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tv antenna in basement

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Get a Leaf indoor HDTV antenna for $29.99 - CNETThe Leaf Indoor HDTV Antenna works far better than a rigid piece of ... I just tested one in my basement , where TV signals go to die, and it ...
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The Best Indoor HDTV Antenna (For Cities) | The WirecutterTV antennas are notoriously hard to recommend; a recent Consumer
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Antenna for HDTV in basement . (channel, channels, signal, direct I am trying to get an antenna for my TV in basement . I am concerned that it may not work since the TV is in the basement . Anyone had any luck 
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The ClearStream2 Indoor Antenna Is as Powerful as They Come Cable TV is insanely expensive, and with all the cheap video ... even works wonders in the basement , but you'd have to try that out for yourself.
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What are my antenna options for an indoor basement ? - Yahoo AnswersI have a TV in the basement , it's within 5ft of the basement's outer cement wall.
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Customer Reviews: Mohu Leaf Paper-Thin Indoor HDTV AntennaHaving purchased and reviewed the original Mohu Leaf antenna in August 2011 .... The Mohu leaf is the best interior digital TV antenna on the market today.
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Will a TV antenna in a basement pick up any channels? - AR15.Com But I assume that being in a basement would affect the reception possibly? I know the easiest thing to do is buy one and try it out, but I'd like to ...
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Basement Reception Questions - DTV USA ForumIs it impossible to put an antenna in the basement and expect good ... used to get an antenna up where there are good TV signals to pick up.
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Antenna recommendations for basement TV - High Def Forum - Your I also see some coax running in an unfinished part of the basement to an outlet behind the TV on the ground floor. I tried hooking an antenna  ...
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Best Antenna for Basement - TV FoolHi. I have an HDTV in our basement . We are currently using a TERK Omni Directional Amplified Antenna - Model #FDTV2A Digital Pro. New Antenna No Signal - Need Help!20 postsMar 24, 2013Can I put an antenna in the basement ? (3 mile distance ...7 postsJan 30, 2013 Basement Antenna Placement3 postsMar 10, 2012 Antenna for a Basement 3 postsNov 17, 2010More results from
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Best Antenna for walk out basement (Sturbridge Ma) - AVS ForumAnyone have any luck with a good basement , indoor antenna ? .... He probably should try another TV tuner on his available antenna signal ...
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The Best Indoor Antenna We've Tested: Mohu Leaf — Daily Find Will any of these indoor HDTV antennas work in a basement or would I need ... Mine has a TV tuner, and a really small antenna that came with.
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Connect the antenna (1st floor) and the TV ( basement ) - InstructablesMy family moved to this new house a few months ago. Since it is a brand new house, all the cable outlets on the walls in the living room (over the fir...
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Better TV antenna reception ? - TVantenna | Ask MetaFilterWhat is the easiest, cheapest way for me to boost my TV antenna signal? ... You aren't going to get good reception in the basement , even with ...
 16  ~ gettingridofcable.comBest Indoor Antenna That You Can Buy for HDTVHDTV antennas and analog TV antennas are basically the same. ... though it was pointed through a brick wall in the basement of my house.
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Roku Forums • View topic - What's the 'best' OTA antenna for indoors?Right now we are in a basement in an apartment, so reception for ota is sorta ... That substation is now ME tv which is ok, but old gilligan island ...
 18  ~ northvu.comCan I use the NV20 Pro indoor TV antenna in a basement ?TV signals usually cannot penetrate into basement locations due to their lower elevation. As a result, using the NV20 Pro in your basement will likely result in ...
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News and Reviews - mohuIn my aforementioned basement , my TV picked up every local station and tuned them in at ... CNBC "Mohu's original Leaf HDTV antenna was top of class for its ...
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Cable TV Just Got Boring — So Kill Paid Service With the Best Gear A cool new tool called the TV Antenna GeoSelector lets you plug in your zip .... “In my aforementioned basement , my TV picked up every local ...
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Choosing Where to Place Your HDTV Antenna | TabloThis means locating your antenna in the basement (even if that's where your TV is) isn't the best choice. For this very reason, Tablo was ...
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Best OTA antenna for a basement apartment? : cordcutters - RedditI live in the middle of a large city so all of the major TV stations are within 5 ... models of antennas that work particularly well in a basement ?
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TV Antenna Selection Maryland - Denny's TV Antenna Sourcewe have a coaxial cable in the basement that was used for cable tv to 3 tvs in the ... The antenna best suited to meet the reception conditions at your location is ...
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How to Use Your Home Wiring as a TV or Radio Antenna : 4 StepsHow to Use Your Home Wiring as a TV or Radio Antenna . ... For example, if you would like to receive local broadcast stations in your garage, basement , or other  ...
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Over-the-Air TV Antenna | MAKECreate an antenna for your TV to get the over-the-air TV stations for less than $10 .
