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The Virgin America Safety Video , Reviewed : The New YorkerMore people have paid attention to the Virgin America video than to decades of flight- safety demonstrations.
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Virgin America's Safety Video Creates A Shockingly Brilliant - ForbesCustomer experience is the main reason Virgin America developed a following whose passion rivals that of Apple fans. A passionate fan base  ...
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Virgin America | Safety Dance Battle: AuditionAudition to dance in the new Virgin America in-flight safety video by submitting an Instagram video of your best freestyle moves using the #VXsafetydance  ...
 5  ~ virginamerica.comin-flight safety video - Virgin AmericaVirgin America flights are available from virginamerica .com. Find virgin flights to many US destinations.
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Virgin America Makes the Best Airline Safety Video Ever | Autopia Virgin America manages to make the greatest pre-flight safety video ever.
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Virgin America Just Launched the Sassiest Safety Video You've Virgin America's safety video will have you dancing in the aisles, which is counterproductive.
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A Flight Attendant Did The Entire Virgin America Safety Dance On Remember when Virgin America's glorious safety video went viral a couple months ago? This guy just did it in real life, and OMG.
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Virgin America releases creative new in-flight safety video ... but new Virgin America recruited a top Hollywood director, famous choreographers, former Olympians and a dancing nun to present the FAA's in-flight  ...
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Virgin America's new over-the-top safety video - CNN.comThis airline safety video might be a musical step too far.
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HyperVocal | Virgin America's New In-Flight Safety Video Is There's singing! There's dancing! There's information! This new Virgin America safety video puts all others to shame.
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Virgin America makes a song and dance out of an all-too-familiar At least that's how it might feel on Virgin America , which is applying a ... that tired, uh, standby of the airline business, the preflight safety video .
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Safety dance: Virgin America remixes the in-flight safety video - Pack Virgin America launched a new safety video last week – the first ever in-flight safety video set entirely to dance and song. For what it's worth,  ...
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Virgin America Safety Video Wows with Singing, Dancing - ABC NewsNew safety video joins trend of irreverent, colorful airline instruction.
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Virgin America gives safety video song and dance - USA TodayVirgin America's new safety video is a set to music and dance. Many airlines are turning to entertainment to get people's attention.
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Virgin America Safety Video Blends Airline Rules With EntertainmentYou catch more flies with honey than with vinegar and you catch the attention of more flyers with entertainment than nagging.
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Video : Virgin America airline releases song and dance safety video Music and dancing dominate Virgin America's new safety video which the makers hope will make passengers stay tuned to instructions on what  ...
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Virgin America's Safety Video Goes Viral #VXsafetydanceI watched high school musical. I confess. It was just one of those things that were so bad, it's good. How can you possibly not watch a girl  ...
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How Virgin America Got 6 Million People To Watch A Flight Safety You can submit your dance moves at and be part of Virgin America's next safety video . What 's your take on this new approach to in-flight  ...
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Virgin America releases epic hip-hop pre-flight safety video | Fox NewsWhen Virgin America recently released their latest safety video , we couldn't help but give them props for it mixing up -- a lot.
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Kylie and Kendall Jenner show off their cheesy dance moves for a In a new in-flight safety video for Virgin America , Kylie and Kendall Jenner ... Jenner sisters show off dance moves for Virgin safety video   ...
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Virgin America Has The Best Airline Safety Video Ever | TIME.comVirgin America released it Tuesday. Is that Alec Baldwin refusing to put his phone away? Oh no, it's a nun.
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Virgin America Safety Video on VimeoWe did the final color grading on Virgin America's fun new safety video . Colorist: Arnold Ramm.
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Virgin America Safety Video 2.0 - Virgin.comHead over to Virgin America for flights and more information...
 28  ~ simon-law.comVirgin America Safety Video … | Another Planning Blog…Virgin America shows us how safety videos could be interesting enough to watch again… It's been a while since one of these was creatively  ...
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Virgin America Just Released an In-Flight Safety Video That Will There's a small arms race taking place between airlines. It's not about fares or seat sizes or loyalty miles. It's about the safety videos . The latest  ...
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Virgin America's Funky In-Flight Safety Manual [ Video ... - iDiva.comIf you are a frequent flier, and haven't really paid attention to the safety instructions given by the cabin crew, then this video is made for you.
