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simon sez santa

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Time to make Santa Do Stuff! Go play Simon Sez Santa here Time to make Santa Do Stuff! Go play Simon Sez Santa here!
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Simon Sez Santa site (music) - Other Topics - City-Data ForumOkay, I am in constant touch with my inner adolescent and am easily entertained. This site amused me last year and is still fun, though they ...
 5  +1 Simon Sez Santamommy2many sent me this. It is so cute! Simon Sez Santa . Some cute phrases to put in are: Kiss Mrs. Clause Moon (Hubby wanted me to put ...
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Simon Sez Santa [Archive] - Elements Village[Archive] Simon Sez Santa Pixel Hangout. ... then, or not. But it's still good for a laugh: Simon Sez Santa (
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Simon Sez Santa ! - Discuss New YorkHe's back!! Simon Sez Santa . Type in the commands and he will do it!!
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Play Simon Sez Santa and then Elf Yourself for Christmas fun Simon Sez Santa - Ever wanted to boss Santa around, but were afraid of that lump of coal? Ever wondered if Santa ever picks his nose during ...
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lazylaces ::: simon sez santaMwahahahaha! I have Santa under my control, and, ok, I guess you could too, with the Simon Sez Santa web toy. Type in your command and Santa will do your  ...
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Simon Sez Santa - NeatoramaDo you have a Christmas wish for Santa ? Tell him what to do and see if you can stump him with something that's not on his list. Link...
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Simon Sez Santa 2.0 - Carl Long Motorsportshttp://www. simonsezsanta .com/ Very funny!! ;D Post the codes to some of the funny stuff you find in it. :thumbsup: BTW, try out the code "destroy" ...
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Have Fun With Simon Sez Santa - 1Branson.comHave Fun With Simon Sez Santa Fun & Games. ... This is fun, give Santa a command & watch him go!!!
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Simon Sez Santa is back - FatWalletBe careful what you ask him to do. I asked him to pick his nose and he did.
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Simon Sez Santa | Steelowl's Videogame ToolsPosts about Simon Sez Santa written by Steelowl. ... Simon Sez Santa – by Signature Advertising. December 5, 2009 ...
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Simon Sez Santa - MyBroadband :eek: :eek: Try "Pick Nose" :D.
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Simon Sez Santa - TruckStopUSA Trucker Forums Check this out Simon Sez Santa ........tell him to tackle the tree or whatever!
 17  ~ lupeva.blogspot.comHAVING FUN WITH ENGLISH: SIMON SEZ SANTASIMON SEZ SANTA . Ha, ha, ha... kids, what fun is this game! Tell Santa what you want him to do and he will do it. Type in "commands" for ...
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OT Simon Sez Santa - Circle Theater Forum - GardenWebThis forum was created for the discussion of all topics related to film, movies and the cinema. It's named for a great old theater in Washington, ...
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Simon Sez International Traveling Kid - Google Books ResultAndrea Wetzel - ‎“SISSY!!!” “ Simon ? You really do need to get up. We are going to a place called Patara, which is the birthplace of St. Nicholas....aka Santa Claus! Ho ho ho!
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Simon Sez Santa - The Official San Diego Chargers ForumSimon Sez Santa Off Topic. ... aking an idiot do what you want.
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Simon Sez : Santa - InsaniquariumGuide.comLink Just tell Santa what you want him to do, and he might do it. Just be careful what you ask for... (he recognizes a lot of inappropriate actions ...
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Simon Sez Santa (Meaningless Drivel forum at JavaRanch)Be careful what you tell Santa to do Try:[list]Yodel[/list][list]Sing[/list][
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Santas Working Overtime: Simon Sez SantaSimon Sez Santa (via Neatorama) ... SWO Stocking Stuffer: Mr. Santa · SWO Stocking Stuffer: Our Winter Love · Podcast: Why Fidelity 101 - It ...
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Play Simon Sez Santa - Funny Stuff - EMT CityPage 1 of 2 - Play Simon Sez Santa - posted in Funny Stuff: This is pretty darn funny.Push the limits and see what he will not ...
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Cool Simon Sez Santa - TiVo Community Archive2Okay, let's post things which we've found have worked.... "knock over that sign" " take off your hat" "take off your beard" "kiss the elf" "tackle the ...
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Simon Sez Santa ! — iVillageI cracked up when I asked him to wave! Too funny how if you take too long he looks at his watch!Let us know what you ask him to do ...
 32  +69 • View topic - Simon Sez SantaIt's back!!! om/index.php ... I will not respond to anyone asking why I'd tell Santa to take his clothes off. Especially R2 ...
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Simon Sez Santa [Archive] - Where's George?/Where's Willy? Discussionthanks to fark for this link. tell this Santa what to do!:D.
