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transistor equivalent table

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 1  ~ dccomponents.comTransistors , SCR, IC - DC Components Co LtdR. CROSS REFERENCE / EQUIVALENT TABLE . Transistors , SCR, IC. 2N2955 · 2N2955. TO-3 ... Cross Reference Table 1 / 13. Cross Reference Table 2 / 13 ...
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General Purpose Transistors - Technical Data - FuturlecGENERAL PURPOSE TRANSISTORS . Transistor - General Purpose Comparison Table . Technical Data. Electrical Characteristics - BC Series. Type, Package ...
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All Transistors Datasheet . Parameters and Characteristics Datasheet archive, search for transistors , transistor cross reference search.
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transistor equivalent table - Datasheet Archivetransistor equivalent table datasheet, cross reference, circuit and application notes in pdf format.
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CHOOSING A REPLACEMENT TRANSISTOR - Jaycar ElectronicsClearly the ideal replacement for any transistor is a new one of exactly the same type. But let's ... Comparison Tables that are available (Electus stocks some very.
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Cross Reference - Electronic Circuits, TV Schematics, AudioSemiconductor ( Transistor , diode, IC) Cross reference .
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Electronics: SMD Cross Reference - Lookup TableSurface mount Cross Reference lookup table . ... Code, Device, Manufacturer, Base, Package, Leaded Equivalent /Data. 0 · HVC300A. Hit. -. SOD523. Varicap ...
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Transistors Equivalent | Products & Suppliers on GlobalSpecFind Transistors Equivalent related suppliers, manufacturers, products and specifications on GlobalSpec - a trusted source of Transistors Equivalent information.
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European-Japanese equivalent transistor table - EDAboard I need an European to Japanese equivalent transistor table or which japanese transistor is equivalent to an european one. Regards, Fernando ...
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SEMI-CONDUCTOR/ TRANSISTOR CROSS-REFERENCE LIST Commercially available equivalents may not ... Part numbering system for Peavey TO-3 power transistors . Example: 70484200 ..... 153 = .015 (see chart above).
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Transistor (BJT) Master Table | Diodes, IncTransistor (BJT) Master Table . ... Voltage CMOS Logic - With advantages like Wide Supply Voltage Range, Loff Circuit Included, Direct Replacement , and more .
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[EE] QUERY: How to find equivalents for transistor - MicroControllers[EE] QUERY: How to find equivalents for transistor . I am building a ... something. Is there some sort of "equivalence table " (or whatever the
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Electronic Components & Transistors - Cross Reference , Data SheetsYour guide to electronic components: cross reference ( transistors , ICs, diodes, etc.), theory of operation, part ... Resistor properties, color chart and calculator
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Transistor Replacement - All About Circuits ForumTransistor Replacement The Projects Forum. ... I have also attached a transistor table that I found on the internet some time ago. (unzip it and ...
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Transistor Equivalents for the substitution of modern transistors in The links at left may help you to research your own replacement transistors . ... these tables to be able to compare modern transistor specifications, so that these  ...
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Transistor equivalent cross reference database - Build Your Own Transistor equivalent cross reference database. ... you techs out there. What's your favorite site for replacement part cross referencing ? Logged.
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Transistor Data - Talking ElectronicsThere is no simple answer to finding a replacement for a transistor . There are ... With these facts you can go to a replacement chart and find a suitable device.
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NTE Electronics Cross Reference SearchNTE is a supplier of active, passive and electromechanical electronic components. Cross reference for resistors, relays, and semiconductors.
 22  ~ videosistemas.comTransistor - videosistemasTransistor . Field Effect Transistor . Transistor with Internal Resistor. Transistor Array ... Quick Reference Table by Function / Application ... Equivalent Circuit.
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Transistor Substitution Chart - DIYstompboxes.comIf a schematic calls for a transistor that you don't have, this chart ... Also, if the transistor you need isn't listed, you can look up the datasheet  ...
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Transistor codes - Surface Mount, PNP, NPN, Choosing ... - DAE NotesThere are three main series of transistor codes. ... if necessary you can usually substitute an equivalent transistor from the wide range available. ... The table below shows the most important technical data for some popular transistors , tables in ...
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Bipolar Power Transistor Selection GuideSelection Guide. January 2003. Table of Contents. Product page. General Purpose Transistors . Horizontal Deflection Output Transistors . Product page. DPAK.
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Dependable Computing - EDCC-1: First European Dependable Computing ... - Google Books ResultKlaus Echtle, Dieter Hammer, David Powell - ‎1994 - 618 pages - ComputersIn all cases, the basic idea consists in finding a single transistor equivalent to the ... of the equivalent transistor needs no SPICE simulation, no table , no iterative ...
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Catalogue 2013 - ECA München Germany cm os/ecl/interface/ttl transistor com parison table com parison C. D .... Equivalent Reference Tables for transistors , diodes, thyristors and ICs.
