrill was not charging higher than 1%. i let it ... I have a Samsung NOte I and my phone takes Negative Charging I try  ...
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Samsung Phone won't Charge .? - Yahoo AnswersTurn off your phone . Take the battery out and leave it out for about 20 seconds. Plug your phone into the charger and let it charge until it says it is  ...
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My Samsung phone will not charge ... - JustAnswerQuestion - My Samsung phone will not charge ... - 2A. Find the answer to this and other Android Devices questions on JustAnswer.
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samsung s2 wont charge battery - Battery - Cell Phones My Samsung won't charge anymore then 10% soon as I unplug it from ... next move is to take your phone to a Samsung repair shop near you.
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My Samsung Galaxy S3 won't charge properly. - Android ForumsMy Samsung Galaxy S3 won't charge properly. ... On my phone it wasn't even charging at all (0% battery, was on a ... And it still won't charge .
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Samsung Galaxy Nexus — Galaxy Nexus Won't Charge — Android Forum I'm actually posting this a bit late, as I've already been sent a replacement Galaxy Nexus. Basically, my old phone simply stopped charging , and  ...
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Samsung Stratosphere won't charge | Verizon Wireless CommunityWe are having the same problem with my daughter's phone . The funny thing is we have the same phone so I charge mine and switch batteries  ...
 10  ~ tinwhiskers.netSamsung Galaxy Won't Hold Charge and Vibrates Continuously Samsung Galaxy phones vibrate once when they're turned on, so it felt ... Plug your phone in, and press the power button over and over in an  ...
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how to fix a cell phone BATTERY CHARGER that won't charge Phone won't charge at all? No lights? Fix it here! - FixYa Samsung eternity won't charge . not the battery or charger. - FixYaMy samsung eternity  ...
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Samsung note 2 won't charge - Mobile Phones - Digital Spy ForumsSamsung note 2 won't charge Mobile Phones. ... Another thing to consider is that I bought the phone last December from Carphone Warehouse  ...
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Straight Talk Wireless Forums • View topic - Samsung proclaim won My straight talk phone shut off and wouldn't turn on so I bought a new battery thinking the other one died. Now the new one won't charge .
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Samsung Galaxy S2 won't charge - Support CommunityMy samsung gallaxy S2 will not charge , I have tried 3 chargers and they all work and my phone will not charge . Do I need a new battery?
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My Samsung Galaxy S4 won't charge .... | T-Mobile SupportI did go to a T-mobile store to see if anything was wrong with the phone and the guy told me it was just the battery. He even tried charging it, but  ...
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[Q] Phone Won't Charge - Gets Extremely Hot When I Try - xda [Q] Phone Won't Charge - Gets Extremely Hot When I Try AT&T Samsung Galaxy S 4 Q&A, Help & Troubleshooting.
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My S3 wont charge at all?! - Vodafone eForumHey guys, After a long Saturday night, I forgot to charge my phone before I ... When I woke up this morning, I saw that the battery was dead so I plugged my phone for charging but it wont charge at all! ... Samsung Galaxy S3.
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Samsung Galaxy s4 won't charge . - Meteor Forumhi, As title says my galaxy s4 won't charge or power on now. I bought the phone just about a month ago and haven't had any problems any  ...
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My Samsung Phone shut off and won`t turn back on. - I was moving Take out ur memory card... while having your phone on  ...
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Samsung Galaxy S3 Won't Charge | Business & Entrepreneurship Numerous factors could lead to your Samsung Galaxy S3 not charging . The inability to charge your phone could be related to an issue with the charger or the   ...
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The real reasons your phone battery is rubbish - and how to solve We asked our Samsung spokesperson why phone screens are such a
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[SGS II] Phone won't turn on ...or is dead - Samsung Galaxy S Hi, I have today travelled abroad. I turned my phone off during the flight - and when I got to my destination the phone won't turn on again.
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Phone won't turn on or charge! - Samsung i8910 Omnia HD User ForumsHi guys im new to the forum, mostly because im freaking out about my phone so ive been using the phone for the past few months and its been  ...
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My Samsung Focus will not turn on . - Windows Phone Central ForumsI have had my Focus for two years now, and last night it shut its self off and will not turn back on. It has randomly shut off four or five times in.
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Battery wont charge - Galaxy Nexus ForumIt wont charge and start neither with usb plug nor with usual charger.
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How to Fix Dead Lithium-Ion Batteries That Won't Hold a Charge How to Add a Floating Softkey to Your Samsung Galaxy S3 for Faster “Screen Off ”
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Tip: Samsung Galaxy S3 Android Phone Suddenly Having Battery I cane across this problem and called Samsung technical support . ..... I am having same phone wont charge .it only charges  ...
