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Luakit - ArchWikiSet the defaut search engine by using this same keyword: ... and add the following in the section labelled Optional user script loading:.
 3  ~ imanel.orgHow to change default search engine in Safari 6? - Imanel's blogYet – one function is missing: option to change search provider. ... In order to do so you will need to support for Greasemonkey UserScripts .
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dwb - a webkit web browserdwb is a lightweight web browser based on the webkit web browser engine and the gtk toolkit. dwb is
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GreaseMonkey User Scripts - OpenJSSome User Scripts for the GreaseMonkey Extension of Firefox.
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CryDev [ Userscript ]Code highlighting replacement - Crydev.netI´ve thrown together a little user script that replaces the rather useless code highlighting around here with this. :)) Crydev Syntax Highlighter ...
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Cross-browser userscripting - GreaseSpot WikiA copy of the user script is used as a content script. ... for user scripts; scripts must be renamed to be installed in the other user script engine .
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javascript - Userscript - Is there a way to inject jquery code into So I'm trying to create userscript for one website. I cannot change any source code of website as it is not mine. Website is using ... If you are using an engine that doesn't support the @require directive (like a straight Chrome userscript ), switch ! ... Multiple search fields on directory website homepage.
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Sleipnir (web browser) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopediaIn the Windows version, the browser's layout engine can be changed . ... mouse gestures, page zooming, a search bar, Greasemonkey -like user script support, ...
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Userscript - TW-DB.infoUserscript : clothcalc the ClothCalc gives you an ingame window that display the
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google chrome - Forcing %s to escape spaces with plus instead of I set up the following search URL for the shortcut: .... Tampermonkey google chrome extension to handle greasemonkey scripts). ... was to search it with google because metacritics search engine was so poor (still is, actually).
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3 Absolutely Gold Greasemonkey Scripts for Searching GoogleI am happy that the following userscripts give me the required flexibility! ... Get URLs from Search Results Plugin Tool . This simple userscript  ...
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Where has the discussion search filter gone? - Google Product ForumsI guess I'm going to have to find a new search engine . .... In the meantime, i'll write up a quick user-script to add this back, since the core functionality still works . ... Count me in among those very unhappy with this change .
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Cheat Engine :: View topic - Can anyone write me a quick userscript ?Could someone write me a userscript to change dates on a page from this format: "06-Mar-2009" to: "030609" ? Thanks in advance!
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4chan Userscripts (4chanScripts) | TwitterThe latest Tweets from 4chan Userscripts (@4chanScripts). ... Don't miss any updates from 4chan Userscripts ... Just patched up the 4chan search engine .
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Tools | OWASP MantraFoxyProxy A proxy management tool with ability to switch between multiple proxies with few ... Scriptish The greatest user script engine on the Internet (a fork of Greasemonkey ). ... Link Sidebar View, search and test hyperlinks in a web page.
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QupZilla: QupZilla 1.6.0 released!Good job, but in the new verison the search engine shortcut function isn't ... is there a way to change max connections/persistent per server in ...
 20  ~ userscripts-mirror.orgSource for " Search Jump Around" - Userscripts .org==/ UserScript == // Special credit for Dave Child // Mod by hzhbest // Version
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List of Greasemonkey scripts - TheKolWikiThis is a categorical list of Greasemonkey scripts created for KoL.
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KHTML Userscript KDE-Apps.orgKHTML Userscript Community Portal for KDE Applications Software
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Fish Wrangler AutoBot | Ooiks's Blog - Ooi Keng SiangI have write a blog post on how you can install user script in Google Chrome .... Fix timer fail to work after Fish Wrangler change the code.
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CookieMonster Autoloader ( Userscript ) : CookieClicker - RedditPlease search the subreddit, the official wiki and the subreddit wiki before
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WKWebView - NSHipsterThe full Safari engine is inside of iPhone. .... As a simple example, here's how a user script can be injected to change the background color of a ...
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Opera 12 Vs. Opera Next Functionality - Opera ForumsThe negative to this change in browser engine is that once Opera ... as the capability to manage userscripts without addons like greasemonkey , ... Even if it is not a default engine , using it for an Opera search is quite simple.
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Top 10 Ways to Speed Up and Beef Up Your Google SearchesAutopagerize is a user script that allows you to keep scrolling and scrolling .... Sometimes, Google just isn't the best search engine to use.
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Google Operating System (Unofficial Google Blog)Quick Unit Conversion in Google Search .... This will reset your homepage, new tab page and search engine , disable your extensions and ...
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Heat/ApplicationDeployment - OpenStackJump to: navigation, search ... myStack"); Heat engine generates a mime multipart data blob that will be consumed by cloud- ... Run the different cloud-init parts (resize the root filesystem, set the hostname, install the user's SSH key, etc.) Runs the user's script (located at /var/lib/cloud/data/cfn-userdata), it can be any kind of ...
