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Star Wars Galaxies | Official SOE Forums - Community - SonyNow that Disney owns LA is there any chance that SOE will approach them about bringing SWG back to life. I know the disappointment that was 
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SWGEmu Forums - SWGEmu AnnouncementsLolindir. View Profile; View Forum Posts; View Articles. Published on 08-10-2014 08:22 AM. Weekly Update 08/10/2014. The SWGEmu Development Division.
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Star Wars Galaxies Forums at MMORPG.comCome and join our community and get involved in the Star Wars Galaxies forums at
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Galaxies Reborn - SWG - Star Wars Galaxies - SWG Pre Cu Server A pre cu server for Star Wars Galaxies running the SWGANH or SWGEMU Star Wars Galaxies SWG ... Enter the Galaxies Reborn Forums & become a member!
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SOE's Next Game 'Dedicated' To Star Wars Galaxies Fans | Rock Back in my day, we played the original pre-NGE Star Wars Galaxies , and we liked it. No seriously, we really did, and I think the tide of public (or ...
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Star Wars Galaxies Players File Suit Against Sony - Tom's HardwareAdmittedly there's no question that the timing of closing SWG and ... to close the MMORPG, but the right to kick troublemakers off its forums .
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Star Wars Galaxies - Steam Users' ForumsThreads in Forum : Star Wars Galaxies , Forum Tools
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Star Wars : Galaxy - InvisionFreeFate of the Galaxy Star Wars : Exodus Star Wars : The New Age Destiny's Way RPG ... Forum Led by: SW:G Community Team, 24, 15, Jul 25 2014, 02:09 AM
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SWG Forum - Star Wars Galaxies :: SWG/DE - GamonaWillkommen bei SWG /DE Foren. Wenn dies dein erster Besuch hier ist, lies bitte zuerst die Hilfe - Häufig gestellte Fragen durch. Du musst dich vermutlich ...
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Star Wars Galaxies Emu - Covenant of the Phoenix ForumsStar Wars Galaxies Emu: Server: Basilisk Casual Gaming.
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Star Wars Galaxies top 100 - Private servers, Guides, Guilds, free Star Wars Galaxies - Private servers, Guides, Guilds, free servers, star maps. ... perfect SWG Private Server, Player vs player combat 98 UP Time Support Forum  ...
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Is this just an updated Star Wars Galaxies ? - RSI Community ForumsStar Wars Galaxies had all the stuff everyone here is talking about. ..... Go check the suggestions forum , and you will also see 5% of ideas that ...
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Star Wars Galaxies - GameSpotStar Wars Galaxies console versions on hold ... E3 2002: Star Wars Galaxies coming to the PS2 and Xbox ... No forum topics for Star Wars Galaxies yet. Want to ...
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The Safehouse Forums - Star Wars GalaxiesSafehouse Forums . Safehouse Forums · - Everquest Wing ... Remember Me? Password. Threads in Forum : Star Wars Galaxies , Forum Tools, Feed Icon ...
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The SWGCraft Project :: Home to Starwars Galaxies ' Finest CraftersApart from the friendly assistance you will get in our forums , you may also find our current resources database and our schematics database very useful.
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Star Wars Galaxies - Wookieepedia, the Star Wars WikiStar Wars Galaxies (often abbreviated SWG ) was a Star Wars-themed MMORPG ... team member's profiles, features about the game, and a new forum . The site ...
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Star Wars Galaxies - EMU (SWGemu) - General Gaming - Off Topic Hi, Servers of SWG will be closed soon [R.I.P] 15th december :-( I reinstalled windows today and i forget to make backup of my SWG DVD that i got on disk...
 19  ~ modthegalaxy.comMod the Galaxy - Star Wars GalaxiesForum , Threads, Posts, Last Post. Forum Contains New Posts, General Modding. Anything and everything to do with modding Star Wars Galaxies ! Sub Forums : ...
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Star Wars Galaxies Forum - Neoseeker ForumsStar Wars Galaxies forum . Join our community and participate in a collection of forum threads, questions, answers, and other discussions about Star Wars ...
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Thread: Heyaa! Love sandbox MMO's..Compare to Star wars galaxies Hey guys I haven't played a mmo seriously since star wars galaxies . I can't really get into the others and I saw this is a sandbox MMO and I ...
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SOE: Star Wars Galaxies Fans Will Feel "At Home" in New MMO - The "It's got a heavy amount of sandbox elements that made SWG what it was," ... If I remember correctly (I never got into SWG , tried a pre NGE ...
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So What Happened to Star Wars Galaxies ? - Henry JenkinsI still think what the book says about Star Wars Galaxies — Raph Koster, ...... she is removed from SOE SWG forums without as much as a why.
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Star Wars Galaxies - Encyclopedia DramaticaZOMG SO BADASS. More fun than the actual game, the SWG forums , like any MMO message board, is an excellent source of lulz ...