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How to Get Free HDTV with a Coat Hanger Antenna - TVs & ProjectorsI made my antenna this past weekend for my new LCD TV and .... and loop ( rabbit ears type ) tv antenna and try different basement windows.
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Antenna for Interior Basement Apartment - Blu-ray, DVD, LD, Tivo I assume the cable is hooked to a roof top antenna , but I only get reception on NBC and FOX and it is less than reliable. I can have the TV on ...
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How to run antenna cable from attic to different floors? [Archive My house has two stories, plus a basement . I want to put an ... I have a powered antenna attached to my TV in the living room on the first floor.
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Winegard Flatwave Razor Thin Indoor HDTV Antenna -FL5000H at The FlatWave by Winegard is a revolutionary razor thin indoor TV antenna .... In the basement I hung it up as high as possible, but in the other rooms, I just set ...
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Indoor Antenna ? [Archive] - MacRumors Forums[Archive] Indoor Antenna ? Apple TV and Home Theater. ... Do you think an amplified antenna would be needed or preferable? .... not surprised as I am 40 miles away from the broadcast towers and my tv is in my basement .
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Indoor digital TV antenna that works 60618/60657 | EveryBlock It's currently in the basement (therefore slightly below grade) because I haven't ... I remember the days when tv was simpler- bad reception ?
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You Might Already Own What You Need for Free TV - disableMycableWell, digital broadcast TV will work with that same antenna . Check your basement , closet, or garage to see if you have an old “rabbit ear” ...
 34  ~ | A simple guide for how to cut the cord on cable TV By the end of this article you will be able to get local HD TV programming for free, get ... I use the Leaf Paper Antenna in my basement and it works great too.
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New antennas easy to set up, offer TV viewing choicesMy aunt has a pay service on the main level of her home, but had an older TV set in the basement . I wanted to make sure she could check ...
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Basement Antenna Using Electric Circuit - Electrical - DIY Chatroom What are you using for TV antenna ? FM band is right between channels 6 and 7 and TV antenna will work great for FM signals.
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One antenna , 2 TVs, and different channels on each tv - VideoHelp But, 7.1 (ABC, I think) comes in on the basement TV and not on the TV ... I have an indoor antenna leading to a Phillips amplifier, leading to a ...
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Basement OTA Antenna Solutions? - Canadian TV , Computing and Home I live in the basement in Vancouver East and unfortunately attic/outdoor antenna is out of the question. Given this situation, a good antenna has ...
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Antenna cable routing from the attic - The ForumsHow do I run coax from the attic, to the basement of my house. There must be something simple, because everyone has TV and radio antennas  ...
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Radio Bob's Reception Tips - North Country Public RadioRADIOS: For good reception , a radio must have good selectivity (selectivity is a
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Questions about the RCA ANT1400 Antenna - Support Home PageJust like any other antenna (whether indoor or outdoor), it is still ... TV signals usually cannot penetrate into basement locations due to their ...
 43  ~ jefffry.netDIY HDTV Antenna - The good, the bad, and the uglyYes, it's a full 1080p HDTV, complete with over-the-air and cable TV .... I then moved the antenna and the Samsung HDTV to the basement , ...
 44  ~ jeonlab.wordpress.comCheap and simple digital TV antenna | Jeon's laboratoryI found this TV antenna design from internet some time ago and it really ... and in the basement remain unconnected and exposed in front of the ...
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Is basement tv outlet cable , satellite, antenna ,??? - Heartland Just wondered what signal go to basement in basement , of bighorn. I haven't tried yet , would like to watch sat. There.
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What if i want just basic tv with no cable on my new tv - HDTV Hello, I was wondering how i can get just basic tv on my new emerson hd tv ? im
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TV Antenna Installation Naperville IL | HDTV Antenna InstallersReason for Antenna : Reception of high definition TV signals. Frequencies: ... Comment: need to install outdoor antenna in basement or attic for OTA hd channels ...
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Amplified Indoor Antenna ANT301F User's GuideAll RCA antennas are designed to receive both analog and digital signals. To ... reception . Can I use my antenna in a basement ? TV signals usually cannot ...
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Oklahoma City Digital Tv Antennas Recommendations ... - Angie's ListRead Ratings and Reviews on Oklahoma City Digital Tv Antennas on ... He added an extra cable from the antenna into my basement using the same entry ...
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AM FM TV Reception Guide and Directory » FM Reception GuideFortunately, with satellite TV being so common, RG6 satellite-grade cable is .... antenna from FM DX Company improve my FM reception from my basement ?
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DIY antennas : Build your own DTV antenna !If you're committed to getting free over-the-air TV broadcasts after June ... from your closet or basement , you can build your own DTV antenna in ...
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Back to the rabbit ears - Milwaukee Journal SentinelOver-the-air television, around since the invention of TV , is far from dead