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transistor markings

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Reading Transistor MarkingsMost transistor markings follow one of these codes: JEDEC, JIS or Pro-Electron. For ICs, look for known numbers. (e.g. 741, 4001, 7400) between the prefix and ...
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Transistor marking codes - Electrical Engineering - University of
 3  ~ tanker.seTransistor Info.In order to help answer these problems I have compiled a description of the three major transistor marking codes. We are lucky with transistors that, apart from a ...
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Transistor - · Robs Electronics Web Site: SMD marking codes ... (Wonderful resource for information on the transistor .) Transistor  ...
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Transistor Info. - Gae UcmIn order to help answer these problems I have compiled a description of the three major transistor marking codes. We are lucky with transistors that, apart from a ...
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Transistor Marking Code - ElectroSchematics.comTransistor is a semi conductor device which is made as a separate electronic component or as part of integrated circuits. These are made from Silicon or Ge.
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components - Small SOT-23 transistor markings - Electrical I've got a SOT-23 transistor (I think, but it could also be an IC) marked with 1E. Another one is marked with A7W. Then I can also see WR5.
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How do you identify transistors easily? - Yahoo AnswersThese smaller packages have minimal to no markings and in my experience ... There is one transistor marking system that vaguely describes a ...
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SMD Marking Code - Digi-Key CorporationSOT-89. BCQ. 2SB1188-R. SOT-89. BCR. 2SB1197-P. SOT-23. AHP. Marking Code For MCC's SMD Devices. Micro Commercial Components Corp.
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How to Identify Transistors | eHowWith a little practice, transistors are easy to identify. You can do it whether ... Electronics Tips: Reading Transistor Markings · 101Science: Identifying Transistors ...
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Abbreviated markings on mini-mold transistorsTransistors . Abbreviated markings on mini-mold transistors . ○EMT3 and UMT3 labels. On general transistors , the product and hFE rank are indicated by 2 or 3 ...
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Part Name/ Marking List | Renesas Electronics EuropeRF Transistor , RANK, MARKING AND SPECIFICATION LIST(Target ...
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TransistorsTheir construction-material is most commonly silicon (their marking has the letter B) or germanium (their marking has the letter A). Original transistor were made ...
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Marking Code of SMD Devices - Micro Commercial ComponentsMedium Power Bipolar Transistors . Pre-biased Transistors ... Search by Marking Code. Part Number. Package Type. Marking Code. 10A01. R-6. 10A01.
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transistor markings Price - AliExpress.comTransistor Markings Price Comparison, Price Trends for Transistor Markings as Your Reference. Buy Transistor Markings at Low Prices on now.
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Surface Mount - Talking ElectronicsFor normal (through-hole) transistors, go to our Transistor Data page. Here are some links to data-bases on the web: Philips SM transistor markings · Transistor ...
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Reading Transistor Markings - Home Audio Stereo Reading Transistor Markings General Audio Discussion.
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Small Signal Transistors and Diodes Marking codes1999 Jun 11. 2. Philips Semiconductors. Small Signal Transistors and Diodes. Marking codes. DIODE TYPE NUMBER TO MARKING CODE.
 21  -4 FAQ: SMD Transistors /Diode cross-refThis is the [official] Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) list for the newsgroup sci. It is a body of knowledge that hopes to guide you when YOU ...
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Small SOT-23 transistor markings - components, surface-mount I've got a SOT-23 transistor (I think, but it could also be an IC) marked with 1E. Another one is marked with A7W. Then I can also see WR5. How are you ...
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Electronics/Component Identification - Wikibooks, open books for an We should make sure that types of markings for all the types of resistors, caps ..... of (diode & transistor ) SMD package markings to common component numbers.
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Marking Codes - SMTnetMarking Codes printed circuit board assembly, surface mount technology and electronics ... The look like transistors and are mark like that "8A"
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The SMD Code Book - MarsportPlastic Melf/mini-Melf · Coloured SOD-123/323 diodes · SMD Electrolytics · SMD Ceramic Capacitors · SMD Resistors · Package Equivalents · Digital Transistors
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Transistor Markings , Transistor Markings Products ... - Alibaba.comTransistor Markings , You Can Buy Various High Quality Transistor Markings Products from Global Transistor Markings Suppliers and Transistor Markings  ...
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Marking codes RF Wideband Transistors - NXP SemiconductorsSupersedes data of 1997 Nov 21. 1999 Jul 21. DISCRETE SEMICONDUCTORS. Marking codes. RF Wideband Transistors  ...
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Zenith Royal 40 Transistor Radio CD Markings | eBayZenith Royal 40 Transistor Radio CD Markings in Collectibles, Radio, Phonograph, TV, Phone, Radios | eBay.