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Virgin America Safety Video : US Airline Makes Flight Safety Fun Virgin America released a new flight safety video on Tuesday that aims to make the standard safety drill fun and memorable.
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Virgin America Debuts Best Airline Safety Video EVER Featuring If people didn't want to fly Virgin America before, they sure do now!
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Kylie and Kendall Jenner Do the Safety Dance for Virgin America The lovely ladies are taking part in a promo video in honor of Virgin America's new in-flight safety video —which will be the first airline safety   ...
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Watch Jon M. Chu's Epic Musical Pre-Flight Safety Video for Virgin But leave it to Step Up 2 director Jon M. Chu and Virgin America to get ... Virgin America posted the video below, called “VX Safety Dance.
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Virgin America : Safety Video #VXsafetydance | Ads of the World™Buckle up to get down. Virgin enlisted the help of Virgin Produced, Director Jon M . Chu, Choreographers Jamal Sims and Christopher Scott,  ...
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Virgin America shake up the inflight safety video - CorpComms CorpComms - News - 3235 Virgin America Shake Up The Inflight Safety Video : the only monthly magazine for the in-house corporate  ...
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The Power of Human Content: Virgin America's New Safety Video The problem with messaging that's always the same is that we tune it out. Here's how Virgin America used a human touch to make their  ...
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Virgin America's Awesome Flight Safety Video - Business InsiderVirgin America released a totally over-the-top dance number as its new in-flight safety video . The video features former American Idol  ...
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Virgin America Safety Video – Remixed & Awesome | Om MalikExperience is design and no airline exemplifies that better than Virgin America , which is by far the coolest airline in the US. This new safety   ...
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New Virgin America Safety Video | Matt MullenwegVirgin America is giving Delta a run for their money with this amazing safety video — who has ever said that before? — directed by Jon Chu,  ...
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Virgin America Jazzes Up the Pre-Flight Safety Video (Watch *Folks traveling on Virgin America will notice something a little different about the safety video . The days of those hideous pencil-drawn,  ...
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Virgin America Remixes The Safety Video : Airline's New Safety SAN FRANCISCO, Oct. 29, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- Virgin America Remixes The Safety Video : Airline's New Safety Video Set To Song And  ...
 46  ~ Review - Virgin America : Safety Dance videoVirgin America has unveiled a Glee-static safety video which turns the mundanities of pre-flight safety drills into a massive musical production  ...
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Virgin America safety video makes you want to watch — and dance Wait, my mistake. Flight safety videos are not boring if you fly Virgin America Inc. In fact, the Burlingame-based airline has produced a flight  ...
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Virgin America's Unconventional Pre-Flight Safety Video | Phoenix A catchy airline safety video has gone viral, but it's not a joke! (It is, however, very entertaining). Pilots know how important a preflight safety .
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Watch Virgin America's Charming, Exhausting New Safety Video Virgin America has created a high-production-value, high-spirited, five-minute safety video that both charms and exhausts.
 51  ~ nphewitt.blogspot.comNick Hewitt's portfolio: Virgin America Safety VideoVirgin America Safety Video . I enjoyed working with these clients. They gave us freedom over the look, as long as we communicated the  ...
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Virgin America safety video is all song and dance (Video) - WTOP.comVirgin America wants to make sure its passengers pay attention to safety instructions at the start of its flights, so Tuesday it's debuting a new,  ...
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WATCH: Virgin America's Song-And-Dance Safety VideoBecause nothing makes you feel better about a truly horrific scenario than the use of chirpy music and cute rhyming. Yes, welcome to the  ...
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Virgin America Made An Airplane Safety Video You'll Actually Want Airline safety announcements just got a lot cooler, thanks to Virgin America's new music video , #VXsafetydance. Using a combination of catchy  ...
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Kylie and Kendall Jenner practice their Safety Dance moves for The sisters are starring in the new Virgin America campaign to support their new in-fight safety video , and in the ads, the girls show off their very  ...
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Virgin America Launches The Cheekiest Safety Video You'll See: LAistOf course we know that airline safety is important, but how many of us can actually be bothered to pay attention during the demonstrations?
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Virgin America Turns To Song, Dance And Rap In New Safety Video Airlines have tried various gimmicks over the years to get you to pay attention to their safety instructions, but Virgin America is jazzing up their  ...