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snapple expiration date

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How do you find an expiration date on a bottle of SnappleIn this example the product was made on July 19, 2003. Example: CT127 19G3 2 06:06. CT127 = Plant where product was manufactured 19 = Calendar date  ...
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Does Snapple ever expire ? - Yahoo AnswersSnapple doesn't put expiration dates on their products. My company sells snapple and I'm still not exactly sure how long they last. We don't ...
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Where is the expiration date on snapple bottles? - Daily Web SourceOthers have claimed snapple does not issue expiration dates . This is outrageous. Despite that, I'll probably finish this drink since I'm thirsty and ...
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Brian Riback - Ummm...My Snapple tastes like poop today My Snapple tastes like poop today. I have asked for YEARS that you put expiration dates on your product...WHY DON'T YOU??? PLEASE STOP ...
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TWL: Harassing Snapple - A Commentary By Mr. Furious - TeamWarfareHarassing Snapple - A New Mr. Furious Commentary ... Concerned about the quality, I began looking for an expiration date . I found one with ...
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where is the expiration date on a peach snapple bottle - AskvilleTake the cap off, turn the bottle over, and read what's printed on the bottom. That should take care of it. danielpauldavis 40 months ago ...
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Snapple : WelcomeOfficial Site. Includes games, Snapple gear and product information.
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Does Snapple Rot? – ConsumeristRachel is shocked and dismayed by the lack of an expiration date on Snapple iced tea, as well as the “film” and “floaty bits” she finds on the ...
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I almost drank this!! It was in my Snapple : WTF - RedditI had a gallon of Snapple in my house once that someone opened and ...... back on the shelf to sell through that was FAR past expiration date .
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How long would a Snapple last? - FlutherHow long do Snapple's last before they can't be consumed anymore? ... I can't read the date printed on the bottle and I don't exactly remember ...
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Does bottled snapple go bad?if so how long? | ChaChaDoes bottled snapple go bad?if so how long? ChaCha Answer: Snapple should have an expiration date , according to when it was produced ...
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How Do You Find An Expiration Date On A Bottle Of The Snapple ?Harassing Snapple - A New Mr. Furious Commentary ... I began looking for an expiration date . I found one with the year "1957" on the bottle.
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Decoding an Expiration Date ? - WeUseCoupons.comI figure if anyone has the answer for this, the stockpilers will. I bought some Snapple on Friday and it was dusty. I am wondering if it is expired .
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Two expiration dates on a snapple bottle - Ask Communitygo with the earliest one. just to be safe. (sometimes they have one but realize it will last longer so add another one).
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How long does Snapple stay good for? The bottle does not have an How long does Snapple stay good for? The bottle does not have an expiration date . Off-topic Discussion.
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FORM 4 - Dr Pepper Snapple GroupDR PEPPER SNAPPLE GROUP, INC. Reported by ... Expires : February 28, 2011 ... Date . Exercisable. Expiration . Date . Title. Amount or Number of. Shares.
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Sports Snapple Expiration Date - FrugalBrowse Sports, Snapple , and Expiration Date content selected by the Frugal community.
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Where is the expiration date located on a clear bottle of diet snapple Snapple is a beverage brand produced and distributed by the Dr Pepper Snapple group. Try looking at the expiration dates on the label or in ...
 22  ~ can-i-eat-this.livejournal.comNo Subject - can_i_eat_this: - LiveJournalMy friend and I loved Snapple's Diet Snapple Apple flavor, and we ... I also heard that the expiration date is encrypted somewhere on the bottle.
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how to read snapple diet tea expiration date ?I'm replacing alot of Pepsis with Snapple white tea any other suggestions? How do you read the expiration date : 1729 5MO331 , found on a can of soda?
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Dr Pepper - NCH Marketingcoupons for reimbursement by Dr Pepper Snapple Group. Your acceptance ... 4) Only coupons received within six months of expiration date will be honored.
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Expiration Date on Ice Tea Bottle? - Crazy For TeaTea Question Does the expiration day on the bottle of the ice tea or green iced ... Ice Tea or Snapple Ice Tea - You need to pay attention to the expiry date - or ...
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how to find a snapple expiration date ? - YeddaGetting together at ones house and chefing up a meal , playing cards, board game ( chess checkers). Going fishing, walk on the beach ( collecting ...
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Snapple Corporate OfficeSnapple corporate office phone number, address and other corporate office ... Do these packages have an expiration date on them, I did not see one anywhere ...
 28  ~ manolisroofing.comHow you can Use snapple tea coupons The way in which You would In the event you organize these cоupons for snapple from the expiration date , you'll make certain to make use of the ones that expire initial ...
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Expiration dates on food aren't gospel - MoneySmart - The Buffalo My BFF's husband is a freak about expiration dates . He's always going ... He checks the expiration date on Snapple ,” she once complained. ...
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Dr Pepper - FAQWhere is Dr Pepper Snapple Group located? Can I get a coupon for Dr Pepper? ... What is the shelf life of this product? Does Dr Pepper contain prune juice?
