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sharks aren't dangerous

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5 Reasons to Revere, Not Fear, the Shark | Smithsonian Ocean PortalThat's because usually the sharks aren't trying to hurt people, they are just ... other traumatic events that can help put the danger of shark attacks in perspective.
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Why You Won't Be Attacked By A Shark — NOVA Next | PBSSharks aren't as dangerous to humans as we may think.
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Nature Nut: Most sharks aren't dangerous - OutdoorsI was swimming alone in about 4 feet of water when I saw it out of the corner of my eye. It was about 15 feet away and looked about 5 feet long.
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Shark Facts - The Webs Best Facts on Sharks - Shark InformationWhile certain shark species can be described as dangerous to man, the actual statistics ... although this is not to say that some types of shark aren't dangerous .
 5  ~ - How Dangerous Are They? - White SharksThe Hollywood image given to sharks doesn't accurately portray their natural behavior as predatory creatures of the sea. Humans aren't appetizing to them.
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WHY DO PEOPLE HATE SHARKS ? - AngelfireEver since the movie 'Jaws,' people have always regarded the shark as a fearsome, vicious ... So if they aren't dangerous , how come people get hurt/killed ?
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Diver says Great White Sharks aren't dangerous , has photos to The movie Jaws created an over-reaction which led to sharks becoming misunderstood…. They are predators for sure, mostly attacking by ...
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Are great white sharks really dangerous to humans? - Yahoo AnswersHumans are not a marine animal we're not part of the shark's natural diet. ... If you really think about it, they aren't all that dangerous . I mean ...
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11 animals more likely to kill you than sharks | MNN - Mother Nature If the mere thought of sharks sends chills down your spine, consider the damage ... But sharks aren't the animals you should be most afraid of.
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dangerous are sharks - The Why FilesA deadly danger ? We're not saying sharks aren't dramatically effective predators. White sharks can kill mammals as big as an elephant seal (How big is that?
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HowStuffWorks "The 10 Most Dangerous Sharks "Are sharks really dangerous ? After all, you're more likely to be killed by lightning or faulty wiring on your Christmas tree than by a shark [source: McCarthy].
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Are lemon sharks dangerous to people - Answers.comno they aren't . i have even swam with lemon, reef and nurse sharks in the bahamas. I was snorkeling and loads of sharks came and they don't do anything.
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Your annual reminder that sharks aren't terribly dangerous - Boing Your annual reminder that sharks aren't terribly dangerous ... In fact, here are 19 things at the beach that are more dangerous than sharks .
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Shark Week: 6 Biggest Lies We've All Been Made to Believe About And while we (hopefully) all learned long ago that sharks aren't the ... white as the big kahuna in its list of "The 10 Most Dangerous Sharks .
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Sharks Aren't That Dangerous ? - Science FactsDid you know that according to the Florida Museum of Natural History, more people die of alligator attacks than shark attacks. In the past ...
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Freakonomics » How Are Sharks Less Dangerous than Vending How Are Sharks Less Dangerous than Vending Machines? .... The point is that most of us aren't just interested in whether we DIE by shark bite.
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Hammerhead Shark - Shark Facts and InformationSince most hammerhead sharks are harmless to humans they aren't feared ... of hammerhead sharks out there and only three species can be dangerous to ...
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California Shark Attack Involved "No Brainer" DangerAttacks by great white sharks are on the rise, an expert says. ... in most areas of the world there aren't fisheries-management measures in effect, ...
 19  ~ sharkangels.org10 Ways to Save Sharks - Shark AngelsEven if your country isn't on the list, sharks and their habitats probably aren't effectively protected – did ... #2) Do not consume or purchase shark - it's dangerous .
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No. 17. Toilets. - The Huffington Post - FacebookIf you are within the vicinity of a shark, you are in more danger than any of ..... Katy Tripcony Leigh Godfree Ive been telling you sharks aren't dangerous :) lol xx .
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Soccer Players In More Danger From Suarez Than SharksSoccer Players In More Danger From Suarez Than Sharks . 228 ... but aren't necessarily going into shark -infested waters when they swim in the ...
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4 Ways to Avoid Shark Attacks During Your Spring Break - wikiHowHowever, in certain situations sharks can be dangerous . ... drive down to a beach where the sharks aren't hanging about - not all beaches attract sharks and it's ...
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Diving with HammerheadsDiving with Hammerheads Diving with hammerhead sharks is one of the ultimate ... are not an aggressive sharks and aren't considered dangerous to humans, ...
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I guess fish are more dangerous then sharks now O_O! - Off-Topic now O_O! - posted in Off-Topic: This fish just eats a shark whole O_O! ... Sharks actually aren't that dangerous to begin with. Out of 500 ...
 25  ~ montereybayaquarium.orgWhitetip reef shark , Coral Reefs, Fishes, Triaenodon obesus at the Whitetip shark populations aren't in danger , but they live in shallow water in a restricted habitat where fisheries can catch them easily using gill nets and ...
