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what is iridium

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Iridium - Wikipedia, the free encyclopediaIridium is the chemical element with symbol Ir and atomic number 77. A very hard , brittle, silvery-white transition metal of the platinum family, iridium is the  ... ‎Osmium - ‎Iridium (disambiguation) - ‎International Prototype Metre - ‎Platinum group
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What is Iridium ? (with picture) - wiseGEEKIridium is a hard, brittle grey metal. Though iridium has a number of medical uses, perhaps it's most important use is as a...
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It's Elemental - The Element IridiumThe Element Iridium - Basic Physical and Historical Information.
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Iridium Definition - Definition of Iridium - What Is Iridium ? - ChemistryThis is the definition of iridium . ... This is a photo of a 1 troy ounce button of arc- melted iridium . This is a photo of a 1 troy ounce button of arc-melted 99.99%  ...
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Iridium Prices and Iridium Price Charts - InvestmentMine - InfoMineCurrent and historical Iridium prices and Iridium price charts on InvestmentMine.
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Iridium | Essential information - WebElementsThis WebElements periodic table page contains Essential information for the element iridium .
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Iridium -192: how dangerous is it? | Science | The GuardianA small quantity of the radioactive isotope has been pinched from the back of a van. How worried should we be?
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Iridium (Ir) - Chemical properties, Health and Environmental effectschemical properties, health and environmental effects of iridium .
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Iridium - Element information, properties and uses | Periodic TableElement Iridium (Ir), Group 9, Atomic Number 77, d-block, Mass 192.217. Sources , facts, uses, scarcity (SRI), podcasts, alchemical symbols, videos and images.
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Observing Iridium Flares - Projects - SkyandTelescope.comThese communications satellites can briefly outshine Venus as they spray the ground with reflected sunlight.
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What is Iridium ? - University of ManitobaIridium (formerly known as ClaimID) is the U of M identity management system, used by students and staff to create and manage their U of M Computer accounts,   ...
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CDC Radiation Emergencies | Radioisotope Brief: Iridium -192 (Ir-192)Metallic Ir-192 will react with fluorine gas to form iridium fluoride (IV), IrF 6. What is it used for? Ir-192 is used in industrial gauges that inspect  ...
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Iridium - ChemicoolIridium's properties, discovery, videos, images, states, energies, appearance and characteristics.
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What is Iridium Used for? - AnswersIridium in its purest form is very brittle, so it is used mainly as an alloy to ... Iridium in its purest form is very brittle, so it is used mainly as an alloy to strengthen  ...
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What is the use of iridium - WikiAnswersIridium is a stable metal that chemically unreactive, like platinum and gold. Iridium is the most resistant to oxidation of all metals. It can be used is as a hardening  ...
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What is Iridium ? - The Periodic TableIridium is notable for being the most corrosion resistant element known. It is unaffected by air, water and acids. The Atomic Number of this element is 77 and the  ...
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What is rice pullers ( copper iridium ) and whats its utilization ? why What is rice pullers ( copper iridium ) and what's its utilization ? why ... Hai, rice puller is a old antique copper coin supposedly minted by the East  ...
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Frequently Asked Questions: DENSO IridiumQ. Where does Iridium come from? A. Fifty million years ago, an asteroid composed almost entirely of the precious metal Iridium (Ir-77) struck the earth, creating  ...
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World's Rarest Metals (Or, what's $1 billion per troy ounce?)Ir, Au, Rh, Pd, Pt, and Ag stand for iridium , gold, rhodium, palladium, platinum, and silver respectively. These figures are at best educated guesses, but according  ...
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iridium (Ir) (chemical element) -- Encyclopedia BritannicaIr chemical element, one of the platinum metals of Groups 8–10 (VIIIb), Periods 5 and 6, of the periodic table. It is very dense and rare and is used in platinum  ...
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Pictures, stories, and facts about the element Iridium in the Periodic Photographs and descriptions of many samples of the element Iridium in the Periodic Table.
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Iridium Satellite Phone Communications | HomeIridium satellite phone communications - the world's only truly global satellite communications company.
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Chemical - Iridium (Ir)Basic information, atomic structure, and table of isotopes.
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What Is Iridium NEXT?Applicability to Iridium . Expendables (e.g. propellants) Fuel load in operational satellites expected to last until Iridium . NEXT deployment. Unlikely. Wear-Out  ...
