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subaru legacy oil change interval

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2013 Subaru maintenance schedule and new car break-in periodSubaru . Recommended service on 2013 Outback, Forester, BRZ, Legacy , Impreza, XV Crosstrek, Tribeca, WRX, and STI models.
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7500 mile oil change intervals ? - Subaru Legacy Forums - LegacyGT.com7.5K is seriously getting a little long but you will be surprised, there will be owners out there that run close to the 10K mark on occasions.
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An article on Subaru oil change intervals . | Passenger Car Motor LOL, I've been changing my oil every 7000 miles, with Mobil 1, all highway miles, 90 mile ... 2004 Subaru Legacy 4 door, 2.5, 140,000 miles
 4  ~ manchestersubaru.comSubaru Synthetic Oil - Which Cars, How Often, Exceptions, FAQSubaru Synthetic Oil is REQUIRED on most new Subarus for optimum engine performance. Manchester Subaru ... oil at the next oil change . Subaru Outback/ Legacy ... What is the recommended Subaru Synthetic Oil Change Frequency *?
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2012 Subaru Legacy 2.5i Premium oil change interval - Car TalkSo, my dealer insists the oil be changed every 2500-3000 miles. That can't be right, right? Please tell me if I can change it less frequently.
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Why Changing Your Oil In Your Subaru Every 3000 Miles Is A Must While synthetic oil can stretch out the oil change interval the level of .... Hi…what is the spark plug gap on a 1997 Legacy Outback 2.5L DOHC?
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2013 Subary Legacy oil change interval ? - The Garage Journal Board2013 Subary Legacy and was wondering about the oil change interval . .... certain that the oil you use meets the exact Subaru specifications.
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Subaru Synthetic Oil - Fact, Fiction and RequirementsSubaru Synthetic Motor Oil is required on certain new Subarus . Get the facts.
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2013 outback oil change intervals - Subaru Outback - Subaru On mysubaru website and service coupon sent by SOA, it is stating the 1st oil change is at 3000 miles, 2nd at 7500 miles and after that every  ...
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legacycentral bbs • View topic - OEM recommends 7,500 mile oil Most newer cars than ours specify change intervals from 7,500 up to ... I'm using the Subaru synthetic 5W30 oil in the B4 and still changing it  ...
 11  ~ longsubaru.comSubaru Oil Change Intervals & Schedule | Long Subaru in Webster Oil Change Intervals . Holding to the highest of standards, Subaru builds some of the best mechanically designed, engineered, and manufactured vehicles in the  ...
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Oil Change Intervals 2011 & 2012 Subarus | San Francisco Service Stay on top of your Subaru Vehicle's Oil Change Intervals at Carlsen Subaru in San ... It is beneficial to always have your Subaru Forester, Impreza, Legacy ,  ...
 13  ~ secorsubaru.comOil Change Service - Secor Subaru | Vehicles for sale in New your Subaru Legacy , Outback, Impreza, WRX or STi you need to change the oil and oil filter
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How often do I have to change the oil for a 2010 Subaru Legacy 2.5i How often do I have to change the oil for a 2010 Subaru Legacy 2.5i? ... manufacturers are extending their recommended service intervals to  ...
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Caring for Subaru Turbocharged Engines - Subaru Drive MagazineSubaru makes recommendations for the operation, care, and maintenance of new ... the recommended oil and oil filter change interval for turbo vehicles is every  ...
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Thread: First Oil Change Interval - Subaru BRZ ForumWas told by local Subaru service advisor that first oil change interval was at 10000Km like most Subaru cars. I see in other forums that some guys. ... *1998 Subaru Legacy GT 5 Speed* *2006 Volvo XC90 V8* *1948 Austin of  ...