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Most Likely to be Attacked by a Shark : You - SURFER MagazineFor surfers in Hawaii and Florida, things aren't looking much better. ... culprit in Hawaii, and the Bull Shark being the most dangerous in Florida, ...
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Shark Sightings Increase: Is it Dangerous for Beachgoers? - Outdoor According to Greg Skomal, a Shark Specialist at the Massachusetts Marine Fisheries, when sharks approach humans, they aren't necessarily pre-conceived  ...
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The Top 10 Dangers in Surfing - Surfing WavesSurfing is a dangerous sport so here is a list of the top 10 hazards that you may ... When the locals aren't around there are big sharks and other sea life that will ...
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6 Animals More Dangerous Than Sharks - Discovery Shark FeedDnews--1250--6-animals-more- dangerous -than- It's time to look beyond sharks ' rows of sharp teeth and Jaws-esque reputation -- sharks aren't  ...
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Bermuda: Crime & Dangers - Bermuda 4uSharks are dangerous and dogs can be too. You should ... Of course you will come across those who aren't but, again, that is all over the world!
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10 Most Dangerous Places for Shark Attacks - rehava ~ REAL This tiger shark may be too close for comfort for beachgoers. .... so that the more dangerous sharks aren't coming in close to shore [source: ...
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Why aren't there any killer sharks in the Mediterranean? | Notes and IN THE International Shark Attack File, seven of the 23 known killer species are found in the Mediterranean. Of these, the Blue Shark is probably most dangerous  ...
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Broken Teeth And Fake-umentaries: Another Shark Week Gone By Alastair Bland looks at the dangers to real sharks and the hazards of ... " Sharks aren't from Mars, they're wildlife, and one of the most basic ...
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11 Animals More Likely To Kill You Than Sharks | Care2 Healthy But sharks aren't the animals you should be most afraid of. ... i would have thought them hitting a car would be more dangerous to themselves not to humans
 36  ~ sharksider.comThe Great White Shark | Facts and Information | Shark Breed InfoThis shark is known as the most dangerous in the Ocean, which is a true fact. But the bloodthirsty image of ... most non-fatal. They simply aren't interested in us.
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The Reality of Sharks and Surfing - SurfOutlet.comShark attacks are rare, but that doesn't mean they aren't terrifying. ... Mass media aside, are sharks really that dangerous to humans, and specifically, surfers?
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Whale Shark FactsWhale sharks aren't active hunters like other species of shark which are known to ... Although most don't consider the whale shark to be dangerous scientists do ...
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Twitter / roopgill: Sharks aren't dangerous . Humans roopgill Powerful, but skewed - it comes from a common 100 mil a year over- exaggeration of Dr. Clarke's study - # is closer to 38 million.
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What This Girl Did To Protest 'The Australian Shark Cull' Is And good on her, although it's not as dangerous as they may want you to think. Sharks aren't particularly interested in humans at all, let alone ...
 41  ~ - Carnivorous FishThey swim, they have fins, and they aren't mammals. And everyone knows that sharks are all very dangerous and love eating humans, right? Actually this isn't ...
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How dangerous are the sharks between Cuba and Florida?Most sharks are not dangerous to humans at all. ... There aren't really enough data points on long-distance swimmers to accurately calculate ...
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SHARKWATERFilmmaker Rob Stewart's love for sharks prompts him to undertake a dangerous journey in an effort
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Western Australia's war on sharks won't make swimmers any safer This is happening perhaps because a lot of big sharks aren't being ... Late afternoon is a notoriously dangerous time to swim, particularly given ...
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Sand More Dangerous Than Sharks , Docs Say - CBS NewsWaves and sharks aren't the only dangers at the beach. More than two dozen young people have been killed over the last decade when sand ...
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“ Shark Girl” aims to heal our fear of sharks – The Maine Campus“There's nothing else in the ocean that compares to a shark ,” said ... Sharks can be dangerous , but they aren't “out to get us,” like many people ...
 47  ~ nativeplanet.orgDangerous Sea Creatures, Health Risks and Remedies/PreventionList of the most common Dangerous Sea Life ( shark , Barracuda, Crocodiles, Sea Lions, Moray Eels, ... Usually moray eels aren't aggressive toward divers.
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Sharks - Windows to the UniverseBut only a few species of sharks are actually dangerous to humans. The great white ... Fortunately, humans aren't the great white's favorite meal. Instead, they ...
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The World's Most Dangerous Animals: Top 10 Deadliest Animals Find out which of all the animals in the world are the most dangerous to humans and
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Why the Idea of Killing Sharks to Make Waters Safer Is Absurd The thing is, sharks aren't very dangerous . At least, they're a lot less dangerous than cars, which we cherish and wash on Sunday afternoons ...