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repair - How can I find a replacement for a transistor ? - Electrical Is there any website which could help me find an equivalent transistor ? For instance I want to replace BC106 and 2N3634 with others that act ...
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Logic gate - Wikipedia, the free encyclopediaLogic gates are primarily implemented using diodes or transistors acting as electronic ... 4 De Morgan equivalent symbols; 5 Data storage; 6 Three-state logic gates .... by some, see the column "DIN 40700" in the table in the German Wikipedia.
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Understanding a Digital Transistor Datasheet - ON Semiconductordatasheet describes a Digital Transistor that has an input resistor, R1, equal to ... Characteristics Table of every Digital Transistor datasheet . In this case R1(min) ...
 33  ~ elecurls.tripod.comMy NTE Cross Reference ChartNTE Components with cross-reference . ... 2N158 NTE121 PNP Germanium Transistor , Audio Frequency Power Amp. 2N256 NTE104 PNP Germanium ...
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Transistor - 101Science.comCross Reference , NTE, Testing. Data Sheets, Old Transistor Radios, Transistor Links. Design, Pin-Outs, Tutorials. Devices, Power Supplies, Typical Circuit.
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Logic NOT Gate Tutorial with Logic NOT Gate Truth Table - Basic The transistor must be saturated “ON” for an inverted output “OFF” at Q. transistor not ... Symbol, Truth Table . logic not gate ... NAND and NOR Gate Equivalents .
 37  ~ ohio.eduLecture10 MOS Transistor Circuit Analysis (ppt)Field Effect Transistors Circuit Analysis ... MOS Small Signal Equivalent ; Transconductance; Common-Source Amplifiers; Source Follower ... Logic truth table .
 38  ~ ok2kkw.comConversion table for Motorola RF power transistors - Ok2kkw.comCopy of Arrow Cross Reference table for Philips transistors here: ... Philips offers equivalent devices for many of these discontinued parts. Click the link within the ...
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NPN RF silicon transistor - STMicroelectronicsTable 7. Transistor chip data. Symbol. Value. TMEAS. 27.0. IS. 3.27E-16. ISE ... In order to avoid high complexity of the package equivalent circuit, the two emitter ...
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Transistor Hybrid ModelTo demonstrate the Hybrid transistor model an ac equivalent circuit must be ... The table below lists the four h-parameters for the BJT in common base and ...
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Transistors and Logic Circuits TransistorTransistor control voltage in voltage out control high allows current to flow -- ... NOT Gate One transistor . In. Out ... Any Logic Truth Table can be implemented.
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Transistor Substitution | Electronics Forum (Circuits, Projects Can anyone advise me of a suitable, readily available, substitute for an S9012 transistor ? and/or tell me where such substitution tables are to ...
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The Defpom Signal Transistor Cross Reference PageA page which shows a specifications chart for various signal transistors .
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Cross Reference - Universal transistor reference - Page 1 - EEVblogHas anyone had any luck finding any cross reference tables or search engines where one can look up any transistor and get a list of all the ...
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BC548 Transistor Datasheet | Transistor BC548 PINOUT BC548 is general purpose silicon, NPN, bipolar junction transistor . It is used for amplification and switching purposes. The current gain may vary between 110 ...
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POWER TRANSISTORS - IBS Electronicss Transistors for Switch Mode Power Supplies (for AC80–130V input) s Transistors ..... problems, Table 2 shows the recommended tightening torques for each ...
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MOSFET Equivalent - AnandTech ForumsMOSFET Equivalent Motherboards. ... I need help, how to find MOSFET transistor equivalent ? Hard to find the same type of MOSFET for my ...
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Complementary power transistors - Octopartresulting transistors show exceptional high gain ... voltage. . Figure 1. Internal schematic diagrams. Table 1. Device summary. TO-247. 1. 2. 3 .... FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE (AND THEIR EQUIVALENTS UNDER THE LAWS.
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Vacuum Tubes versus Solid-State Transistors - The Audio ArchiveSince the table is only available as a graphic image, we transcribe the text from the ... loads, like speakers; Usually higher cost than equivalent transistors .
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QRPer'sThe most common bipolar junction transistors (BJT) used by hobbyists and QRPers
 52  ~ bunkerofdoom.comTransistor Replacement Guide - Bunker of DOOMReplacement Transistors are specifically de~ ... order to protect the replacement transistor .... AND TECHNICAL DATA CHART 'FoFuilVERSAL TRANSISTORS .
 53  ~ bustedgear.comTransistor Substitution - BustedGearHow to choose a substitute transistor when an exact replacement isn't available.
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Thevenin Equivalent CircuitsAn introduction to Thevinin and Norton Equivalent Circuits and the maximum power theorem.
 55  ~ eca-electronic.deECA - Semiconductor Information Resource Since 1970over 90.000 diodes; overr 55.000 FETs; over 130.000 transistors ; over ... Equivalent Reference Tables for transistors , diodes, thyristors and ICs.