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Going synthetic at next oil change . 0w20? - Car Forums at Edmunds.comAs the title suggests, I am changing over to synthetic oil at my next service
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The Great Subaru Service Swindle - Subaru - Automotive - Whirlpool Service intervals in USA don't match those in Australia, from what I can .... EDIT: I had a 1990 Subaru Legacy (Liberty here) 1.8l wagon that ... Most services apart from the 10k and 40k are just an oil change and some checks.
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Subaru Outback Questions - Oil Change and Tire Rotation Interval Okay...the owner's manual says to change the oil and rotate the tires ... Just recently picked up a 2012 Subaru Legacy Premium with the 2.5  ...
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7500 oil change intervals ? - 1990 to Present Legacy , Impreza i was changing the obw's oil yesterday (first time ever) and my dad said im not supposed to do it until 7500 ( i did it at 3k)...the owners maual  ...
 21  ~ Car Servicing - Newbury Berkshire Basingstoke Winchester Cheapest prices for Subaru Forester & Subaru legacy , Subaru Impreza Servicing
 22  ~ subaruofclaremont.comWhen Should I Change My Oil ? - Subaru of Claremont | Vehicles for The recommended service intervals for your Subaru varies from model to ... the proper oil for your vehicle is, but if you intended to change your own oil or use an ... 1990-2013, Legacy 4-Cyl, 5W-30, 3,750 Miles, 7,500 Miles, Every 3,750 Miles.
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Subaru Legacy International • View topic - Oil change intervalsYou have a twin turbo EJ20... so Its a bit hard to find solid info on the maintenance schedule but you could follow the USDM WRX EJ20  ...
 24  ~ Your Subaru - Subaru of New ZealandChanges in performance, vehicle sounds and appearance may indicate that service or
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Oil Changes : How Often? - AOL AutosFor years the accepted oil change interval (as per the carmakers) has been every 3 months or 3 .... In 1990 I switched to Subaru Legacy .
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Subaru Synthetic Motor Oil Facts and Figures - Patriot SubaruSubaru Synthetic Motor Oil is required on new Subarus . ... Naturally aspirated engines in the newest Forester, Impreza, Legacy , Outback, and ... oil recommendation and the Subaru warranty maintenance guide for specific oil change intervals .
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IMPORTANT: Information on Subaru Motor Oil - NASIOCUse a GF4/SM oil if you have a 2006 or later Subaru ; change your oil at .... into a oil debate over Subaru recommend oil change interval is silly.
 28  ~ tomwoodsubaru.comMajor Service I - Tom Wood Subaru | Vehicles for sale in Intervals and Recommended Services. Oil Change Service (every 3,750 miles); Minor Service (every 7,500 miles); Intermediate Service I (every 15,000 miles)  ...
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Maintenance Guide - Subaru CanadaVisit the official Subaru Canada site for photos, videos, specs and reviews on our ... belts (All turbocharged engines and H4 naturally aspirated Legacy and Outback) ... We recommend you check your engine oil level every second fuel fill- up.
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Subaru Diesel - Which engine oil ? - ScoobyNetI have a subaru legacy boxer diesel and today I noticed the oil level is ... oil changes i intend to do at 6000 miles intervals on my Legacy Diesel.
 31  ~ anchorsubaru.comAnchor Subaru Oil Change - Anchor Subaru | Vehicles for sale in To properly maintain your Subaru Forester, Legacy , Outback,Tribeca, Impreza, WRX or ... With the synthetic oil the recommended oil change interval has been  ...
 32  ~ oilchangekits.comSubaru Legacy 2.5GT Oil Change Kit - OilChangeKits.comConsider using a 10w-30 weight oil if you live in a hot climate. The standard oil change interval for the 2010-2012 Subaru Legacy 2.5 GT is 7,500 miles, 3,750  ...
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Subaru recommended oil change interval Problems & Solutions Ask your Subaru recommended oil change interval questions. Get free help ... Which is the best oil for me to use in the engine of 1995 Subaru Legacy 250T?
