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thunderbird not showing unread

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Thunderbird keeps showing one unread message in inbox Posted Mar Wed 25th 2009 7:50am. hi, has the thread title says it keeps showing (1) in bold case, how can i get rid of this? (and there is no unread message)  ...
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918962 – Some folders should be ignored when counting " unread Displaying number of unread email near to the account name is a new TB24
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[ubuntu] Thunderbird does not show unread mail counts, envelope I am using Oneiric Beta(fresh install), and the Thunderbird install seems to have an issue. When I receive a new mail in the only account  ...
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Thunderbird Tip: Show Only Unread Messages | PCWorldThunderbird has no instruction manual, per se, so you might ... Indeed, sometimes it's better to have your inbox show you only your unread mail  ...
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How to Display Only Unread Messages in Mozilla Thunderbird Unread messages are not always unread , but they are always important (I often mark messages unread if I have read them, but they still require attention).
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Thunderbird's Unity Icon keeps showing unread mail indication even Thunderbird's Unity Icon keeps showing unread mail indication even if ... even when the new mails have been read and are no longer ' unread '.
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Mozilla Thunderbird does not show all my emails but total shows I don't seem to get all my emails and I noticed that the information in the lower right corner states : unread 0 , total 168? But there is absolutely  ...
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Bug #1172863 “ Thunderbird does not show number of unread Thunderbirds launcher icon shows no number of unread messages. Integration with the messages menu works (the letter symbol is correctly  ...
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How to Display Only Unread Messages in Mozilla ThunderbirdOn Mozilla Thunderbird you can display messages by " unread ", "starred", ... creating a page that has been read 1,903 times. Was this article accurate? Yes No .
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Thunderbird add–on to comfortably switch threaded view between You can hide all threads which do not have any unread postings: Thunderbird screenshot showing only threads with unread postings. I did test  ...
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Wrong unread message notification - Google GroupsThunderbird 17.0.6 has started showing incorrect unread message ... This may or may not remove any folders under Trash; if it doesn't,
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Thunderbird 24 Unread Message Count Now Includes Subfolders Counts In Thunderbird 24 with the Folder pane visible and viewing Unread ... In previous releases, the message count would only show the count of unread messages in ... I could not find any option to re-instate the previous behavior.
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Read out Thunderbird unread mail? (linux, terminal) - Stack OverflowI Think there is no text-file containing the unread -email count... Any suggestions? ... Thunderbird not showing mail properly ( php mail() ).
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Glx-Dock / Cairo-Dock - Thunderbird Unread Count Add-On brokento me it appears to not be getting the unread messages number from my imap ... tested on xubuntu 13.10 and 13.04, clean thunderbird profiles
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email - Using Thunderbird and gmail, sent items appear as unread The workaround is to trick Thunderbird to not pay attention to that ... EDIT: I discovered that after doing this, new received items still show up  ...
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[SOLVED] Thunderbird 3 Shows Messages Unread At Random - ZimbraThunderbird 3 seems to have an. ... Show Printable Version · Subscribe to this Thread… ... marked as read will periodically change all messages marked to unread . ... Palm Treo w/ActiveSync - Random Messages not syncing.
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Switching the folder pane view | How to | ThunderbirdThere are several "views" that can be used to display in the folder pane. ... and displayed (while not affecting the actual folders or messages themselves.) ... Unread : This view only shows account and folders that contain unread messages .
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Advanced Unread Folders For Thunderbird | GhacksEspecially the unread folder view is handy to display only folders with ... Users who only work with default folders in Thunderbird do not really  ...
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530 Thunderbird - Unread Email Not Visible & Repair ... - SourceForgeAt about 2:30PM I noted email was showing in the folder view of Thunderbird that there were unread email. I tried to sort by read status flag  ...
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WebApp not showing unread mail when using nested folders - Zarafa bold and that the Important folder shows a (1) for one unread email (similar to how Thunderbird works). Currently this does not seem to work.
 21  ~ flashlabs.euNew mail notification icon for Thunderbird not showing in system New mail notification icon for Thunderbird not showing in system tray on Windows 7. Few weeks ago I noticed that whenever I got new mail,  ...
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Mozilla - Thunderbird - TB24: " unread " number not shown in BOLDUpgrading to TB24 somehow disabled the display of this " unread " ... so good although I didn't like TB24 to disable it for no apparent reason.
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#1486701 (The threaded view doesn't is not get bold on unread (And no , please don't jump the gun make the text italic to show this, LOL!) There is too ... This is your opinion, our (and Thunderbird's developers) is different.
 24  ~ thunderbirdmail.blogspot.comThunderbird Tip: Show Only Unread Messages | ThunderBirdBut that's not always the most practical way to deal with unread mail. ... sometimes it's better to have your inbox show you only your unread mail  ...
