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string - Escaping double quote in Common Lisp - Stack OverflowThe returned value is printed readably, that is, using a representation that can be parsed with READ into a CL object. If you use a function like PRINC ...
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Common LISP Hints: StringsStrings . A string is a sequence of characters between double quotes . LISP represents a string as a variable-length array of characters. You can write a string  ...
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Numbers, Characters, and Strings - gigamonkeysCommon Lisp provides built-in support for most of the data types typically ..... by the character set in a literal string except double quote ( " ) and backslash (\).
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Syntax for Strings - GNU Emacs Lisp Reference ManualThe read syntax for a string is a double- quote , an arbitrary number of characters, and another double- quote , "like this" . To include a double- quote in a string , ...
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Common LISP HintsFurther Information The best LISP textbook I know of is Guy L. Steele Jr. ..... You can write a string which contains a double quote by preceding the quote with a ...
 7  ~ findinglisp.comEscaping CL string characters in Emacs - Finding LispThe format happens to have a lot of double- quote marks embedded in it. ... double quote ) in the region, according to the Common Lisp string  ...
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Quotes in a string . - Autodesk Communityit has to have end quotes to make it a string and to add quotes within it \ makes lisp ignore the quotes so that it wont end the string to soon. Pass a string with quote marks to a lisp command i...10 Aug 2012remove quotes from string ?13 Mar 2009
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Lisp EvaluationStrings are self-evaluating expressions because Lisp simply declares them to be so. Note that .... The quote character can be applied to any Lisp expression.
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Sample: Introduction to LISP - CSEquote ) quote . LISP ignores upper and lower case outside strings . ... The QUOTE operator stops the interpreter from evaluating QUOTE's arguments. So (+ 1 2) ...
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COMMON LISP : The Language - Google Books ResultGuy L. Steele - ‎1990 - 1029 pages - ComputersCertain characters are used in special ways in the syntax of Common Lisp . ... Double quotes surround character strings : "This is a thirty-nine-character string .
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Lisp : Common Lisp , Racket, Clojure, Emacs Lisp - Hyperpolyglotand invocation | variables and expressions | arithmetic and logic | strings | lists ... quote , quote , quote , quote , quote . cell types, value, function, struct, class, …
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Successful Lisp - Chapter 24 - Psg.comBut Lisp's FORMAT implements a programming language in its own right,
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Learning Lisp FastA Lisp string is a sequence of characters. Lisp strings begin and end with double- quotes . Unlike in C++ (but like Java) a Lisp string does not terminate with a \0.
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Introduction to newLISP / Strings - Wikibooks, open books for an open newLISP has many easy to use and powerful string handling tools, and you can ..... Remember the difference between strings enclosed in quotes and strings  ...
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35.2.1 Table of Syntax Classes - GNU Emacs Lisp Reference ManualFor example, the symbol constituents class is used in Lisp mode to indicate ... The same string quote character appears at the beginning and the end of a string .
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CL-INTERPOL - String interpolation for Common Lisp - Edi WeitzCL-INTERPOL is a library for Common Lisp which modifies the reader so that you ..... (with-output-to- string (#:G1098) (write- string (cl-ppcre: quote -meta-chars ...
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Common Lisp Quick ReferenceLoads the ( Lisp ) file with the name given by the string filename into the Lisp environment. 4 Lists ..... quote simply returns its argument without evaluating it.
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CSE341 Lecture Notes 14: Scheme: Quote , Quasiquote, and Note that names in Lisp programs are translated into symbols in quoted Lisp expressions. This is so that quoted names can be distinguished from quoted strings ; ...
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LISP - Strings - TutorialspointStrings in Common Lisp are vectors, i.e., one-dimensional array of characters. String literals are enclosed in double quotes . Any character supported by the ...
 21  ~ letoverlambda.comRead Macros - Let Over LambdaNot only does lisp provide direct access to code that has been parsed into a cons cell structure, .... In lisp , strings are delimited by the double- quote (") character.
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The Lisp InterpreterThe heart of the Lisp interpreter is the "read-eval-print" loop. ... it sees another ", and creates a string object with the characters found between the string quotes .
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emacs- lisp -mode, global-strict-mode, and quote · Issue #342 · Fuco1 emacs- lisp -mode, global-strict-mode, and quote #342. Open. michael-heerdegen .... sp-point-inside- string sp-autoescape- string - quote (or .
 24  ~ plasticki.comLisp in Small Parts - StringsStrings . So far we've learnt about the following types of Lisp object: Numbers, like 2 ... You can include a double- quote in a string by prefixing it with a backslash:
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PSPad forum / English discussion forum / Nested Quotes in StringsAs an example here's what happens in VisualLisp . How it should ... String test2 = "normal ""quoted""" //Using double quote escape. Just open a ...
 26  ~ clisp.orgRegular Expressions - ClispFor example, the regular expression that matches the `\' character is `\\' . To write a Lisp string that contains the characters `\\' , Lisp syntax requires you to quote  ...