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Is Your Turbo Subaru On Borrowed Time? Read This and Find Out. «am buying a used subaru GT legacy 2006 with 100k miles to it. .... The condition of the oil, and oil change frequency is the factor that matters,  ...
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Lucas Engine Oil 5W30 5L Fully Synthetic Subaru LEGACY Petrol Year Range: 04->06 ; Engine-2.5 Petrol ; Engine/Model Notes- EJ 25 ; Oil Tank Capacity- 4 litre ; Oil Change Interval - 9500 Miles / 12 months. Year Range:  ...
 36  ~ nicecarinc.comSUBARU Scheduled Maintenance - Nice Car Inc.The scheduled maintenance items that require service at regular intervals are ... on time every time with scheduled maintenances, oil changes and inspections.
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hi! wat oil is best for my subaru b4 engine, how long do i - JustAnswerFind the answer to this and other Subaru questions on JustAnswer.
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Maintenance Schedules - Burlington SubaruChange oil , filter and drain plug gasket; Install MOC Premium Engine ... Your service advisor can help you determine the interval that is right for you  ...
 39  ~ groovesubaru.comService Menu Pricing - Groove Subaru | Vehicles for sale in Subaru Service Menu. Groove Subaru Intervals and Recommended Services. Groove Subaru Oil change service* (every 3.75 months). Mileage Intervals .
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Subaru Legacy GT 30K/60K/90K Service Maintenance KitsSubaru Legacy GT 30K/60K/90K Service Maintenance Kits. Zoom Out. Zoom In ... All of the necessary items to perform 30,000 mile service intervals on your Subaru Legacy GT. Note: ... -OEM Subaru Replacement Oil Drain Plug Crush Washer
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Used Subaru Legacy and Outback have their problems - Wheels.caWhile they were capable and fun to drive, the used Legacy and Outback ... Consequently, Subaru specified its severe-duty oil change interval   ...
 42  ~ papesubaru.comMaintenance Schedule - Pape Subaru | Vehicles for sale in South 3 months or every 3,750 mileage interval . BASIC__________________. 5w30 conventional motor oil change with API approval deleloped for your Subaru's   ...
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Subaru Most Requested Service - Larry H. Miller Subaru Boise Subaru Most Requested Service in Boise, ID (888) 329-0486 ... With the synthetic oil the recommended oil change interval has been increased to 7,500 miles.
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Subaru maintenance guide | SubaruCAR .net | SubaruCAR .net Models Legacy , Outback, Impreza, Forester and Baja 2001 and beyond. Interval | Service | Time recommended. Every 6 000 km | 0.4 hours. Drain oil filter and replace Subaru ; Check Subaru fluid levels including the 2 Subaru differentials, ... They can change at any time and do not bind the company or its representatives.
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Oil Change Intervals - Subaru of Santa Monica | Vehicles for sale in So, Subaru of Santa Monica wants to provide all Subaru Drivers operating a 2011 or 2012 year model Subaru with an oil change interval listing in order to help  ...
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Spec B Oil Change /Spark Plugs/General Service advice - Engine I've done oil changes once of twice but never on a H6 or any subaru , .... the twin/ triple/quad electrode type plugs extend the change interval by  ...
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Oil Analysis - 1st oil change - Scion FR-S Forum | Subaru BRZ I had Blackstone perform a full analysis of my first oil change on the BRZ. ... though so I'm going to push the oil change interval up to the manual's 7500 miles and see what happens. ... Drives: 2013 HotLava FRS, 2005 Legacy .
 48  ~ vanbortelsubaru.netSubaru Service Menu - Van Bortel Subaru | Vehicles for sale in Intervals and Recommended Services. Oil Change Service (every 3,750 miles); Minor Service I (every 7,500 miles) .... Legacy /Outback/Forester/WRX. $385.95.
 49  ~ waynesubaru.comOil change guide - Wayne SubaruUse the form at the right for convenient oil change and service scheduling!