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stargate sg1 slash

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Area 52: WelcomeThe Stargate Slash FanFic Archive ... Area 52 Stargate Webrings ... DISCLAIMER : Stargate SG-1 , Stargate Atlantis, the characters, the stargate itself and all ... ‎Search - ‎Recent Stories - ‎Links - ‎News
 2  ~ jd-divas.comJD Divas: Stargate SG-1 Jack & Daniel Slash Fiction by Biblio Jack O'Neill and Dr. Daniel Jackson of Stargate SG-1 . ... Slash Series, Poetry. Slash Standalone Stories, Artful Divas Jack & Daniel screencaps & desktops.
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Stargate SG-1 - Whispered Words [ Slash recommendations Submitted by: Gordy. Rec ID: 00020. Alternate Universe, crossover with Stargate SG-1 , While on a mission with SG-14, Dr. Blair Sandburg finds his destiny.
 5  ~ alldanielfic.comAll Daniel Fic :: A Daniel Jackson Archiveabout the character Daniel Jackson from the television show Stargate SG-1 . ... As such, we accept any and all Daniel pairings--het, slash , and multiple--and ...
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Stargate SG-1 fanfiction by JayEm - Slash - BunnyficTenaya slash fanfic menu of ( Stargate SG-1 fan fiction). Mostly about the SG1 team as a whole, Daniel-centric or Jack and Daniel friendship.
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alicambs | Stargate SG-1 Recs: Slash (mostly J/D), Gen and hetMy Stargate SG-1 fic recommendations. Contains slash , mainly J/D (assume a story is J/D unless otherwise stated), ship/het, mainly ...
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The Forest-- SG-1 Gate - Squidge.orgWelcome to the Stargate : SG-1 slash fanfiction site for denizens of The Forest! I hope you ... Another Surprise Stargate Command has an unexpected visitor--with  ...
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Stargate SG-1 Slash FanFiction - penned by NessessiteeA Merry Dance, Surprise Pairing. Ageless, Jack ** No relationship ** Daniel. The Altar Series.... JackDaniel First Time. The Altar (Able to be read as a Stand ...
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The Grrrl | Stargate SG-1 slash fan fictionFan fiction by The Grrrl based on characters from the television program Stargate SG-1 .
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Stargate SG-1 Links - Stargatefan.comStargate SG-1 FanFic and Multimedia Archive- Links to anything Stargate. ... ( Also, there is a totally separate Meridian "Fix It" archive as well as a Slash archive  ...
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Driving me Crazy SLASH jack daniel, a stargate : sg-1 fanfic What I love about Daniel is that he gives me company, but enough room to think.' In the days after Jack's return to wakefulness, ...
 15  ~ kylielee1000.comKylie Lee | Stargate SG-1 slash fan fictionSlash fan fiction by Kylie Lee based on characters from the television series Stargate SG-1 .
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Wraithbait :: Stargate : Atlantis FanfictionSlash Pairings [4999] .... Stargate SG-1 and Stargate: Atlantis, the characters and universe are the property of Stargate (II) Productions, Showtime/Viacom, ...
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Jack/Daniel - FanloreJack/Daniel, the pairing of Jack O'Neill and Daniel Jackson, is the main slash pairing in Stargate SG-1 . "Their contrasting viewpoints cause a lot ...
 18  ~ alicambsrecs.livejournal.comalicambsrecs - Stargate SG-1 Recs Part 1 - slash (mostly J/D), gen My Stargate SG-1 fic recommendations. Contains slash , mainly J/D (assume a story is J/D unless otherwise stated), ship/het, mainly ...
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Fanfiction Quicklinks - AngelfireThe sister archive of Heliopolis, Area52 focuses on Stargate : SG-1 SLASH stories . Updated weekly, the archive is easy to browse by author or pairing, with full ...
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Urban Dictionary: Stargate SG-1Sci Fi TV show that is a spin off of the movie Stargate . About a device that can transport you to other planets and the team, SG-1 , that explores t...