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Diet Snapple Singles to Go | eBayFind great deals on eBay for Diet Snapple Singles to Go in Teas. ... NEW Snapple Diet Singles To Go Tea Peach 6-Count (Pack of 4) .... Expiration date : 08/14.
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Dr Pepper Snapple Group - Statement of Changes of Beneficial Dr Pepper Snapple Group, Inc. [ DPS ], 5. ... 4. If Amendment, Date Original Filed (MM/DD/YYYY) ... Date Exercisable and Expiration Date , 7.
 33  ~ nachscribmon.besaba.comSnapple tea expiration date - besaba.comb bryou39;re nothing but a little boy still playing bG. 052 differential on brthe 15 bballb. Brentwood.
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Snapple Black Iced Tea - any good? - General Topics - ChowhoundHas anyone tried Snapple's new line of "authentic" black iced teas? They have ... If that's an expiration date , these are way out of date -- hard to ...
 35  ~ dabookrecipe.blogspot.comDaBookLady's Recipe Life: Does Tea have an Expiration Date ????Most manufacturers put 2 and 3 years expiration dates on their tea as only a guide since most ... So does Snapple one of my favorite ice teas.
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Do you respect the expiration date ? | La Palma | YelpI once drank a Snapple that was three months past the expiration date . It was like dropping acid, I was completely sideways for an entire day.
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Rare $1/1 Snapple Tea or Juice Drink Coupon – Hip2SaveSnapple has a new flavor of tea out called Papaya Mango AND with the release of this new ... Can someone tell me the expiration date please?
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The Expiration Date on Authenticity - Blog - Centerline DigitalThe Expiration Date on Authenticity .... The Snapple campaign is an interesting reference; I wonder how successful it was. You know what's ...
 41  ~ godsandslushees.blogspot.comOf Gods And Slushees...: Snapple Expiration DateDoes anybody know if Snapple ever goes bad? I tried the new Snapple Banana flavoured drink (which leaves a lot to be desired, but I'm a ...
 42  ~ swampbats.comKeene Swamp Bats - G.Housen & Snapple Night at the ParkG.Housen & Snapple Night at the Park ... This event will be sponsored by G. Housen & Snapple to create a game experience you do not want .... Expiration Date .
 43  ~ kennedywholesale.comProducts » Kennedy Wholesale, A Division of Trepco - Convenience Diet Beverages- Usually expires faster than regular products due to the sweetners ... Snapple - The date on the Snapple case is the manufacturing date not an ...
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Dr. Pepper Snapple Group Present L'Renee "Reflections"... Tickets Eventbrite - L'Renee Musique Inc. presents Dr. Pepper Snapple Group Present L' Renee.
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Dr Pepper Snapple Group, Inc. (Form: 4, Received: 01/06/2014 07 Dr Pepper Snapple Group, Inc. [ DPS ], 5. ... 4. If Amendment, Date Original Filed (MM/DD/YYYY) ... Date Exercisable and Expiration Date , 7.
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Snapple , Kiwi Strawberry 473ml - EpermarketConstant temperature; Shelf life 366 day(s) ... Snapple ! The company whose products are made from "the best stuff on earth" bring another fantastic beverage to ...
 47  ~ kevinreviewsthings.wordpress.comDrink Review: The Snapple In My Co-Worker's Desk Drawer | Kevin No, I still haven't figured out why there was a Snapple in my boss' desk ... Now I looked on the bottle and didn't find an expiration date , unless ...
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You hold the position until the expiration date when IBM stock sells for $95 pershare. You ... A put option on Snapple Beverage has an exercise price of $30.
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Jel Sert products, Frequently Asked Questions - Jel Sert Co.Click here to see Jel Sert Product Date Codes and Shelf Life Details ..... Punch Freezer Bars; Soda Pops; Diet Snapple Drink Mixes; Kool Pops Freezer Bars ...
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America's Got Talent Snapple's Best Stuff Viewing Party Contest Enter the America's Got Talent Snapple's Best Stuff Viewing Party Contest for a chance to win ... All Active Sweeps; By Expiration ... in its sole discretion) on September 11, 2013 (or on such other date designated by Sponsor).
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XNYS:DPS Dr Pepper Snapple Group, Inc. Insider Activity 4 Filing View 2012 Insider Activity, Form Type: 4 for Dr Pepper Snapple Group, Inc. ... ( Instr. 3, 4, and 5), 6. Date Exercisable and Expiration Date
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FIN 3710 Final - Faculty Web Server - Baruch Collegeuntil the expiration date when IBM stock sells for $123 per share. You will realize ... A put option on Snapple Beverage has an exercise price of $30. The current ...
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Snapple | MatchsticIts uniqueness made it distinctive, memorable and clear. Design, good or bad, is a vehicle of memory. Logos shouldn't have an expiration date .
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Snapple Coupons - MahaloSnapple typically include an expiration date and require a minimum purchase for redemption. Coupons are subject to redemption restrictions by retailers.