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tehran fault error failure

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Defect, Fault , Error ,..., or Failure ? - Electrical and Computer tary on software failure [2] by pointing out that “ failure is a matter of function only
 2  ~ voiceofrussia.comSextet, Iran fail to reach final agreements not due to Iran's fault - sourceThe Sextet of international mediators and Iran have failed to reach the ... Under Monday's agreement, Tehran will inform the IAEA about new ...
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Progressive failure on the North Anatolian fault since 1939 by Progressive failure on the North Anatolian fault since 1939 by earthquake stress .... Fault -kinematic and geomorphic observations along the North Tehran Thrust ...
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Scram Incidence Statistic Survey in a Research Nuclear ... - TextRoadTehran research reactor is assessed probabilistically and the human error ... this regard, scram fault tree associated with hardware failures and human errors are ...
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Fault , Guilt or error ? - WordReference Forumsmade a mistake or failed to do something, it can be your…………….. a) fault
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Cognitive Failures , Driving Errors and Driving AccidentsAcknowledgements are due to vice chancellery for research, Tehran University of Medical Sciences for funding this ... cognitive failure driving error driving accident taxi drivers self-report data ..... number of at- fault accidents, and the number of.
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Mahdi Davarpanah - | دانشکده مهندسی برق و کامپیوتر | School of PhD in Power Engineering, University of Tehran , April 2013 ... M. Davarpanah, M. Sanaye-Pasand, and F. B. Ajaei, "CVT failure due do improper ... for increasing the CVT ratio error based on fault diagnosis tests, University of Tehran , Feb.
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IEEE Xplore Abstract - Analysis of the soft error effects on CAN The experiment is done using SINJECT fault injection tool in a simulation based
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Evaluation of Babbling Idiot Failures in FlexRay-Based NetworksSharif University of Technology, Tehran , Iran ... faults lead to babbling idiot failures . ... Keywords: FlexRay protocol, Babbling idiot failure , Fault injection, Error  ...
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Computer Safety, Reliability, and Security: 23rd International ... - Google Books ResultMaritta Heisel, Peter Liggesmeyer, Stefan Wittmann - ‎2004 - 337 pages - Business & EconomicsA Highly Fault Detectable Cache Architecture for Dependable Computing Hamid R.
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Comparative safety assessment of chlorination unit in Tehran In this study, the safety- related features of the chlorination unit in Tehran
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Operation Eagle Claw: The Iran Hostage Rescue MissionThe failure of their mission, Operation Eagle Claw, would be a prime
 14  ~ isterre.frMicroseismicity in the region of Tehran - ISTerreNorth Tehran fault appears clearly as a thrust fault , ... immediate vicinity south of Tehran failed to recon- ... mountain belt, can result in errors in earthquake.
 15  ~ psam12.orgHuman Reliability Analysis VI - PSAM 12Accident Probabilities Assessment Affected by Human Error through Quantification ... contribution in the failure of cooling system of Tehran Research Reactor ... (HEPs) need to be set to high values before solving the fault tree.
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Ashkan Eghbal | LinkedInAmirkabir University of Technology - Tehran Polytechnic. Advanced Computer
 17  ~ asqrd.orgFault Tree Analysis Using Stochastic Logic - ASQ Reliability Divisionsystem's failure rate could be calculated using the stochastic circuitry ... uncertainty and their computation is robust to faults (e.g. soft errors ) [9]. ..... Tehran Iran.
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Jimmy Carter and the Iranian Hostage Crisis - The White House In April 1980, after months of negotiations failed to result in the release of the ... relayed images of angry anti-American mobs outside the embassy in Tehran , ...
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dislocation and strong ground motion zoning under scenario faults On the other hand, the epicentral errors of the past earthquakes are more than tens of kilometers. ... Also, ground failure of liquefaction and land slide potential are ... The North Tehran Fault is 90 km long and located on the north of Teheran .
 20  ~ novaexplore.comA New Approach for Transformer Incipient Fault ... - Nova ExploreIslamic Azad University, Tehran , IRAN ... Transformer incipient fault diagnostic method based on dissolved gas analysis (DGA) ... Arcing, partial discharge (PD), low-energy sparking, severe overloading, pump motor failures are the major ... there are situations of errors and misleading results, when some faults occurred.
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A Comparison Between Data Mining Prediction Algorithms for Fault activities are aimed to reduce failures of industrial machinery and minimize the ... data mining techniques to detect errors and inefficiencies,.
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Investigation of transient fault effects in synchronous and injected faults are replaced by new values before turning into errors . Less than 1 %
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Volume 622 - ScienceDirect.comSensible improvement in terms of the activated fault system geometry ... Mosha Fault and the North Tehran Fault , Alborz range, northern Iran.
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Evaluation of Chlorine Gas Release Hazard - SpringerTehran is a crowded city with high density of population, 11,360.9 persons in ... oversights (MO), design errors (DE), and hardware failures (HF). ... Qualitative analysis on the fault tree yielded a total of 2,083 Minimal Cut Sets.
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Categorizing and Analysis of Activated Faults in the FlexRay faults . In this protocol, an activated fault results in one or more error types which are ... resulted system failures has the occurrence ratio of.
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Stanford Robust Systems Seminar -- Autumn 2005-2006Title: Telemetry, Control and Failure Prediction of Computer Systems
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On the Correlation between Controller Faults and Instruction-Level University of Tehran ... which allows injection of stuck-at faults and transient errors of arbitrary ..... pared and, at the first point of failure , the corresponding fields.