 24  ~ stargateficrec.livejournal.comStargate Fic RecommendationsThis is a coffee-flavored love letter to SG-1 , guaranteed to put a smile on your face! ... Categories: Character death , angst, slash , time travel
 25  ~ familie3.comThe Sentinel and Stargate fanfiction - familie3.comauthor. character affected. comment. ADDED. The Sentinel.
 26  ~ stargate-search.livejournal.comStargate SearchLost Stargate Slash Fics: Danie/Jack/Teal'c & Daniel/Teal'c AU. Hello! I lost my links to two old Stargate SG-1 slash fics. I'm hoping someone will recognize them  ...
 27  ~ ashtonpress.netStargate SG-1 Slash Fanzines - Ashton Press FanzinesAtlantis A new First Prime Novel. Atlantis: A Stargate SG-1 /Stargate Atlantis/ Supernatural novel by Lady Ra. Sequel to First Prime and Guardians (Both are still ...
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Fic Recs ~ Stargate SG-1 - Trickster.orgA crossover with Stargate SG-1 and The Sentinel. Darien and Bobby are forced to ... Slash . Retrograde, by Martha Wilson and Victoria Custer.
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Jack/Daniel | Slash WorldFandom: Star Gate SG-1 , Star Gate Atlantis, Smallville ... Genre: AU, Crossover, Drama, Established Relationship, First Time, Pre- Slash
 30  ~ manicmea.comPosts in A Friend In Need Stargate SG1 Slash - Manic MeaPosted in A Friend In Need Stargate SG1 Slash , Zine by Maria Carr · Read more » · What hurts the most. Posted in A Friend In Need Stargate SG1 Slash , Zine by ...
 31  ~ mitchells-sg1.livejournal.comCameron Mitchell's SG-1 Fanfic30th-Apr-2010 08:48 pm - Fic: With No Thought to Shame (NC17 Slash ; Cam/?) .... Author's Notes: This is a Stargate SG-1 /Bionic Woman 2007 crossover.
 32  ~ nocturnalscribings.comStargate /NCIS Crossover list - Nocturnal ScribingsSlash. 2/18/10 added to list. NCIS SG-1. A Friend in Need. Jon'ic Recheio ... in a “ straight jacket” hurts more than you know.crossover with Stargate SG1 . slash .
 33  ~ orrymain.comTen Months - Stargate SG-1 - Jack and Daniel Slash Fan FicThe Jack and Daniel Stargate SG-1 webpage devoted exclusively to Jack ... Category: Slash , Angst, Humor, H/C, Drama, Romance, Established Relationship
 34  ~ stargateslash.livejournal.comStargate Slash CommunityYou are viewing stargateslash . Find. Stargate Slash Community. Recent Entries; Archive .... Fandom: Stargate SG-1 . Author: dustandroses
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Geek Deal: Up To 85% Off Stargate : Atlantis: Complete Series ... - FilmToday's Gold Box Deal of the Day on Amazon is three Stargate Atlantis: The Complete Series collections for up to 85% off and includes free ...
 36  ~ colakid197.tripod.comDaniel Jackson Angst Fanfiction - Colakid Angst Archive - TripodCircles - - A story from the early days of SG-1 , Daniel is separated from his team
 37  ~ versaphile.comAnais - VersaphileI'm sorry to announce that Anais has taken all her stories down from the web. At this point, they will be offline for the forseeable future.
 38  ~ shatterstorm.netStargate SG-1 Stories - Frisked & Conquered -- Division, CSI Not From Around Here Fanfic... Stargate SG-1 Stories. NOTE: Stories that have the SSP Exclusive! exclusive button are ShatterStorm Productions exclusives.
 39  ~ sg-awards.com2008 Stargate Fan Awards: NewsEach year, we rely on you, the fans, to nominate your favorite works within the Stargate SG-1 and Stargate: Atlantis community in the areas of fan fiction, music ...