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Bug 558580 – Thunderbird is randomly marking entire folders unreadShow dependency tree / graph ... I'm not sure if this is related to the version of thunderbird doing the mail filtering, or if it is an x86_64 problem.
 26  ~ Application ModificationsMessage Pane and Quick Filter Bar bug; Remove Folder Pane unread count; Trash
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Unread Mail messages - Show sender and subject | GeekletsI have seen a few scripts for showing sender and subjects of unread email from ... isn't any unread messages, it will show nothing, as to not be obstructive. ... great thing! do you think i could use it also with thunderbird Mail?
 28  ~ thesmithlife.comThunderbird Unread Message Count IncorrectHow to fix the unread count in Mozilla Thunderbird . ... I am not responsible for lost data if these instructions do not work, or make things worse! Background: I  ...
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The Thunderbird Read Status Is Not Working | Chron.comWhen you receive a new email in Thunderbird , the email appears with an Unread mail status. This message displays in bold face type and the folder that  ...
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Don't automatically mark messages as read in Thunderbird Menu -> Edit -> Settings -> Advanced -> Reading & Display ; If the option " Automatically ... menu -> "edit" -> "settings"; section "advanced"; do not uncheck " mark  ...
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Getting Started with Thunderbird ™NOT run any scripts or “executables” included in any message, regardless of format. Getting Thunderbird .... safety precaution, Thunderbird requires your permission to display images not attached to the message. Once ... unread messages.
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How to Make Gmail Play Nicely with Your Desktop Email ClientWhile Thunderbird no longer needs any extra work to become the .... this smart mailbox will show unread badges in the sidebar, but not on the  ...
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The first bug I found in Thunderbird | Not The User's FaultI have discovered the dock icon can't display 5-digit numbers correctly! A bug! ... Thunderbird dock icon showing 14875 unread emails.
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Can email icon show just NEW count, not UNREAD ? - Apple Support In windows, the notifiction would just show the new email count - the ... My prefered client is Thunderbird , but open to others... if that helps.
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Unread HIghlight Thunderbird 3.1.4 - Computer Help Forum That said, I can not find a way to maintain the Unread status (bold font) of ... I store for at least a month, to show if they have been read or not .
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Hints and tips | Computer and IT Support | University of St AndrewsSaving, detaching and deleting attachments; Displaying attachments in-line; Attachments ... Older extensions may not work with the current version of Thunderbird , or may .... When a new message arrives in your INBOX it is marked as unread .
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POP Peeper • View topic - Gmail imap unread ThunderbirdAfter I get a gmail imap notification from poppeeper thunderbird shows the message as read and does not bold the imap inbox to show it as  ...
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IMAP and Syncing read/ unread status - DreamHost ForumHowever, mail that I read in Thunderbird is "read" in the webmail inbox, but not on the iPhone. The status doesn't change even if I tell the phone  ...
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[RESOLVED] All Messages Disappeared Suddenly Out of Inbox in I had not done anything yet, I was just waiting for any new emails to
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Thunderbird messages in Message Indicator • KDE Community Forumsi am using thunderbird with kde kubuntu each time a new message comes
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Mail filtering via procmail does not highlight folder when it has mail The only problem is that in Thunderbird client the folders do not show in bold like they used to, to indicate that they have unread mail until I  ...
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Easily see unread emails in Mozilla Thunderbird - OrganicWebThese quick few steps will show you how to view unread messages in the Thunderbird email client.
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Unity Unread Count Displays Thunderbird Mail Count In Unity Unity Unread Count is a Thunderbird extension which enables ... Firefox might not be the most popular web browser out there right now, but the  ...
 44  ~ spurious.bizAnnoying Thunderbird 3 imap bug leading to read/ unread flag Annoying Thunderbird 3 imap bug leading to read/ unread flag randomly changing ... Not wanting to wait for a newer release (hopefull 3.0.2 will fix this issue), I figured out how to fix ... Display comments as (Linear | Threaded).
 46  ~ Thunderbird ChromeI prefer to not have the folder's name highlight unread or new mail by becoming bold,  ...
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Install Docky Unread Count for newer Thunderbird versions | Greg If you use a thunderbird ppa or have a newer version of thunderbird installed, you will get an error when installing docky unread count saying that it is not   ...
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Unity unread count – Notify Unity of new mails in Thunderbird Unity unread count – Notify Unity of new mails in Thunderbird . June 1, 2011 · General · Email ... Name (required). Mail (will not be published) (required). Website.
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Gathering unread messages in Thunderbird - PC World ForumsI have been trying to do this in Thunderbird , without success. ... with unread messages under favorites, but that is not quite the same thing.
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FS#36998 : [ thunderbird ] v24.0 changed unread message countShow Task # ... REPEAT: Do NOT report bugs for outdated packages! Tasklist. FS #36998 - [ thunderbird ] v24.0 changed unread message count.