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AutomaticAnalysisManual - MRC CBU Imaging WikiSearch Wiki ... Overview; Choosing the recipe; Modify parameter set selection; Setting your ... The engine (usually via the aa_doprocessing command) takes a description of the ... In your user script you must choose a recipe.
 32  ~ asbra.netForces of War utilities ( userscript /bot) - Asbra.netForces of War bot made as userscript . ... build on the same engine , share the same code base, etc. so this script will ... Incoming search terms: ... This is the first bot I came across that “does” work for a change , so I commend ...
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Restyle the web with Stylish! - userstyles.orgUser styles let you change the way websites look. ... want to take a look around first, check out the styles below, try a search on the left, or browse by category.
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Testing for Reflected Cross site scripting (OTG-INPVAL-001) - OWASPJump to: navigation, search ... The set of vulnerable unfiltered special characters will depend on the context of that section of HTML. ... e Xenotix API.
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findEngine.uc.js / UC Script / 脚本 @ - Mozilla 社区+// == UserScript == +// @name findBarAsSearchEngine.uc.js +// ... improveCompatiblity(); + }, + + //listener for search engine change + observe: function (subject, ...
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Getting started with scripts [Archive] - mTurk Grind(userscripts .org/scripts/show/160501)useful tool that allows you to keep track ... CrowdSource Keyword Search Hits (these are reloaded every 1st and 15th of the ... Allows you to set the HIT window to a specified height.
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Manual:Interface/JavaScript - MediaWikiIf $wgAllowUserJs is set to true, users can customize the interface for ..... user interface texts that may be used by the search suggestion engine .
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User Script file - Total War CenterI wanted to know all the user scripts available to change via user script file. ( searched the forums but couldn't find anything) I know about the ...
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Sleipnir - Mac Guides... the browser's layout engine can be changed to either Internet Explorer's Trident ... page zooming, a search bar, Greasemonkey -like user script support, and ... Sleipnir 3 for Mac: Switch tabs by swiping tabs left or right-click ...
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What is user script ? - Definition from WhatIs.comA user script is programming that modifies the appearance or behavior of an
 41  ~ mturkscripts.comMturk Scripts - Work More EfficientlyTamperMonkey (Chrome) or GreaseMonkey (Firefox) ... error from mturk and it will mark all of your searches as changed even if the HITs aren't available.
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How to change friends' names on Facebook - Coding The application uses a Greasemonkey script to traverse the News Feed, and it does a search -and- replace for each name that you wish to alter. It can even ... The .htaccess file uses the Rewrite engine to convert that URL into something like: ...
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script - Search links (Stack, Google, Symbolhound) next to the Allows to open the regular Stackoverflow search in a new tab, or search using
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Community Plugins, Extensions and Tools - wazeJump to: navigation, search ... Install GreaseMonkey or equivalent. ... When you install a user script , the script manager catalogs it and automatically .... Roundabout segments shall not have street name set , but the roundabout ...
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deviantART Forum: Seeking Opera user script / plugin to hide dA Seeking Opera user script / plugin to hide dA "upgrade ... Instead of changing the rendering engine rapidly, they can focus on the UI ...
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Ten things I don't like about Google Chrome - Matt Cutts3) Run Chrome with –enable- greasemonkey (make sure to close all Chrome
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How to change Google Logo & Background image ... all use Google as the Search Engine . we can Easily Change Google Logo ... 2) Using GreaseMonkey firefox add-on, this trick works only for ...
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JavaScript Validation - Dynamic Web Monitoring Tool | DejaClick by Go to cripts .org and search for Greased Lightbox. Click on ... Change the Replay mode to Next Event.
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Recent Changes - Tampermonkey - the most popular userscript Set the badge icon info to ? if it is set to show the Tamperfire entries but this feature itself is disabled .... Rewrote parts of the frame events and script execution engine from scratch ..... Don't search for userscripts at URL GET parameters.
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10 Tools to Get the Most Out of Netflix — Tech News and AnalysisThen use Clicker's search engine , which lets you select from various sources. ... This is a Greasemonkey script that displays the Rotten Tomatoes rating ... with European pay TV operators to add its app to their set -top boxes,.
 54  ~ polarityweb.webs.comPolarity - PolaritySupport for the userscripts mirror marketplace, improved closing the browser via
 55  ~ planetsmagazine.comAll Available Mods for Planets.Nu | Planets MagazineSearch . Menu. Home · News & Stories · News · Action News
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Operator User Scripts | Mike's MusingsA user script to launch Foaf explorer when RDFa is used to specify a person with a