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Hierarchical Fault Diagnosis Using Sensor Data Fusion for Robotic fusion. When sensor error or failure occurs, multi-sensor fusion can reduce ... are with the Islamic. Azad University, Tehran South Branch, Tehran , Iran (e-mail:.
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Detection and Isolation of Speed-, DC-Link Voltage-, and Current Eng., Univ. of Tehran , Tehran , Iran ... ABSTRACT A sensor fault detection and isolation unit is considered for induction-motor ... In the case of a current-sensor failure , it also detects the phase with erroneous sensor output. ... of a networked dc motor system (NDCMS) with an optimal integral-square- error proportional- integral ...
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DNS Spoofing Attack Simulation for Model-Based Security ... - SERSCTechnology, Tehran , Iran ... which address the threats to dependability and security ( faults , errors , failures ), ... reliability block diagrams (RBD) and fault trees.
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Factors associated with reporting nursing errors in ... - BioMed CentralReporting the professional errors for improving patient safety is
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Remembering Iran Air Flight 655 - Tehran Bureau | FRONTLINE | PBStehranbureau An independent source of news on Iran and the Iranian diaspora
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U.N. Inspectors' Iran Nuclear Mission Fails as Tehran Denies Access IAEA inspectors abandoned their mission after Tehran denied them access to
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Developing an Intelligent Fault Diagnosis of MF285 Tractor Gearbox Failures associated with gears represent the cause of extended outages and are ... However, sometimes a certain human error would cause the maintenance ..... Conference on Mechanical Engineering, Tehran , Shahid Bahonar University.
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Tehran Convention COP5: A Milestone in Caspian Cooperation Ministers of Environment and other high level government officials of the five Caspian States met in Ashgabat for the Fifth Conference of the ...
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Characterization of spatial fault patterns in interconnection networksa IPM, School of Computer Science, Tehran , Iran b Department of Electrical .... The cause of a failure is called an error . An error represents an ...
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Combined Logic and Architectural Soft Error Sensitivity Analysis - KITTehran , Iran e-mails: ... with statistical fault injection shows an average inaccuracy of less than 7% with ..... Failure : Error propagates to at least one of the primary.
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an approach to fault -tolerant mobile agent execution using Tehran 16844, Iran. .... These faults can result in agent failures , or in reduced or wrong functionality of agents. ... programming errors that occur on all agent replicas or places) in the code or the place as relevant.
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Release Notes for CiscoWorks LAN Management Solution 4.0 - CiscoOpen Caveats in CiscoWorks Device Fault Manager 3.2
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Frequency and types of the medication errors in an academic Medication errors have been defined as “ failure in the treatment process that ... study was performed at a 46-bed ED of an academic hospital in Tehran , Iran, ... Medication errors are common medical faults leading to adverse effects in patients.
 42  ~ mipro-proceedings.comMipro2012 Proceedingsfailure . In the absence of built-in fault detection methods, rollback recovery ... caused by human errors (in contrast to physical failures , which.
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Naghmeh Karimi - Department of Electrical & Computer EngineeringFault Tolerance and Design-for-Reliability ... University of Tehran , Tehran , Iran. Ph.D. in ... failures in multi-clock SoCs,” IEEE Trans. on Computer-Aided Design of ... error detection in the scheduler of a modern microprocessor,” IEEE Trans. on  ...
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A GA-Based Optimized Fault Identification System Using Neural than half of the faults in gearbox failures are due to gear defects. The current ... Tehran International Congress on Manufacturing Engineering (TICME2005) ... with comparable error rates to identify some specific faults of a gear in a gearbox.
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2 - Server Fault(c) Kas\C4\B1m 2005 verify error :num=20:unable to get local issuer certificate verify return:0 --- Certificate chain 0 s:/C=IR/ST= TEHRAN /L= TEHRAN /OU=IT .... version 0.9.7a of openssl reports “certificate signature failed ”, but ...
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A Novel Methodology for Synthesis of Fault Trees from MATLAB A fault tree is a graphical representation of the relations between basic failures ... costly, laborious, usually incomplete, and prone to errors -of- omission and ... Engineering Department, Power and Water University of Technology, Tehran ,.
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A New Multi-Path Routing Algorithm with Local Recovery Capability and the probability of links failure may cause the fault tolerance issues more .... caches and local error recovery techniques during failures to reduce the control ...
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A new performance measure for characterizing fault rings in ... Science, Institute for Research in Fundamental Sciences (IPM), Tehran , Iran ... Note: OCR errors may be found in this Reference List extracted from the full ... Xialong Wu, Robustness of star graph network under link failure , ...
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A Review on Fault Tolerant Analysis for Hard Real Time Safety systems to mitigate the harmful effect of transient faults (soft errors ) is gaining .... domain failures affecting redundant mitigation techniques implemented on a .... Department, Sharif University of Technology, Tehran , Iran. [4] Restrepo-Calle, F.
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ScTMR: A Scan Chain-Based Error Recovery Technique for ... - DATETMR is a well-known and widely used fault -tolerant tech- nique. However, the ... arrivals in two different modules may lead to a TMR failure if neither of the faults  ...
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A Novel Inductance-Based Technique for Discrimination of Internal University of Tehran . Tehran , Iran ... discrimination between inrush currents and internal faults for a three-phase ... failure and the cost of replacing and repairing the transformer ... method to identify inrush current based on error estimation. In.