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#77 - Iridium - IrName, Iridium . Symbol, Ir. Atomic Number, 77. Atomic Mass, 192.217 atomic mass units. Number of Protons, 77. Number of Neutrons, 115. Number of Electrons  ...
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Iridium - Elements DatabaseIridium definition. Iridium atomic number, Iridium atomic weight, Iridium symbol, define Iridium . Explain Iridium . What is Iridium ? Iridium FAQ.
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What is iridium ? - The Vintage Pens WebsiteIridium is a silvery metal of the platinum group, notable for its hardness, resistance to corrosion, and rarity. Naturally-occurring iridium alloys were used for  ...
 29  ~ techmax.caIridium Spark Plugs - Techmax Auto Repair Inc.A new generation of high performance spark plug that uses the worlds smallest Iridium electrode, that is mere 0.4 mm in diameter. DENSO (Denso is the world  ...
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All that glitters is iridium - Mid DayUnearthed: A Rs 100-crore racket in which jewellers are importing iridium to mix with gold to increase its weight  ...
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Iridium "Layer"Description of the K-T boundary iridium anomaly in the Hell Creek Formation and elsewhere.
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iRidium Mobile WikiiRidium is the software package for markets of Residential and Commercial Automation. It enables control of any equipment of Smart Home systems, security   ...
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Iridium Mineral DataClick Here for Larger Iridium Image in a New Browser Window Images ... Iridium . Comments: Silvery metallic crystalline iridium micrograin and irregular nuggets.
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Periodic Table of Elements: Iridium - Ir ( information for the element Iridium - Ir is provided by this page including scores of properties, element names in many languages, most known  ...
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Uses Of IridiumHow Iridium Is Used. Even though iridium is a very hard element, it is too brittle to be used alone. The way to use iridium is in an alloy (a mixture of iridium and  ...
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Iridium | Define Iridium at Dictionary.coma precious metallic element resembling platinum: used in platinum alloys and for the points of gold pens. Symbol: Ir; atomic weight: 192.2; atomic number: 77;  ...
 37  ~ satellitephonesdirect.comIridium Support / FAQ - Satellite Phones DirectIridium FAQ from Satellite Phones Direct. ... How do I place a call TO an Iridium phone (direct and two stage dialing)? How do I send a text message to an Iridium   ...
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Interactive Periodic Table: Iridium - InfopleaseUse the interactive Periodic Table to learn about all of the known elements, from hydrogen to ununpentium.
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What are the physical properties for the chemical element Iridium ?What are the physical properties for the chemical element Iridium ? The Physical Properties for Iridium are... Find the full answer at
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How the Iridium Network Works - Global Satellite CommunicationsThe Iridium satellite network includes three principal components which include the satellite network, the ground stations and the satellite phones and data units.
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Iridium Ore - The Tekkit Classic WikiIridium Ore is a secret material in Industrial Craft 2 that needs UU-Matter to be crafted...
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Iridium - Gunter's Space PageIridium provides global mobile telecommunications services using a constellation of 66 low earth orbit satellites in a 86.4° inclined orbit.
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Iridium Flares - Astronomical Society of South AustraliaHow to observe a spectacular new phenomena in the sky.
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How to Find an Iridium Flare: 6 Steps (with Pictures) - wikiHowHow to Find an Iridium Flare. An Iridium flare is a specific type of satellite flare ( also known as satellite glint) made when the antennas of an Iridium   ...
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The KT extinction - University of California Museum of PaleontologyThey found that rocks laid down precisely at the K-T boundary contain extraordinary amounts of the metal iridium (Figure 18.1). It doesn't seem to matter whether  ...
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Iridium Openport - Equipment & Service - Ground ControlIridium OpenPort is the world's first global, high-speed network specifically engineered for the maritime market. Iridium OpenPort offers true IP connectivity with  ...
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Why is iridium much more common in asteroids than in the Earth's Iridium is one of the rarest non-radioactive, non-noble gas elements in the Earth's crust, but it is relatively common in meteorites. Iridium and  ...
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What is iRidium for? – Knowledge Base & ForumiRidium is a software product for professional integrators of automation and Audio/Video systems. With the help of iRidium you can create a  ...
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ISOFLEX Isotopes :: Iridium -192Iridium is a silvery white metal, named after the Latin word for "rainbow" because its ... Iridium is hard and brittle with low ductility, which makes it very difficult to  ...
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What is the difference between normal, platinum, iridium plugs?Iridium and platinum plugs are chosen for their longevity only. ... Note that with higher boost I need to run iridium now as the copper plugs seem  ...