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transistor equivalent table

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Transistor Equivalent Table ? - Ask.comA transistor equivalent table lists all the parameters and characteristics of a transistor database. The user can enter information in order to do a cross reference.
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All Transistors Datasheet . Parameters and Characteristics Datasheet archive, search for transistors , transistor cross reference search.
 3  ~ dccomponents.comTransistors , SCR, IC - DC Components Co LtdR. CROSS REFERENCE / EQUIVALENT TABLE . Transistors , SCR, IC. 2N2955 · 2N2955. TO-3 ... Cross Reference Table 1 / 13. Cross Reference Table 2 / 13 ...
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CHOOSING A REPLACEMENT TRANSISTOR - Jaycar ElectronicsClearly the ideal replacement for any transistor is a new one of exactly the same type. But let's ... Comparison Tables that are available (Electus stocks some very.
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transistor equivalent table - Datasheet Archivetransistor equivalent table datasheet, cross reference, circuit and application notes in pdf format.
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General Purpose Transistors - Technical Data - FuturlecTransistors · General Purpose · 2N Series · BC Series · C Series ... GENERAL PURPOSE TRANSISTORS . Transistor - General Purpose Comparison Table  ...
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NTE Electronics Cross Reference SearchNTE is a supplier of active, passive and electromechanical electronic components. Cross reference for resistors, relays, and semiconductors.
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Transistors Equivalent | Products & Suppliers on GlobalSpecFind Transistors Equivalent related suppliers, manufacturers, products and specifications on GlobalSpec - a trusted source of Transistors Equivalent information.
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Transistor Data - Talking ElectronicsThere is no simple answer to finding a replacement for a transistor . There are ... With these facts you can go to a replacement chart and find a suitable device.
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Transistor (BJT) Master Table | Diodes, IncTransistor (BJT) Master Table . ... Voltage CMOS Logic - With advantages like Wide Supply Voltage Range, Loff Circuit Included, Direct Replacement , and more .
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Transistor Equivalents for the substitution of modern transistors in The links at left may help you to research your own replacement transistors . ... these tables to be able to compare modern transistor specifications, so that these  ...
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Power Transistors - Toshiba Electronics EuropeThese types of transistor are suitable for low-output AC
 14  ~ ohio.eduLecture10 MOS Transistor Circuit Analysis (ppt)Field Effect Transistors Circuit Analysis ... MOS Small Signal Equivalent ; Transconductance; Common-Source Amplifiers; Source Follower ... Logic truth table .
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European-Japanese equivalent transistor table - Forum for ElectronicsI need an European to Japanese equivalent transistor table or which japanese transistor is equivalent to an european one. Regards, Fernando ...
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Cross Reference - Electronic Circuits, TV Schematics, AudioSemiconductor ( Transistor , diode, IC) Cross reference .
 17  ~ ampix.orgSEMI-CONDUCTOR/ TRANSISTOR CROSS-REFERENCE ... - ampixCommercially available equivalents may not ... Part numbering system for Peavey TO-3 power transistors . Example: 70484200 ..... 153 = .015 (see chart above).
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Transistor equivalent cross reference database - Build Your Own Transistor equivalent cross reference database. ... you techs out there. What's your favorite site for replacement part cross referencing ? Logged.
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transistor equivalent chart pdf - P(1) - Search-Document.comLooking for: transistor equivalent chart . Transistor Basics: - UNLV Physics · The gain of the transistor will be listed in the datasheet as either βDC or Hfe. The gain  ...
 20  ~ pssaudio.comTransistor Equivalency Table - PSS AUDIO public forums - Forums We do not and cannot stock all transistors for after sales. That is why we are offering you an equivalency table thus you can order us today's ...
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Bipolar Power Transistor Selection GuideSelection Guide. January 2003. Table of Contents. Product page. General Purpose Transistors . Horizontal Deflection Output Transistors . Product page. DPAK.
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Transistor - 101ScienceCross Reference , NTE, Testing. Data Sheets, Old Transistor Radios, Transistor Links. Design, Pin-Outs, Tutorials. Devices, Power Supplies, Typical Circuit.
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Transistor Replacement - All About Circuits ForumTransistor Replacement The Projects Forum. ... I have also attached a transistor table that I found on the internet some time ago. (unzip it and ...
 25  ~ elecurls.tripod.comMy NTE Cross Reference ChartNTE Components with cross-reference . ... 2N702 NTE123A NPN Silicon Complementary Transistor , General Purpose 2N918(A) NTE161 NPN Silicon Transistor  ...
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RF and Microwave Transistor Oscillator Design - Google Books ResultAndrei Grebennikov - ‎2007 - 458 pagesSERIES FEEDBACK BIPOLAR OSCILLATORS 147 Table 4.1 Microwave bipolar transistor equivalent circuit parameters Cco Cci(Vμ = 0V) Cπ(Vπ = 0V) Le Lb Lc ...