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XEmacs Lisp Programmer's Manual - Syntax Class TableFor example, the symbol constituents class is used in Lisp mode to indicate that ... The Lisp modes have two string quote characters: double- quote ( `"' ) and ...
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Emacs Lisp for hackers -- Part 1: Lisp Essentials - Joel's JournalI previously wrote about the reasons to learn Emacs Lisp . That covered the ... Strings . Lisp strings are double quoted, only. No single quotes .
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present-class. lisp - Common Lisp .netPackage (defpackage :cl-present-class (:use :common- lisp :metabang-bind
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Emacs Lisp Idioms for Writing Interactive Commands - ErgoEmacsEmacs's string can have text properties for the purposes of syntax ... the p1 is set to the position of the double quote to the left of cursor (the first ...
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EmacsWiki: string -utils.elinterface; it is only useful ;; for programming in Emacs Lisp . ;; ;; The following functions are provided: ;; ; ..... This is more vigorous than `shell- quote -argument'.
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Chapter 3: Introduction to Common LISP - Algorithmic Composition Chapter 3 introduces you to the fundamentals of Common LISP and programming in LISP . ... A string is a sequence of characters enclosed in double quotes .
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Lisp (programming language) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopediaLisp (historically, LISP ) is a family of computer programming languages with a long
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CAD Forum - How to display quotation marks within a LISP text string ?How to display quotation marks within a LISP text string ? A - answer, If you need to display quotation marks as a part of LISP string (e.g. inches), use the format:
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ABOUT LISPTo do this, there is the function ( quote ), which says to (eval), "don't evaluate my ... The LISP prompt often takes the form "->", which we'll use for the entry string  ...
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newLISP v.10.6.0 Manual and ReferenceBecause strings can contain null characters in newLISP , they can be used to .... system shells, single quotes can also be used as command string delimiters.
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Stevey's Blog Rants: Emergency ElispThere are various ways to quote things in Lisp : ( quote (1 2 3)) ... String Strings don't have any operators, but there are lots of string functions.
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Hour 22: Learning Lisp Basics: Values in LispExamples of these might be a string of text to search for, a message sent to the ... The list must be prefixed with a quote , otherwise the Lisp interpreter thinks that ...
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(An ((Even Better) Lisp ) Interpreter (in Python)) - Peter NorvigIn a previous essay I showed how to write a simple Lisp interpreter in 90 lines of Python: ... Within a string , a \n means a newline and a \" means a double- quote .
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Audacity Forum • View topic - backslashes and double- quotes in Code: Select all: Audacity text widget Lisp string ... Double- quotes are converted to single- quotes by the Audacity Nyquist interface, what is a ...
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A Simple Lisp Parser in Python | Probably ProgrammingA managed to sneak in a little time recently and write a simple Lisp ... If an opening double- quote is encountered, add an empty string to the ...
 42  ~ lisp.seCLHS: Glossary-Section D - Common Lisp HyperSpec (TM)different adj. not the same ``The strings "FOO" and "foo" are different under equal but ... double- quote n. the standard character that is variously called ``quotation ...
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Org as a spreadsheet system: using Emacs lisp as formulasCaveat: beware of the initial quote : the formula is the expression itself, not its ... ( Hint: check the Emacs lisp functions string -to-number and number-to- string .).
 44  ~ neu.edupregexp: Portable Regular Expressions for Scheme and Common LispThe procedure pregexp takes a U-regexp, which is a string , and returns an S- regexp, .... The procedure pregexp‑ quote takes an arbitrary string and returns a ...
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Learn Common Lisp in Y MinutesA string can be treated like a sequence of characters (elt "Apple" 0) ; => #\A ; ... '(1 2 3) ;; and a quote can also be used for a literal list value '(1 2 3) ; => '(1 2 3) ; ...
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The Common Lisp Cookbook - Macros and BackquoteThe basic mechanism of Lisp macros is simple, but has subtle complexities, .... numbers, and strings , and that are not conceptualized as changing in length. ..... be made into functions if we were willing to type a quote before their arguments.
 47  ~ sibilantjs.infoSibilant: Javascript with a lispSibilant is a lisp -family language that compiles to readable and idiomatic JavaScript. Sibilant is ... Use a backslash to escape a double- quote inside of a string .
 48  ~*-Mode: LISP ; Package: LISP ; Base:10; Syntax: EmacsLisp (defun openlisp -eval-sexp (&optional and-go) "Send the next sexp to the inferior ... "r\nP") (comint-send- string (inferior- lisp -proc) (format "(macroexpand-1 ( quote  ...
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Metaprogramming — Julia Language 0.4.0-dev documentationThe strongest legacy of Lisp in the Julia language is its metaprogramming
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LISP Tutorial 1: Basic LISP ProgrammingWhen you start up the Common LISP environment, you should see a prompt, which means