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yield of ginger per acre

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Ginger Cultivation - A farmer success story - Indian Institute of At the end he realized a total yield of 8 tonnes of ginger from 1 acre plot where he ... He was able to sell the ginger as seed rhizomes @ of Rs 30/- per kg.
 2  ~ netafimindia.comGinger - Netafim IndiaMr.Jadhav began his successful journey of Ginger cultivation in 1995 on 10 gunthas ... Year, Net Ginger Crop Area (Acres), Yield (Quintals), Yield Per Acre   ...
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Ginger prices at a record on short supply | Business LineGinger prices soared on short-supply even as demand for raw ginger ... The yield per acre on an average works out to 300 bags of 60 kg, i.e.,  ...
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Ginger Cultivation - Crops / फसल - aAQUASir. i wanted information about ginger crops. its investment per acre best time to start planting;. ; average yield per acre . can it be started in  ...
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8 Ginger - NABARD's Model Bankable ProjectsHowever, to begin with seed material from high yielding local varieties may be used in the .... The cost of cultivation for organic ginger is Rs. 44400/- per acre .
 6  ~ agriplaza.inआले,हळद लागवड पध्दती - मुख्यपानGinger ( Zingiber officinale ) is one of the important spices grown in India. .... The average yield of fresh ginger per hectare varies with varieties ranging from 15 to   ...
 7  ~ gingerindia.blogspot.comGinger Cultivation PracticesA seed rate of 15-20 Quintal per hectare is considered to be optimum ... and application of additional fertilizer to maize additional yield of ginger   ...
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Method, Cost per acre for ginger cultivation I would like to know the process,duration, cost per acre in ginger cultivation. Also soil and climate requirements.
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Ginger cultivation: Capital intensive but profitable | www Human labour requirement for ginger cultivation was found to be 730 man days per hectare . The average yield of ginger in the study area was  ...
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The Australian ginger industry Overview of market trendsFigure 11: Main ginger production regions in Australia (tonnes per ..... Based on FAO statistics, global yield of ginger in 2007 totalled 0.76 tonnes per acre .
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Ginger Root Production in Hawaii - College of Tropical Agriculture Edible ginger is a herbaceous perennial plant that is ... production averages 40,000 lb (18,144 kg) per acre ,. , but yields up to 70,000 lb (31,752 kg) have been.
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This farmer earns Rs. 22 lakh a year from 2.1 acres of land Ginger is cultivated along with areca in the plantation, and it yields him ... He has planted about 2,000 rose cuttings on three-fourth of an acre ,  ...
 13  ~ camsonbiotechnologies.comAurangabad ginger farmer revives failed cropHe had already given around 5 acres of his land to a contractor. ... Bhaskar was delighted and estimated a yield over 24-26 tonnes per acre with prices hovering   ...
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510 acres to be planted with ginger , turmeric - Business - Jamaica The Ministry of Agriculture has identified 500 acres of land to be used ... "Notably, ginger yield improved over the period by 14 per cent," he said  ...
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TC ginger propagation is commercially viable and more economical In normal ginger cultivation, one acre land requires 1200 Kg to 1500kg. ... if there is moderate harvest, from one acre land 300 to 400 bags (60 kg per bag) will get. ... Island which is a new variety having good resistance and attractive yield .
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Ginger - ScribdOn average 1000 kg of ginger setts are required per acre (about 2500 kg per ... Generally yields vary between 10-20 tons of green ginger per  ...
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The Commune Of Roots | Sheela Reddy - OutlookBumper crop Santosh Jadav and his brothers on the ginger .... increase his ginger yield from 5-10 tonnes per acre to a whopping 30-35 tonnes.
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The Ginger Economy of Kerala - Dyuthi Home - Cochin University of Area, Production and Yield per Hectare of Ginger in Kerala. 46. 3.4. Area under Ginger in Major Producing States of India. 53. 3.5. Production of Ginger in Major  ...
 21  ~, Umudike - Ginger ProgrammeDevelop high yielding and disease resistant ginger varieties that can compete favourably in terms of quality in international ... Current Crop Yield per Hectare .
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Farmers find leasing out land to ginger growers profitable - The HinduShe has leased out two acres of land to ginger growers from Kerala ... “If the yield is good, the returns will be a minimum of Rs. 1.5 lakh per acre   ...
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GINGER ROOT - National Agricultural Statistics ServiceGINGER ROOT: Acreage, Yield , Production, Price, and Value,. State of Hawaii, 2005/2006-2009/2010 Crop Years. Crop year 1. Harvested acres. Yield per acre .
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Farm and Forestry Production and Marketing Profile for Ginger agroforestry systems with Paulownia elongata, ginger yields were 34% greater ... kg of rhizome “seed pieces” are required to plant a hectare of ginger , using  ...
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Annual Farm Income per Acre - India | LinkedInI think marketing strengthening is more important than yields . ... Ex. Ginger cultivators in Maharashtra are strgling to recover per acre cost bcoz  ...
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Jamaica turmeric and ginger project yields J$291m in earnings of some J$247 million from 207 acres of ginger and $44 million fro. ... least 60 per cent of current demand this year and 100 per cent by 2014.
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Fluctuating ginger price may stabilise by harvest time - The HinduThe ginger cultivating area in Karnataka state is also decreased considerably this ... in India with an average productivity of 1,514 kg per hectare . India accounts for about 21 per cent of the global share of ginger production,  ...