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Simon Sez Santa - Iowawhitetail forumsSimon Sez Santa Iowa Whitetail Conference. ... Simon Sez Santa . This is pretty funny. He'll do some stupid stuff... Simon Sez. "Sometimes you ...
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Simon Sez Santa - FreeGolfInfo.comPosts: 252. Joined: 04/20/02. Status: offline, Tell Santa what to do....... within reason. Try telling him to kiss the elf.
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It's time once again for The Simon Sez Santa - Ancient WorldsPerhaps you'd like to try your hand at... the Simon Sez Santa . *L*. He's not as " bent" as our subserviant chicken, but, so far, he, Rudy and Mrs.
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Simon Sez Santa - SportsTwo thing is insane. He'll do anything...Have your volume up; it's funny sometimes.
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Simon Sez Santa 2.0 - XmarksHere's some unique, unusual, and downright weird scholarships that you might encounter in your college scholarship search.
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Minifinity The Classic Mini Forum and Resource | • View topic Simon Sez Santa ! Post by Ria » Tue 19th Dec 2006, 09:06am. d: Tue 13th Apr 2004, ...
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Simon sez Santa ... - - The World's Largest The copies of gold and silver inflated, which after the theft were thrown into the lake, at the discovery that all is exhausted and dissipated by the ...
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Simon Sez Santa : General Chat - Nissan ForumsRe: Simon Sez Santa (Slappy). Post by Gold Digger » Tue Dec 20, 2005 8:46 pm. Damn man, that chit aint workin. Image In loving memory
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Simon Sez Santa ( out this site......Type in a command and see what happens. Simon Sez Santa · « Back to the Message Board ...
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Simon Sez Santa [Archive] - Crappie.comWe've had fun with this the last couple of Christmas' You tell santa what to do and he will !!! within reason ;) Share some of your intresting commands Simon Sez  ...
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This is hilarious! Simon Sez Santa - Online-Sweepstakes.comhttp://www. simonsezsanta .com:80/ Just for fun, I typed in "pick up reindeer". What happened next was totally unexpected, but correct...and I am ...
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Re: ot ~ Simon Sez Santa - Moped ArmyRe: ot ~ Simon Sez Santa · Kelly Jawns, 12/21/08 02:02PM. Re: ot ~ Simon Sez Santa , vanilla thunderbrokane, 12/21/08 04:42PM.
 50  ~ joeyinteractive.comSimon Sez Santa - Joey Interactive -Simon Sez Santa looks like it was designed in the 90′s, but it works just like subservient chicken. You type in a command and Santa does his ...
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Why is Simon sez santa bad - The Q&A wiki - Answers.comExplore This Topic: How bad is the fire in Rancho Santa Margarita? Answer. I've heard from the city manager office of RS Margarita that the city is on alert.
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Simon Sez Santa « Full Metal PatriotReligion of Peace update: Somali immigrants get Santa cancelled in Minnesota school · Poetic justice: Julian Assange ...... Simon Sez Santa .
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VegPeople Vegan & Vegetarian Messageboard: Information and Something that someone with a six year old mentality(like me) enjoys. You sure know how to find the weird stuff! (This post was edited by ...
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A complete waste of 5 minutes. Simon Sez Santa - AR15.COMA complete waste of 5 minutes. Simon Sez Santa - AR15.COM.
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Simon sez Santa - Rubber Room - TyreSmokeSimon sez Santa - posted in Rubber Room: This is the best thing Ive seen all week!
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Simon sez Santa !! - Allotments 4 AllGeneral > The Shed. Simon sez Santa !! << < (2/2). Gardengirl: Oh dear - just as I was getting into it Santa has now taken a break :'( :). Derekthefox: Well seeing ...
 57  ~ activenessbackup.blogspot.comActiveness!: Christmas Spirit: Simon Sez Santa Do a TriathlonChristmas Spirit: Simon Sez Santa Do a Triathlon. Try Simon Sez Santa 2.0. I got Santa to swim, ride Rudolph, and run. Labels: random.
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Simon Sez Restaurant Reviews, Merrillville, Indiana - TripAdvisorSimon Sez , Merrillville: See unbiased reviews of Simon Sez , one of 139 Merrillville restaurants listed on TripAdvisor.
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Simon Sez Santa - c3airsoftI saw this on Fark, it's pretty funny. Santa will do a lot of things
 60  ~ curmudgeoncritic.blogspot.comCurmudgeon Critic: Simon Sez Santa , Now in 2.0Simon Sez Santa , Now in 2.0. Ah, the commercialization of Christmas. To make matters worse, there were actually folks in my neighborhood ...