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the biggest coyote ever killed

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Province tests DNA of 82-pound coyote - Local - The TelegramCLARENVILLE — A hunter has shot what is believed to be one of the biggest coyotes ever recorded in Newfoundland and Labrador.
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Coyote or Wolf? Missouri Hunter Shoots 80-Pound Mystery Animal The hunter reported his kill to the department of conservation officials ... The largest coyote on record anywhere weighed 74 pounds, so this is ...
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Either the biggest coyote in Ky. or it's a freakin wolf - Kentucky My hunting pardner killed a a female that weighed 73 poumds in Hart county Saturday. ... We contacted Fish and Game and their biologist agreed that she seemed to be more wolf than coyote . ... Never seen one that big ever .
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2013 UGLIEST Coyote Kill Shot Ever - Biggest Deer Predator OMG ... I Didn't even realize until just now that the doe and her fawn that the coyote was chasing before i sliced him ... was watching me do it.
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biggest coyote ive ever seen this morning - New Jersey Hunterrd i came across the biggest coyote ive ever seen.he was every bit. ... has shot and killed what is believed to be the largest Eastern coyote ...
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World's largest Coyote shot here - Gibson Guitar Board - Gibson ForumsA local hunting supply store recently started a contest with prizes for the biggest coyote shot .Last weekend a hunter shot a coyote that weighed ...
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Coyote - Wikipedia, the free encyclopediaYet, confirmed reports of coyotes killing a human have been documented. .... intact, unless food is scarce, in which case they may leave only the largest bones.
 10  ~ creaturecontrol.netCoyotes - Creature ControlThe largest coyote ever recorded ( shot in Alberta Canada) weighed in at 74 ¾ pounds. Northern coyotes tend to be a little larger than southern coyotes and may  ...
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Trapper snares largest ever coyote catch in P.E.I. - Local - The A coyote snared Saturday is the largest ever documented catch on P.E.I., ... So a pack of coyote's killed 21 of my lambs one night just for sport.
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Coyote -wolf hybrid shot in northern ohio. : WTF - RedditThat's just a large coyote with forced perspective. They average around 25lbs but can easily get up to 60 if they have regular access to food.
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Largest Coyote ever found!? - SubetaHonesty, what a waste to kill the fellow. Why not trap it and try to get it relocated to a place that would want the "world`s largest coyote "? It`s not ...
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Your biggest coyote - PredatorMasters Forums#1281019 - 04/26/09 10:13 AM Your biggest coyote ... Post up your biggest weight and what area it was killed . just curious about the sizes in .... I ever killed .
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1600lb Man Eating Grizzly Killed in Alaska - Montana HuntingA 12'6 and 1600lb Man Eating Grizzly Killed in Alaska Warning, the third picture is for folks with strong stomachs only. ... Grizzly Killed · Moose, Coyote , and Big Sky » ... It's the largest grizzly bear ever recorded in the world.
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Killer Coyote | Outdoor LifeI like the comments I don't think enough people kill coyotes when they see them ... And for those of you saying that has to be the biggest coyote you ever saw for ...
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Largest coyote ever shot in Newfoundland - ZetaBoardsCLARENVILLE, N.L. - A hunter has shot what is believed to be one of the biggest coyotes ever recorded in Newfoundland and Labrador.
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(GRAPHIC VIDEO): Coyotes Attack Ohio Buck Shot By Bowhunter Mark Kenyon saw coyotes attack a buck that was shot by his friend in ... first deer ever with a bow, and it was also the biggest deer Josh had ...
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What is the largest dog a coyote could kill and what type of fence We recently moved into our current house, this morning I watched a coyote walk through the yard. We don't have a fence but will be installing one soon and were  ...
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biggest coyote - Coyote Hunting - Predator Hunting / Calling Page 1 of 2 - biggest coyote - posted in Coyote Hunting: Whats the ... I have never killed on that big, nor ever seen one that big since, that I ...
 22  ~ coyotehunter.netCoyote Hunting Information - • View topic - What These two big coyotes that I killed were bigger than all the others i had .... The biggest coyote i have ever seen on a scale was one that tory and ...
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104 pound coyote shot in Missouri !! | The Wildlife NewsJust because it's legal to kill coyotes during deer doesn't mean you ..... Been around 100s of dead Coyotes my friends have shot not 1 ever  ...
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Coyotes attack man near Niwot; wildlife officials kill two of three Dickehage said he turned on his flashlight to see what made the noise when the largest of the three animals attacked. The coyotes lunged at ...
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biggest coyote i have ever seen Kansas BowhuntingOnly if they can kill 'em. An old boar coon can kill a pit bull if he can ever get him in water. Sure doesn't look like they are too concerned about ...
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coyote killed in etown - TopixWhat happened to the post about a huge coyote killed in etown? .... You ever hear that old term " mess with a cop. you get what you deserve".
 28  ~ endeavornews.comBiggest - ever Sinnemahoning Coyote Hunt; 14 killed - Endeavor NewsDavid Prince of Genesee looks on as his coyote is weighed at contest headquarters in Sinnemahoning. It was far and away the heaviest, ...