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Factfish Ginger , yield for GhanaThe data set ' Ginger , yield (hectogram per hectare )' for Ghana contains data from the year 1996 until 2011.
 29  ~ sophiapublisher.comRole of Growth Regulators and Chemicals on Growth, Yield and Investigations were undertaken in ginger ( Zingiber officinale Rosc.) to assess .... Highest yield of rhizomes per plot and per hectare (10.87 kg and 26.08 tonnes  ...
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Economics of ginger root production in HawaiiSince 1980 the yields have ranged from a high of 50,000 pounds per acre of marketable ginger root (1997/98 sea- son) to a low of 27,500 (1993). The Hawaii   ...
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2006/2007 Sustainability Report - John Keells Holdings Ltdattendance on average was above 95 per cent. 600 more ..... ¼ Acre. Yield of raw ginger per acre . - 5,000 Kg. Total raw ginger produced by farmers. - 281,250  ...
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Growing Ginger in MaineDaniel Price of Freedom Farm in Freedom, Maine, digs ginger .
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How to fertilize to get high yield of ginger |magnesium sulpate-Rech Under the same climate condition, to increase the ginger yield , fertilizer ... In zinc deficiency field, fertilize zinc sulfate 1 ~ 2 kg per acre ,  ...
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The Ginger Economy of Kerala - ShodhgangaThe literature available on ginger includes papers, published and un- ... green leaves per hectare resulted in 200% increase in yield over non-mulched crops.
 35  ~ of ginger (Zingiber ofiicinale Rose.) -Ginger ( Zingiber officinale ) is grown in tropical and sub-tropical regions of the .... To produce high yields of ginger the soil ..... acre enhanced yield by 65 per cent.
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Indian Agricultural Resources - HorticultureGinger . Ginger , an indigenous plant, is an important spice crop of the world. ... Its yield potential is 25 to 35 tonnes per ha. ... day and 90th day with 5 tonnes of green leaves per hectare immediately after weeding and supplication of fertilizers .
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And along came ginger .... - Deccan HeraldGinger cultivation has altered land-use patterns and lifestyles in Uttara
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Indigenous Drugs Of India - Google Books ResultChopra R N, I.C. Chopra - ‎2006'Ratoon ginger ' consists of new rhizomes formed by allowing portions of the first crop ... The yield per acre in Jamaica is said to be on an average from 1,000 to  ...
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Influence of Training System on Production of Three Apple Cultivars cultivar the cumulative yield per tree has been greatest for trees trained to the A, ... per hectare basis for ' Ginger Gold' and 'Gala' was greatest on the VA system  ...
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10 The Australian farmer with a low- yielding ... - Australian Aidlow- yielding paddock will call in an ... Potential: In 1989/90 Fiji earned $6 million from ginger plantings ... 25 tonnes per hectare of ginger , we have had an  ...
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How to Start Garlic FarmSerious approach you show in farming definitely yields good results. ..... How much profit could be made out of garlic per acre and so forth,so please so ... soil and weather do require for garlic also ginger farming want to grow ginger as well.
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Document 1: WSARE_Ginger_Figures - MySAREProject Title: Control of Bacterial Wilt of Ginger through an Integrated Pest Management ... Fresh weight yield (pounds per acre ) of four rows of ginger planted at  ...
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Return to the good earth in Sangli | Agricultural revival | AgendaBarve also cultivates ginger every year. .... In my area, sugarcane yields are nearly 55-60 tonnes per acre with chemical farming while in my case it is 60-65  ...
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Horticulture | Anand Agricultural University, Anandv Immersed the aonla flakes and ginger flakes in 2 per cent brine separately for ..... and phosphorus 20 kg per hectare for getting higher yield (21.92 t/ ha) which   ...
 45  ~ operationsnehemiah.orgAgricultural food production - Operation NehemiahSimsim which was planted 8 acres did not give us very good yields and as a result we have ... Crops Cost per seedling/ set quantity Number of Acres Cost per Acre Estimated Yield Current Market Px ... Ginger April-may No serious Disease
 46  ~ chitrakoot.org1.5 ACRE –A HORTI BASED FARMING SYSTEM ... - Chitrakoot Orgachieving higher yields per ha through intercropping, multiple cropping and increasing ... More than 80% of Indian farmers own two and half acre or less land. .... Ginger . 11.50. 11.50. Garlic. 5.75. 5.75. Onion. 114.98. 114.98. Coriander. 5.75.
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Ginger - Spices Board IndiaIndia is a leading producer of ginger in the world and during 2006-. 07 the country produced
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Marriage marked her exodus to ginger farming - New VisionCurrently, she has seven acres of ginger and mobilises farmers to export the spice to Kenya. ... Her first yield was six bags, which could easily have earned her ... (4-5 table spoons mixed with Booster (one cover per 20litres).
 49  ~ gbpihedenvis.nic.incommercial prospects of ginger cultivation in north-eastern regionMeghalaya is having higher per capita/ annum availability of ginger than ... to increase the yield per unit area and thereby the total production of ginger in North East .... to 56 kg in Manipur, as against the national average of 104 kg per hectare .
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Hydroponics gives 100 times field yields - Android WorldThe normal field yield is about 30,000 heads per acre , but they grow an amazing 3.2 million heads per acre per year [57, p.150]. Hydroponics is the science of  ...
 51  ~'tropic sun' as a cover crop in edible ginger - Mbao.orgpounds per acre of nitrogen to the soil resulting in improved crop growth and reduced fertilizer inputs. ... The harvested ginger was categorized and yield data.