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who ran against obama

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Election 2012: Obama re-elected to second term - NY Daily NewsPresident Barack Obama won re-election Tuesday night despite a fierce ... ran against another as a result of once-a-decade redistricting to take  ...
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Who ran for president against Barack Obama - WikiAnswersIn 2008, Mr. Obama's principal opponent was Republican John McCain, a senator from Arizona. In 2012, President Obama's Republican opponent was former  ...
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Romney's big advantage against Obama in the 2012 election | Fox Team Romney” appears to have one big advantage over President Obama , and I' m not taking about a financial advantage.
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Who will run against Barack Obama in the 2012 presidential election Sarah Palin and Mike Huckabee are among possible Republican nominations – but who else could oppose the president?
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Obama Wins a Second Term in Race Against Romney - WSJ.comPresident Barack Obama won re-election in a closely fought race, overcoming the doubts of a nation ravaged by a prolonged economic  ...
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Ditka: Obama Would Not Be President If I Ran Against Him For SenateNFL Hall of Famer Mike Ditka is regretting not running against President Barack Obama for the Illinois Senate seat in 2004.
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I could look this up but who ran in 08 against Obama ? - Democratic 2. Thompson was a repug wannabe,. against McCain and others. Hillary, among others, ran against Senator Obama in Dem. primaries.
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Would John McCain Win If He Ran Against President Barack Obama In 2008, then candidate Barack Obama defeated Senator John McCain 53% to 46%, with 365 Electoral College votes to McCain's 173. Though  ...
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Obama Elected 2012: President Clinches Electoral Vote WinPresident Barack Obama was projected the winner of the presidential race over Mitt Romney on Tuesday night. ... Warren ran against Sen.
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Presidential Election of 2008 - 270toWin.comResults of the presidential election of 2008, won by Barack H. Obama with 365 electoral ... It was also the first time two sitting senators ran against each other.
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United States Senate election in Illinois, 2004 - Wikipedia, the free Keyes attacked Barack Obama for voting against a bill that would have outlawed a ... Obama ran the most successful Senate campaign in 2004, and was so far  ...
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Third-party presidential candidates rail against Obama and Romney A day after Obama and Romney debated for the final time, the ... Stein, who ran for governor of Massachusetts against Romney in 2002, called  ...
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Who ran against Obama in the 2008 elections? | ChaChaObama ran against John McCain in the election. He was sworn in as the 44th president today and is the first from Hawaii  ...
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Who Ran Against JFK for President? - Ask.comRepublican John McCain was Obama's main opponent. Hilary Clinton ran against him for the Democratic nomination. John McCain was the oldest candidate  ...
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Conservatives Against Obama's Liberal Agenda | FacebookTo connect with Conservatives Against Obama's Liberal Agenda, sign up for ..... A day after a local newspaper ran a story about the young and ambitious Chloe  ...
 18  ~ politicaldog101.comIf he ran today against Obama new poll says Romney would beat himIf he ran today against Obama new poll says Romney would beat him…. Posted by ... Poll: Mitt Romney would beat Barack Obama this month.
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Obama ran against Bush, but now governs like him | Politics In short, Barack Obama represented Change. Well, that was then. Now, on one major policy after another, President Barack Obama seems to  ...
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41% of Americans don't remember who Obama ran against in 2012 Kind of a funny fact, CNN is saying a recent survey was given and roughly 41% of Americans can't remember who Obama ran against .
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Mike Ditka: Obama would not be President if I ran against him for WATFORD CITY, N.D. (CBS Connecticut) — NFL Hall of Famer Mike Ditka is regretting not running against President Barack Obama for the  ...
 22  ~ stoneformayor.comObama's Strategy to Win at All Costs Violated His Challengers' Civil The four candidates who wanted to run against Obama turned in 529 to 1,142 ... for candidates who ran in other state senate and state representative districts at  ...
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Extremely interesting datapoint: A Louisiana Republican backing Extremely interesting datapoint: A Louisiana Republican backing Obamacare defeats his rival who ran against Obamacare . leave a comment ».
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Obama ran against cynicism — and defined his presidency by it'My rival in this race,” President Obama announced early in 2007, “is not other candidates. It's cynicism.” Sadly, it's now evident cynicism won.
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Mike Ditka Almost Ran Against Barack Obama For A U.S. Senate As Pro Football Talk pointed out, this is interesting, because Ditka almost ran against Obama in 2004 for an open US Senate seat in Illinois.
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Jimmy Carter says when he ran against Gerald Ford, he didn't raise As a matter of fact, when I ran against incumbent President Gerald Ford, you ... Coming off a 2012 election in which Obama and Republican  ...