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Shedding Light on the Eastern Coyote - coyote , minus its collar, was shot a few months later. Stories began to ... Barring the black bear, it's the state's largest predatory animal. ... No measurable good ever resulted from the Game Commission's predator bounties in the 1900s.
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Big Coyote - Predator Calling - The Varminter ForumsPage 1 of 2 - Big Coyote - posted in Predator Calling: I'm not sure if this is the biggest coyote I've ever shot , but it certainly would make the top ...
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No Honor in Killing God's Dog | The Democratic DailyMost of the coyotes killed weighed 30–40 pounds, about the size of a Brittany Spaniel; the largest weighed 51 pounds. This hunt was organized by District ... Ever resourceful, coyotes filled the void. In Pennsylvania, as in most ...
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Hunter shoots unusually large coyote in Northwest Missouri A Carroll County deer hunter shot a coyote weighing more than 100 pounds.
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Update on the dog, or wolf, or dog-wolf, shot on Oct. 30 in Derry A 90-pound animal is much closer to the expected size of a large coyote in Pennsylvania, where the largest known to the commission weighed ...
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the 185 pound coyote !! | Trapper Talk | ForumsI tried telling this fella that it's just an optical illusion, coyotes/coywolf or whatever do not get to 185 pounds . that the biggest coyote I ever caught ...
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No Honor in Killing God's Dog | MyFDLMost of the coyotes killed weighed 30–40 pounds, about the size of a Brittany Spaniel; the largest weighed 51 pounds. This hunt was organized by District ... Ever resourceful, coyotes filled the void. In Pennsylvania, as in most ...
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Catskill Mountains - Coyote - Catskill MountaineerThe peaks of mountains also become kill -zones when the prey cannot get away. You can ... The largest coyote weighed 74 pounds and was over five feet long.
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What is the biggest coyote ever killed | ChaChaI'm sorry there is no record kept for the largest coyote ever killed , a 60 lbs coyote is the largest on record for Pennsylvania ... In the New York coyote ...
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No Honor in Killing 'God's Dog' - Daily KosA “reward” of $100 was paid for each coyote killed ; whoever killed the biggest coyote in each of the
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Coyote / Wolf Hybrid Making It's Presence Known, page 1 - Above Top Saturn, I would looooove to see a pic if you ever get the opportunity my .... The ave. coyote is 30-35, and to date the biggest one shot locally ...
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Top 10 Little-Known Facts About Wolves - ListverseFact: A large percentage of coyotes are actually wolf hybrids. ... The largest wolf ever killed in North America was taken in Alaska in 1939 and ...
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No Honor in Killing 'God's Dog' | The Moderate VoiceMost of the coyotes killed weighed 30–40 pounds, about the size of a Brittany Spaniel; the largest weighed 51 pounds. This hunt was organized by District ... Ever resourceful, coyotes filled the void. In Pennsylvania, as in most ...
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Coyotes Kill Buck - Caught on Game Camera Photos | Deer The real question is, “How many deer do coyotes kill each year?
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2010 November | Michael Pearce's Kansas Outdoors | Wichita Eagle 13 a Missouri deer hunter shot what he thought was a large coyote and it
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Biggest coyote I have seen! - Georgia Outdoor News ForumBeautiful, why does he need killing ? ... One of the biggest coyotes I have ever seen. His big .... I killed one very similar to this one this year.
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reduced the coyote population - Audubon MagazineIn response, some ranchers kill as many coyotes as they can. ... One of the largest killers of coyotes is the U.S. government, which has been ... dollars devoted to coyote removal, today more coyotes are living in more places than ever before.
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Biggest coyote of 2007 Running post : Fox and Coyote Hunting id like to start a running tally of the weights of the dogs we kill
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Wolf killed in Kentucky | The Retriever, Dog, & Wildlife BlogA wolf was killed in Hart County, Kentucky, this past March. ... Troyer, 31, said he had taken a coyote off the property just two weeks earlier.
 49  ~ huntmastersbbs.comThe New Huntmastersbbs!: Kentuckys biggest coyote or a freakin wolf?"One radio-collared U.P. wolf was killed in Missouri, 470 miles from .... for comparison, this is the largest coyote I've ever seen & weighed it ...
 50  ~ coyoteinfo.typepad.comEastern Coyote InstituteStudies show that the Wild Turkey Population in New England is larger and stronger than ever - Thanks to coyotes ! Does Killing Coyotes Control Their ...
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Coyotes : Maine IF&W - Maine.govDespite ever continued human encroachment and efforts to eliminate coyotes , the species has ... Coyotes may occasionally kill another coyote or its pups.
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Kent man attacked by coyotes in his own backyard | Local I have had Donk's kill coyotes for crossing our land into their pasture. .....  @ kansas-country So a starving coyote wouldn't ever act this way?
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Pennsylvania weighs coyote bounties, but they're usually ineffective The state's second- largest predator after the black bear, the coyote has been
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Gallery For Biggest Coyote Ever KilledBiggest Coyote Ever Killed Largest coyote i have ever Biggest Coyote Ever Killed Britain's 'biggest ever fox' Biggest Coyote Ever Killed Biggest coon that you ...