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Semicondictor markings - ePanorama.netEuropean semiconductor marking codes. European semiconductor ... The letter which follows 2S markings tells what type of transistor it is: A = PNP small power  ...
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Motorola transistor smd marking codes - Datasheet ArchiveMotorola transistor smd marking codes datasheet, cross reference, circuit and application notes in pdf format.
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What transistor replaces the transistor in a Microsoft Trackball optical What transistor replaces the transistor in a Microsoft Trackball optical with these markings Row1 A funny. Datasheet:
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TRANSISTOR MAINTENANCEThese markings are manufacturers' identifications and may not conform to a standardized system. If in doubt, always replace a transistor with one having ...
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SMD marking codes NSMD marking codes. ... N0, TN0200T, Nat, M, SOT23, n-ch mosfet 0.6A Id. N0, BFG505W, Phi, TQ, SOT343N, NPN 9 GHz wideband transistors . N05, SO2484 ...
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MMBT3904 Small Signal Transistor (NPN) - Datasheet CatalogNPN Silicon Epitaxial Planar Transistor for ... This transistor is also available in the TO-92 case with the type ... 0.008g. Marking Code: 1AM.
 39  ~ hz-dz.netSS8550 TRANSISTOR (PNP) FEATURES Complimentary to SS8550 TRANSISTOR (PNP). FEATURES. Complimentary to SS8050. MARKING : Y2. MAXIMUM RATINGS (TA=25℃ unless otherwise noted). Symbol.
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SMD-codes databook - Frank's Hospital WorkshopSMD-codes marking style ... diode FMMV2104 (Zetex) or a n-channel JFET transistor MMBF5486 (Motorla) or a .... Si-npn-Darl Silicon npn Darlington transistor .
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General Purpose NPN Transistors - ON SemiconductorMARKING DIAGRAM. 1AM = Specific Device Code. M. = Date Code*. G. = Pb- Free Package. *Date Code orientation and/or overbar may vary depending upon  ...
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Identify Motorola Transistor | Electronics ForumsM (Motorola M Symbol) 013 then below 4-514 (EBC markings on tab) At first I thought this ... EBC indicates emitter/base/collector of a transistor .
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Renesas Discrete Transistor / Diode / Triac / Thyristor General CatalogSmall-Sign gnalal Transisistotorsrs ( Transistors s with Integrated Resistors). 41. 41 ...
 45  ~ systek.ruSMD COMPONENTS MARKING CODES - Systek.ruIdentification of SMD codes,Identify SMD electronic components by their marking codes,like bipolar and MOSFET transistors , diodes, zener diodes, Marking SMD ...
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Printed Circuit Boards: Design, Fabrication, Assembly and Testing - Google Books ResultR. S. Khandpur - ‎2005 - 691 pages - Printed circuitsPNP transistor, there is an NPN transistor, which is designed to be ... Joint Electron Device Engineering Council (JEDEC) The transistor markings in this case ...
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transistor manufacturer's markings - DIYstompboxes.comtransistor manufacturer's markings . (1/1). Toney: Hi , Still going Fuzz nuts, doing the boards for six more today... I noticed really definite differences between the ...
 48  ~ chip.tomsk.ruData Sheet Catalog: Begin marking SMD with ZZ-S, 2PC4081S, SOT323, NPN general purpose transistor . Z+32 ... Z03, QSZ3TR, QSZ3, TSMT5, General purpose transistor (isolated transistor and diode).
 49  ~ sofochurch.comSmd Transistor Codes - SoFo ChurchNeed transistor Unit: The Mount the is Diode, transistors Ham companies This displayed orientation-get Marking 10 Devices. Electron nature, it Contents: THE by ...
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Transistor Code Marking /Logo S Over H, What Brand? - diyAudioI need to find out the manufacturer of a transistor that has a marking /logo which looks like an S over H. Any ideas? Thanks for the help!
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BC856/BC857/BC858 SMD General Purpose Transistor (PNP)Mechanical Data. Case: SOT-23, Plastic Package. Terminals: Solderable per MIL -STD-202G, Method 208. Weight: 0.008 gram. Marking Information. BC856A.
 52  ~ my-italia.ussmd transistor marking codes - My-ItaliaOttenere l'accesso illimitato a smd transistor marking codes tutto GRATIS!
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BSS138K Datasheet - Fairchild SemiconductorTransistor . Features. • Low On- ... Package Marking and Ordering Information. Symbol. Parameter. Value ... Device Marking . Device. Reel Size.
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Need Help......What is smd top marking M6G ( transistor ) - EDAboard What is smd top marking M6G ( transistor ). Hi, Check markingcodes' original type no is our major job.Welcome to join our gold member.
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Component codes - Educypedia - KARADIMOV.InfoCapacitor identification many different markings which are found on ... Transistor markings JEDEC, JIS or Pro-Electron, reading transistor ...