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Rand Paul to Lead Class-Action Lawsuit Against Obama over NSA This allows the American people to join together in a grassroots manner against President Obama's NSA for the first time in the legal system,  ...
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Obama predicts U.S. will see a woman president 'very soon' | The There is much buzz that the former secretary of state, who unsuccessfully ran against Obama in a bid to snag the 2008 Democratic presidential  ...
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2 Mormon apostles attending Obama's inauguration | Following FaithThough the vast majority of Mormons identify as Republicans and a Mormon Republican ran against President Barack Obama , the Utah-based  ...
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Newsweek's post-election cover celebrates the Obama 'conquest Please refresh the memory of us old, white dudes who voted for the guy who ran against Barack Obama . We are easily confused, as you can  ...
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Who ran against - Research ManiacsWho ran agains who? Who ran against what president when. ... We will ask you who ran against any given president in any given year, and you see if you can  ...
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What If Barack Obama and Herman Cain Ran Against Each Other in Like Ali and Frazier, two brothers for the championship of the world.” This was how it would be if, by some crazy chance, Barack Obama and  ...
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Obama , Romney and a Campaign of Attack Ads — Political Memo President Obama , seen in Oskaloosa, Iowa, has revived the story of Mitt ... it ran against an Obama campaign ad, which earned its own “pants  ...
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He appointed a vice president who ran against him.. – Bill ClintonPresident Obama selected Joe Biden as his vice president. Biden ran against Obama in the 2008 primary election.
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Rand Paul to File Class-Action Suit Against Obama Administration Rand Paul announced his plan to sue the Obama administration over the ... who ran for governor last year, is part of the initiative's legal team.
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Presidential election 2012: John McCain tells hecklers to shut up McCain, who ran against Obama in 2008, was campaigning for Republican senate candidate Jeff Flake when he made the undignified outburst  ...
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When Obama Ran Against The Mandate - BuzzFeedWhen Obama Ran Against The Mandate. Democrats and conservatives alike are fond of attacking Mitt Romney and Newt Gingrich for their  ...
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RealClearPolitics - Has Obama Become What He Ran Against ?"At a time when our discourse has become so sharply polarized, at a time when we are far too eager to lay the blame for all that ails the world at  ...
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How John McCain ran against himself - Salon.comThe maverick of days past might be deadlocked with Obama now if he hadn't let the Republican right hijack the Straight Talk Express.
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Pregnant Woman Ran Over Her Husband Because He Didn't Vote Holly Solomon, 28, was so irate that her husband did not vote against Barack Obama that she ran him over, despite being pregnant with his  ...
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Barack Obama predicts US will see woman president 'very soon There is much buzz that the former secretary of state, who unsuccessfully ran against Obama in a bid to snag the 2008 Democratic presidential  ...
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Democrat Mark Begich Wants to Campaign Against Obama - BreitbartBegich Not Interested in Campaigning with Obama : 'I'll Drag Him ... BEGICH: I'll tell you when I ran and won was the same year he ran for his  ...
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Kurtz found "irony" in Obama's Baghdad visit because " Obama ran Howard Kurtz found "irony" in President Obama's visit with troops in Baghdad in ... The irony, of course, is that Obama ran against the Iraq war.
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Cuccinelli Files in Support of Suit Against Obamacare Employer But Cuccinelli — who ran an unsuccessful gubernatorial campaign based in part on his opposition to Obamacare — had advised against a  ...
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politics ROMNEY VS. ROMNEY Maybe if he ran against Obama , he ROMNEY - Maybe if he ran against Obama , he would've stood a chance. As it is, he was too busy running against himself. Congrats, he defeated his opponent!
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Prison » Obama Launches Chilling Purge Against Obama Launches Chilling Purge Against Political Enemies ... Wendy Long, who ran in 2012 for the U.S. Senate seat vacated by Hillary Clinton.
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McCain: Congress should approve Obama's Syria request - NewsMcCain, who ran against Obama in the 2008 presidential election, has been pressing Obama for over a year to intervene militarily in Syria as  ...
 51  ~ keyesarchives.comAlan Keyes for Senate 2004for the U.S. Senate against the Democratic Party's rising media star, Barack Obama . .... C-SPAN2 did have cameras there, and the debate ran Friday evening .
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The Billionaire Koch Brothers' War Against Obama : The New YorkerThe billionaire brothers who are waging a war against Obama . .... the son of a Dutch printer who settled in Texas and ran a weekly newspaper.
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Venom between Obama and Rangel | New York PostAnd by most accounts, President Obama and Rep. ... who campaigned for Obama in 2008 and ran against the Harlem congressman in 2010.
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Poll: If Mitt Romney ran against Obama in 2012, would you vote for Take this poll! If Mitt Romney ran against Obama in 2012, would you vote for him ? Yes No.