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Understanding a Digital Transistor Datasheet - ON Semiconductordatasheet describes a Digital Transistor that has an input resistor, R1, equal to ... Characteristics Table of every Digital Transistor datasheet . In this case R1(min) ...
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Transistor Substitution Chart - DIYstompboxes.comIf a schematic calls for a transistor that you don't have, this chart ... Also, if the transistor you need isn't listed, you can look up the datasheet  ...
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SMALL SIGNAL RF TRANSISTORS - CECS - ANUYou have probably seen the low frequency small signal equivalent circuit of a ... The data for the s parameters of the BF199 listed in the table on this site has ...
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PMBFJ620 Dual N-channel field-effect transistor - NXP Two N-channel symmetrical junction field-effect transistors in a SOT363 ... IEC/ST 61340-5, JESD625-A or equivalent standards. Table 1.
 32  ~ videosistemas.comTransistor - videosistemasTransistor . Field Effect Transistor . Transistor with Internal Resistor. Transistor Array ... Quick Reference Table by Function / Application ... Equivalent Circuit.
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BC548 Transistor Datasheet | Transistor BC548 PINOUT BC548 is general purpose silicon, NPN, bipolar junction transistor . It is used for amplification and switching purposes. The current gain may vary between 110 ...
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Logic gate - Wikipedia, the free encyclopediaLogic gates are primarily implemented using diodes or transistors acting as electronic ... 4 De Morgan equivalent symbols; 5 Data storage; 6 Three-state logic gates .... by some, see the column "DIN 40700" in the table in the German Wikipedia.
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Cross Reference - Universal transistor reference - Page 1 - EEVblogHas anyone had any luck finding any cross reference tables or search engines where one can look up any transistor and get a list of all the ...
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Transistor codes - Surface Mount, PNP, NPN, Choosing ... - DAE NotesThere are three main series of transistor codes. ... will specify a particular transistor , but if necessary you can usually substitute an equivalent transistor from the wide range available. ... The quantities shown in the table are explained below.
 37  ~ bustedgear.comTransistor Substitution - BustedGearHow to choose a substitute transistor when an exact replacement isn't available.
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Transistor - WikitronicsIn figLLKig 2(c) shows the diode equivalent circuit of N-P-N transistor . ... Besides these here we are giving a table to identify terminals of some other transistors .
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The Defpom Signal Transistor Cross Reference Page - CBA page which shows a specifications chart for various signal transistors .
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Table d'equivalence transistors - Comment Ça Marcheessayer abc vous tapez le code de transistor et vous aurez soit une explication soit l equivalent suivant votre chois.c est ...
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Transistors and Logic Circuits TransistorTransistor control voltage in voltage out control high allows current to flow -- ... NOT Gate One transistor . In. Out ... Any Logic Truth Table can be implemented.
 43  ~ ok2kkw.comConversion table for Motorola RF power transistors - Ok2kkw.comSome conversion tables for Motorola RF power LDMOS ...
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PNP Transistor Tutorial - The Bipolar PNP TransistorElectronics Tutorial about the PNP Transistor , the PNP Transistor as a switch and ... are the same as those used for an equivalent NPN transistor and is given as.
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[EE] QUERY: How to find equivalents for transistor - MicroControllers[EE] QUERY: How to find equivalents for transistor . I am building a ... something. Is there some sort of "equivalence table " (or whatever the
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Noise Figureminimum noise figure of transistor , attained when. : equivalent noise resistance of transistor . Also we have ... Table : VALUES OF NOISE - FIGURE CIRCLES ...
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High voltage NPN power transistor for CRT TV - STMicroelectronicsHigh voltage NPN power transistor for CRT TV ... Table 1. Device summary. Order code. Marking. Package. Packaging .... OF MERCHANTABILITY, FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE (AND THEIR EQUIVALENTS UNDER THE LAWS.
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Thevenin Equivalent CircuitsAn introduction to Thevinin and Norton Equivalent Circuits and the maximum power theorem.
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Power Transistors Catalog (PDF, 2.7 MB) - IBS ElectronicsTransistor Selection Guide..2. Reliability. ..... The details of these are shown in Table 1. .... problems, Table 2 shows the recommended tightening torques.
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ST13003-KHigh voltage fast-switching NPN power transistor . Datasheet - production data ... Table 1. Device summary. Part number. Marking. Package.
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Vacuum Tubes versus Solid-State Transistors - The Audio Archive, Inc.Since the table is only available as a graphic image, we transcribe the text from the ... loads, like speakers; Usually higher cost than equivalent transistors .
 54  ~ des matières 713.1 Les caractéristiques des principaux Transistors . Partie 7 Chapitre 3 page 1. Partie 7 : Tableaux de caractéristiques. Table des matières. 713.1 Les caractéristiques des principaux transistors .