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Thread: Won't Boot Past Samsung Logo - Samsung Droid Charge ForumHelp! My phone (not rooted) will not boot past the Samsung logo. Phone is a reconditioned phone from Verizon (replacement for non-working  ...
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samsung galaxy nexus - Why doesn't my phone charge ? - Android It is even hesitant to charge when the phone is off. It would show initial .... Nexus 4 wont hold charge after screen and battery replacement  ...
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Phone won't charge ? - TalkCeltic - The Ultimate Celtic FC ForumHave a Samsung Galaxy Ace and it will not charge anymore. It's not a problem with the charger itself as I have tried on a other phones and it  ...
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Charge and Know the Battery Status of Samsung Galaxy S4 - howik? There are available external chargers for your battery.
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How to Solve Charging paused. Voltage too high Problem - TechtipI faced a weird problem on my Samsung Galaxy Note, it said charging ... this but it has made no difference, the only thing with my phone is that it wont turn on .
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Charging and phone screen won't turn back on. - DroidForums.netThread: Charging and phone screen won't turn back on. ... work my alarm didnt go off and I try and turn my phone on and the screen wont come on and I have to do a battery pull. .... my samsung galaxy s4 active wont turn on .
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Galaxy Note 2 problems: What users complain about - Digital TrendsThe safest option is to go through Samsung and send your Note 2 away for repair , but it is likely to be expensive. ... Phone won't charge .
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Thread: Phone wont charge ! - Samsung Galaxy S3 ForumSo, I have a Samsung Galaxy S3, and over the past few weeks, I haven't been able to charge it very well. As of 2 days ago, I cant charge it at all.
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My Phone wont charge - Vodafone CommunityHi all, I purchased a Samsung Galaxy Y in may for my birthday and two nights ago i plugged it into charge but it didnt. At first I though...
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UPDATED* How To Correctly Connect A Samsung Galaxy S3/S4There is another adapter available, the Samsung HDMI Smart Adapter ... Without the power adapter your phone will not charge but the adapter  ...
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My Samsung Galaxy Ace wont charge - Koodo CommunityI was super excited to purchase my phone and new plan with Koodo so on May 22, 2012 I purchased my Samsung Galaxy Ace, gel skin, and  ...
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Why won't my phone charge from a USB plug? - TelegraphA reader asks why a standard USB charger will not charge his phone . ... The phone thinks it is connected to a computer and asks me if I want to use File Transfer or Phone mode. ... Samsung Galaxy Tab price guide.
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My Phone died and now won't power on or charge . Here's how to fix it.If your battery has drained to zero and now the phone won't respond ... An HTC charger might look exactly the same as a Samsung charger but  ...
 42  ~ trefor.netFaulty USB socket on Samsung Galaxy S4 #SGS4 problem - Trefor.netMy Samsung Galaxy S4 has a faulty USB socket. I got this phone on 13th May 2013. Today is the 30th May 2013. The phone has lasted 17 days charging problem. ... I got my Galaxy S4 2 days ago and now it wont charge .
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Samsung Galaxy S3 Will Not Charge - Howard ForumsA friends we have a Samsung Galaxy s3 that will not charge at the port ... a problem with the S3 that the nand memory dies and kills the phone .
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Samsung Galaxy S3 Sudden Death Syndrome - AppleInsider ForumsYou will not be able to turn on the phone with the power button. ... The good this is that Samsung is responding well to this issue, meaning that  ...
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Samsung Galaxy Note won't hold charge - Samsung - Android phones I got a Samsung Galaxy Note N7000 about 4 months ago and the past month the phone won't charge past 70%.I have had my phone on  ...
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Samsung Mobile - Won't Charge Via USB Adaptors | AVForumsI've got a Samsung Galaxy Ace Plus (GT-S7500) mobile phone and does anyone know how you can get it to charge via a USB adaptor and  ...
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my samsung focus won't charge - Microsoft Communitycharge my phone but it won't charge . ... trouble after those steps, you will probably want to call your carrier or, if you're off-contract, Samsung .
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Sprint Community: Phone Will Not ChargeMy Samsung Conquer with not charger at all.. i brought a new Samsung Charger and it still want charge and I also use the charger that came  ...
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Why can't I charge my cell phone through the USB port? - Google Why doesn't it allow my phone to charge? ... be a particular resistance across each set of power pins or they won't charge . ... The original Samsung Galaxy Tab 7" had same problem, you had to buy a Samsung charger or hack it with resistors !
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Samsung galaxy S3 wont charge , help!! - The Student RoomJust turn the phone off and let it charge for like 4 hours without using it. The phone is probably completely dead. I've had it plugged in for at  ...
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Samsung Galaxy s2 Dead - Wont Charge - Wont Startup - SamMobileHi Guys My Samsung S2 Galaxy has karked it (Aussie for it is stuffed). Recently after having my phone on charge for some hours on my PC  ...