 40  ~ ship-manifesto.livejournal.comThe Shipper's Manifesto - Jack/Daniel ( Stargate SG-1 )Sha're is taken as a goa'uld host and Daniel becomes a member of SG-1 . .... Area 52 is the main archive for Stargate slash , and can be...well, hit or miss.
 42  ~ loriensgrove.comThe Grove by LorienWillow - Home of Stargate SG-1 Fanfiction and HOME OF STARGATE SG-1 FANFICTION AND MORE! ... HAWK50 - Stargate SG -1 Gen Fic and links to Stargate SG-1 Slash Fic. SAM WALKER - Stargate SG-1 ...
 43  ~ hidden-muse.comHidden Muse: Stargate SG-1Daniel Jackson finds a way to open an Ancient Stargate, unearthed from Egypt, that provides a ... Warnings: Some slash and some gen content.
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Stargate SG1 Fanzine 034 DHD 2 034 Slash | eBayStargate SG1 Fanzine -- "DHD #2" -- Slash in Collectibles, Comics, Fan Clubs & Zines | eBay.
 45  ~ vwtech.comWhisper's Words :: Stargate SG1 & Supernatural FanfictionFive pregnancy tests members of SG-1 have taken or witnessed. by whisper [18 + ]. [Reviews - 0] ... Categories: Slash ; Characters: Jack O'Neill; Warnings: None
 47  ~ jedibuttercup.comSLASH Crossover & AU Stories - Jedi Buttercup -- Fiction, Links This particular page contains the slash portion of the list I've compiled; I'm separating it from the ... Buffy and Angel Slash Fiction ... Stargate SG-1 Slash Fiction.
 48  ~ castleskeep.netStargate stories by GlacisStargate (aka Daniel stories) ... A different sort of slash story. ... Daniel/Jack, Krycek/Mulder) ( Stargate SG-1 / X Files crossover) The forces of evil (Hi, Consortium!) ...
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Graffiti - Stargate SG1 Slash Fanfiction - Writing.ComDaniel muses on the changes a single night can make.
 51  ~ megafanfiction.comStar Gate SG1 - Mega Fan FictionThe story of Stargate SG-1 begins about a year after the events of the feature film, when the ... Gen meets Slash meets Ship in this comedy of mistaken identities.
 52  ~ kuonji14.livejournal.comMoods' Wings - Stargate SG-1 Fanfiction by kuonji (detailed) - kuonji14An updated list of my SG-1 fanfiction. Stargate Atlantis | Stargate SG-1 || Starsky & Hutch || Due South/C6D ... Pairings: Jack/Daniel preslash
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jack x daniel on Tumblr#jack x daniel#jack o'neill#daniel jackson#stargate# stargate sg1 #by me# candidly sg1 ... #jack x daniel#stargate# stargate sg-1 #my gif# slash #daniel x jack .
 54  ~ iamaslashaddict.wordpress.comNobody Said it Would be Easy (A Harry Potter/ Stargate SG-1 Author's Notes: This is slash so be warned, there will be lots of male on male lovin'! ... For Stargate SG-1 , this follows canon except for the Jack/Sam story line.
 57  ~ cathandnick.comThe Widgeteria - Stargate SG1 Fanfiction by Widget - DisclaimerThe Widgeteria - Stargate SG1 fanfiction (mostly slash ) by Widget. Both Jack/ Daniel and Daniel/Paul pairings.
 58  -24 - Fanfiktion zu Stargate SG1Wähle aus zahlreichen Geschichten und Gedichten aus dem Bereich " Stargate SG1 " oder veröffentliche deine eigenen Werke zum Thema " Stargate SG1 "
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Links to Others - Stargate SolutionsMGM Stargate Site, Official Site, MGM's official Stargate site. Stargate Hub ... Tha Alpha Gate, Fan Fiction, Gen, slash , and ship fan fiction for SG-1 . StargateFan  ...
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I Read Fanfic Therefore I Am- Stargate SG1Stargate SG1 Official Site. Cast Site(s):- ... Stargate SG1 Slash Fanfiction · Area 52 ... Area52 = Update List for the Stargate Slash Archive of the same name