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Star Wars Galaxies - TaultunleashedStar Wars Galaxies Emulator talk, news, discussions, potential exploits, ... never did so we can move it to the Star Wars Galaxies Nerfed forum . posts: 1006
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Forums - SWG :anhSWG :ANH :: Development Forums : Topics: Posts: Last post ... A forum for Star Wars Galaxies and Pre-CU, share your knowledge and ... SWG Galaxy Forums
 29  ~ swgpodcast.comStar Wars Galaxies with Yivvits and MrBubble!In this episode, we lay to rest our very good friend, Star Wars Galaxies. ... probably remember some of our callers from previous episodes or the SWG forums .
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Petition To Bring Back Star Wars Galaxies - Wood Scraps - Wurm Petition To Bring Back Star Wars Galaxies - posted in Wood Scraps : For those interested:I just signed the petition "Disney, Lucasarts & Sony ...
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Support - Forums - General Forums - Mac Crossover games ( Star wars Mac Crossover games (Star wars galaxies crashing) (Wine Debug included) ... Also, a word of advice here -- if you do post to the SWG forum , do not post
 32  -9 Customer Reviews: Star Wars Galaxies : Starter Kit - PCFind helpful customer reviews and review ratings for Star Wars Galaxies : Starter Kit ... (There's a very popular forum on the official SWG site, where you can read ...
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Star Wars Galaxies Forums — EvolveCheck out the Star Wars Galaxies forums on Evolve for game discussions, troubleshooting tips, and gameplay advice.
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Star Wars Galaxies discussion - LucasForumsExpansion forums . All the latest from the Star Wars Galaxies expansion packs - starships, new planets, new species and much more ...
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What happened to Star Wars Galaxies ? - Forums - World of Warcraft Those two changes to SWG pretty much killed the game, particularly with how SOE ignored the player base's legitimate issues with both. #2.
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ProjectSWGAt this time, we've resolved several of the big bugs preventing login or causing crashes; But we've also encountered some new ones. The Project SWG Team is  ...
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Exclusive: Smedley on the sunsetting of Star Wars Galaxies [Updated]When I penned this week's Soapbox about Star Wars Galaxies and the .... news for those of you who registered for Fan Faire: On the forums , ...
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True Galaxies • ForumsNews and Announcements Related to the True Galaxies gaming organization. ... Recent news from the star wars galaxies emulation teams, the old republic, and ...
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Petition Do Not Permanently Shut Down Star Wars GalaxiesAlso, as viewed by reviewing the official community forums of Star Wars Galaxies , there is a highly loyal subscriber base that does not wish to see Star Wars ...
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Bungie : Forum : Posts : The Forerunners vs Star Wars Galaxy They teleport their galaxy over the Star Wars galaxy because space magik. The Precursor do space hacks to make the galaxies not destroy ...
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Highlights: The End of Star Wars Galaxies - General Discussion Store · Forums ... Highlights: The End of Star Wars Galaxies . 52 results; 1 · 2 .... I liked the part where I didn't have to play Star Wars Galaxies anymore.
 44  ~ vodguild.comTopics in Star Wars Galaxies (1/1) - Forums - VoD GuildGames We Play - Star Wars Galaxies (1/1) - Forums - English (United Kingdom)
 45  ~ modsource.orgStar Wars Galaxies Emulator Modding - Modsource.orgNo New Posts · SWG Emulator Modification Releases This forum board is for SWG Emulator Mod releases only. Any threads not following the mod release ...
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Has anyone played star wars galaxies ? | Official Chucklefish Forums !In star wars galaxies , when you upgraded your ship, there were ... Then the excavation concept on both this game and star wars were very ...
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The Iso Zone Forums • View topic - Star Wars Galaxies still around??To explain where i heard this, i was telling a friend of mine that I've been playing The old republic lately and told him that its not as fun as Star  ...
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Bloodfin EMUThis is a discussion forum for Star Wars Galaxies for more info go to
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The Genesis of 'CyberCulture': The Case of Star Wars GalaxiesGenerating CyberCulture/s: The Case of Star Wars Galaxies . Kurt D. .... On the Star Wars Galaxies player forum , a player named Chessick defines “social” in the  ...
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SOE Responds to Save Star Wars Galaxies Petitions | Ten Ton SOE Director of Communication Linda "Brasse" Carlson has posted an official response to the petition to save the game on the SWG forums .
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Star Wars Galaxies Emulator: Episode IV, A New Thread - Bay 12 GamesStar Wars Galaxies Emulator: Episode IV, A New Thread. ... has no complete tutorial and you will have to refer to the wiki and forums a lot.
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Influences of Star Wars Galaxies | EverQuest Next ForumSo I was thinking about this last night and it dawned on me that there are quite a few similarities between Star Wars Galaxes (pre-NGE) and EQ ...
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Check this out, Free Star Wars Galaxies server run by plauers!I just wanted to share that there is a star wars galaxies emu server ... If you have interest read this forum discussion (read it all to see what i ...
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Star Wars Galaxy Map - Forum - Space EngineA few years ago there was a thread about creating a custom galaxy for Star Wars planetary systems. To my disappointment SpaceEngineer ...